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Anglican Cemetery

Bonavista Bay District


The following inscriptions are found on gravestones located
in the Anglican cemetery in Red Cliff, Bonavista Bay.
This cemetery is located midway between Red Cliff and Tickle Cove.
This is only a partial listing and contains only the surname "Quinton".
Inscriptions were recorded Jul. 27, 1989
by Wayne Pike, Certified Genealogist (Canada).


Surname Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Erected_By Notes
QUINTON Alfred   1961 Dec 13 80\9m   Husband Of Alfreda Q.
QUINTON Alfreda 1885 1968      
QUINTON Bertha 1891 Jan 13 1958 Feb 9      
QUINTON Caroline   1901 Sep 3 18\3m   Daughter Of John And Susanna Q.
QUINTON Cecelia   1976 Sep 3 76    
QUINTON Charles   1904 Jun 22 49    
QUINTON Charles 1885 Sep 11 1959 Apr 16      
QUINTON Ches. John   1964 Jul 2 69\9m   Husband Of Cecelia Q.
QUINTON Elizabeth   1935 May 8 89   Wife Of Joliffe
QUINTON George   1937 Jan 22 68\2m   Husband Of Grace
QUINTON Henry   1917 Jul 12 66   Husband Of Jane
QUINTON Henry   1908 Dec 12 32\7m   Husband Of Caroline
QUINTON Jacob 1870 Jan 1 1944 Jan 18      
QUINTON John   1915 Jul 8 55    
QUINTON John   1893 Mar 14 53   Husband Of Susannah
QUINTON Jolliffe   1908 Nov 9 42   Husband Of Christina
QUINTON Jolliffe   1911 Oct 73    
QUINTON Mary   1927 Jan 31 72\3m Three Daughters  
QUINTON Mary Ann   1945 May 19 83\5m   Wife Of Chris
QUINTON Rosanna   1914 May 2 80\3m   Wife Of William
QUINTON Selina 1863 1951     Wife Of William
QUINTON Susanna   1931 Dec 2 76\2m   Wife Of John
QUINTON William 1893 1969   Wife And Family  
QUINTON William   1902 Jan 20 46\7m    
QUINTON William 1885 Aug 4 1956 Jul 25      

This page transcribed by Wayne Pike (August 2000)

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