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St. George's Anglican Cemetery Robinsons
Moore, George   Sept.24,1945 6 hrs s/o George & Muriel
Hulan, Caroline Louise   Aug.16,1944 17 yrs d/o Harold & Ethel
Carter, William   Aug.15,1944 84 yrs  
Legge, Gerald Kitchener   Aug.30,1945 28 yrs s/o William R. Legge
Gale, Irene   Jan.29,1943 77 yrs w/o Isaac
Hulan, Hillard   Nov.1943 16 yrs.  
Legge, Joseph   July 4,1942 86 yrs h/o Fanny Legge
Legge, Anne Martha   Sept.15,1942 55 yrs w/o William R. Legge
Hulan, Rose   March 5,1938 10 yrs d/o Solomon & Catherine
Hulan, Solomon   Aug.27,1934 49 yrs  
Tilley,Ina   Feb.25,1935 12 yrs d/o Noah & Dolly
Shears, Alice   Feb.11,1941 64 yrs w/o George Shears
Legge, Richard Tobias   July 31,1947 83 yrs  
Gilliam, Arthur Fredrick Dec.11,1937 Jan.27,1938   s/o James & Gertrude
Gale, Christopher Dean   Sept.20,1948 87 yrs  
Gale, Kezia   Sept.12,1940 78 yrs w/o Dean Gale
Gale, George   June 9,1954 83 yrs  
Gale, Rosetta Phoebe   July 21,1944 65 yrs w/o George Gale
Shears, Llewellyn A.   Dec.4,1940 58 yrs h/o Elizabeth May
Morris, Mable Rebecca 1927 1942   d/o Ralph & Ada Morris
Morris, Clayton Lewellyn 1941 1942   s/o Ralph & Ada Morris
Morris, Doreen   April 10,1942 1 yr d/o Stewart & Alice
Morris, William Warren   Dec.10,1947 8 yrs s/o Willis & Carrie
Gale, Robert Terrence   Nov.29,1945 13 mths s/o Thomas & Winnifred
Shears, James Ernest   Sept.16,1948 22 yrs gs/o Allen & Mary Shears
Alley, Joseph Edwin   Aug.15,1948 92 yrs  
Alley, Caroline   May 17,1946 88 yrs  
Hulan, Baby   March 5,1948    
Janes, Baby Carl   June 29,1946    
Hulan, Clarence   1946 3 mths s/o Augustus & Muriel
Hulan, Dorothy Olive   1949 7 days d/o Augustus & Muriel
Renouf, Sarah   July 12,1896 78 yrs w/o Joseph Renouf
Legge, Rose Ann   July 9,1894 57 yrs w/o Emmanual Legge
Legge, Emmanuel 1832 1915    
Alley, William N.   Feb.16,1905 20 yrs  
???, Jane Hannah   Jan.16,1912 15 yrs John & Catherine
Gillam, Elizabeth Catherine   Sept.9,1906 12days d/o Solomon & Georgie
Gillam, John   Oct.4,1914 77 yrs  
Shears, Stephen Robert   Nov.18,1914 23 yrs  
Shears, Moses   Nov.21,1922 96 yrs  
Gillam, Rebecca Sophia   Aug.8,1909 73 yrs w/o John Henry
???, Elizabeth Jane   July 29,1878 14 yrs d/o John & Rebecca

This page transcribed by Debbie Brake - Benoit's Cove, NF Canada

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