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Anglican Cemetery in Southport, Trinity Bay
Which has served the communities of Butter Cove, Gooseberry Cove, and Southport.

Janet Lambert   30-Sep-40 27 yr. wife of Joseph S. Lambert
Rose Lambert   8-Sep-42 59 yr. 3 mo. wife of George Lambert
George Lambert   20-Sep-57 81 yr.  
Stanley Lambert   31-May-63 19 yr. son of John and Blanche
John Lambert   Jan. 28, 1898 56 yr.  
John Dodge   10-Apr-09 75 yr.  
Susan Dodge   Nov. 5, 1898 62 yr. wife of John Dodge
Eliol Balsom   20-Sep-24    
George Balsom   17-Jul-22 43 yr. son of John and Elizabeth
John Balsom   6-Jul-15 76 yr.  
Samuel Spurrell   28-Sep-07 25 yr.  
Abraham Spurrell   1919    
Mary Jane Spurrell   27-Apr-05 68 yr. wife of Abraham
Mary Spurrell 2-Jul-32 15-Jul-35   child of John and Martha
Wilson Lambert   11-Feb-10 4 yr. child of Samuel and Sarah
Josephine Spurrell   4-Nov-64 86 yr.  
John Robert Spurrell   25-Jan-44 50 yr.  
Martha Spurrell   28-Mar-83 85 yr. 5 mo. wife of John Robert Spurrell
Ebenezar Smith   31-Dec-59 89 yr.  
Siscely Smith   2-Apr-42 59 yr. 3 mo. wife of Ebenezar
Kenneth Smith   21-Jun-61 63 yr.  
Rebecca Smith   5-Feb-72 65 yr. wife of Kenneth
William Lambert   18-Dec-63 84 yr. erected by daughter Rita
Henry T. Lambert Born 1914 Died 1990    
Jonathan Clarke   22-Nov-49 82 yr. 5 mo.  
Mary Jane Clarke   26-Feb-65 85 yr. 6 mo. wife of Jonathan
John Balsom   27-Sep-48 81 yr.  
Priscilla Ann Balsom Oct. 17, 1870 Jan. 30, 1955   wife of John
Wm. James Balsom July 14, 1896 13-Jul-65   son of John & Priscilla Ann
Allan C. Balsom   12-Jan-47 15 yr.  
Arthur C. Balsom 1948 1957    
Robert Maxwell Balsom 1911 1991    
Lucy Mae Balsom 1910 27-Sep-57   wife of Robert M.
Samuel Lambert   23-Jun-68 85 yr.  
Sarah M. Lambert   22-Aug-78 84 yr. 11 mo. wife of Samuel
Isaac Langor   13-Apr-59 73 yr.  
Lillian Langor   22-Apr-75 77 yr. wife of Isaac
Joseph Smith   20-Oct-14 64 yr.  
Laura Spurrell   1909   child of Joshua and Josephine
Olivia Spurrell   1-Apr-02 48 yr.  
William Spurrell   11-Aug-06 35 yr.  
Richard Seward 16-Oct-01 12-May-89    
Julia Seward   24-Jul-34 34 yr. wife of Richard
Lewis Benjamin Seward       child of Richard and Julia
Richard Seward   Jan. 16, 1891 4 yr. child of Joseph and Louisa
Amelia Seward   9-Oct-13 36 yr. erected by son Richard
William Eliakim Pitcher       son of Charles and Rachel
Lucinda Smith   20-Nov-23 63 yr. erected by son Kenneth
Sarah Viola Smith 1928 1931    
Mary Pitcher   25-Jul-25 35 yr. wife of Herbert
Rachel Seward   14-Feb-20 40 yr.  
William Seward   Oct. 15, 1888 31 yr. son of Solomon and Diana
Mark Seward   Jan. 2, 1891 4 yr. child of Thomas and Rosanna
Mahala Manuel   Feb. 13, 1894 49 yr.  
Norman Ralph Smith 19-Jun-22 25-Feb-49   son of James and Sarah
Edgar M. Smith 1903 1953 "  
Delilah F. Smith 1903 1992 " wife of Edgar
Olga Blanche Spurrell   3-Oct-50 3 yr. 8 mo. child of Arthur and Mary
David Spurrell   20-Mar-52 76 yr.  
Mary Elizabeth Spurrell   26-Oct-46 64 yr. wife of David
Joyce Spurrell 25-Dec-45 3-Jan-46    
Joseph Dodge   29-Mar-23 83 yr. 9 mo.  
Priscilla Dodge   4-Jul-05 24 yr. dau. of Joseph and Mary
Israel Strowbridge   29-Mar-55 69 yr.  
Mary Florence Green   2-Feb-49 22 yr. 5 mo. wife of Kitchener Green
Amelia Strowbridge 7-Dec-43 4-Feb-44    
Uriah Spurrell   6-Jan-30 63 yr.  
Eliza Ann Spurrell   7-Feb-46 74 yr. wife of Uriah
Robert Spurrell 12-Nov-06 20-Feb-96    
Sarah L. Spurrell 28-Jan-12 7-May-99   wife of Robert
Irene Spurrell 1-Oct-37 26-Jun-39   child of Robert and Sarah L.
Phillip Spurrell 29-Dec-52 24-Jan-53   child of Robert and Sarah L.
Joseph Edward Smith Dec. 13, 1894 4-Jun-72    
Olga Blanche Smith   20-May-43 44 yr. wife of Joseph Edward
William Henry Seward   27-Sep-27 61 yr.  
Lydia Seward   8-Mar-56 89 yr. wife of William Henry
Lillian Gertrude Seward   Jan. 27, 1893 1 yr. 6 mo. child of Edmund and Eliza A.
Lydia Ann Benson   July 11, 1885 5 yr.  
Obediah Benson   Feb. 2, 1893 2 yr.  
Richard Seward   May 21, 1893 81 yr.  
Mary Seward   Jan. 6, 1894 73 yr. wife of Richard
Jane Benson   28-Aug-22 102 yr. 5 mo. mother of Lydia Seward
William Balsom   19-Dec-05 58 yr.  
Jane Balsom   26-Nov-17 67 yr. wife of William Henry
Edward George Seward   27-Mar-06 13 yr. child of William and Lydia

Transcribed by Eric Stringer - (May, 2001)

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