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The following Cemeteries are included in this listing

Church of England Cemetery


CLARKE		Annie, wife of Adam Clarke, died May 4th, 1879, aged 70 years.

GIBBONS		Cicily, beloved wife of James Gibbons, died August 26th, 1877, aged 26

MAINER		Elizabeth Ann, wife of Thomas Mainer, died June 26th, 1881.

PENNEYMark Davis, son of John and Charlotte Penney, died May 11th, 1856, aged
13 years and 3 months.

PENNEY		John, son of William and Mary Penney of Carbonear, died at Red Bay,
Labrador July 1st, 1863, aged 23.

PERHAM		James, died October 1868, aged 63.

PERHAM		Osamus, died March 23rd, 1877, aged 22.

PERHAM		John, a native of Carbonear, Newfoundland, died March 6th, 1877, aged 42. 
Erected by Emily Perham in memory of her beloved husband.

PERHAM		Jesse Allerton, died August 26th 1879, aged 1 year.

PIKE			Amaziah Baxter, son of John and Sarah Pike, died September 26th, 1854,
aged 11 months.  Also Helena Susannah.

PIKE			Horatio William, eldest son of John and Sara Pike, who drowned February
24th, 1863, aged 24 years.

PIKE			Archibald James, who died February 2nd, 1876, aged 38 years.

PIKE			Clarissa Robertson, daughter or Archibald James Pike, who died May 21st,
1876, aged 8 years.

PIKE			Florena, wife of Nathaniel Pike, died August 29th, 1877, aged 60 years.

PIKE			Sara, wife of John Pike, died December 31st, 1878, aged 64 years.

PIKE			Joseph T., died at Blanc Sablon July 26th, 1882, aged 67 years.

PIKE			Nathaniel, who died February 4th, 1888, in the 79th year of his life.

YETMAN	James, died February 5th, 1866, aged 68 years.

YETMAN		Amelia Ann, wife of James Yetman, died May 4th, 1876, aged 33 years.

YETMAN		Juddson, son of Amelia and James Yetman, who died May 24th, 1876, aged
3 years and 9 months.

YETMAN		Caroline, wife of Elias Yetman, who died August 24th, 1878, aged 25 years.

YETMAN		Mary, wife of William Yetman, who died April 13th, 1879.

Methodist Cemetery

ASH			Naomi A., wife of Henry, died June 8th, 1883, aged 42 years and 6 months.

ASH			Sarah Francis, wife of George E. Ash, died at St. Anthony, December 26th,
1931, aged 68.

ASH			George Edward, died June 23rd, 1943, aged 88.

BABSTOCK		Adelaide Mary, wife of William Babstock, who was drowned December
28th, 1882, aged 29 years.

BAILEY		Susannah, died August 29th, 1906, aged 85 years.

BRIDLE		Robert, husband of Hannah Bridle, died January 25th, 1905, aged 63.

BRIDLE		Hannah, died April 5th, 1917, aged 73.

BRIDLE		Amelia Ann, wife of William Bridle, died December 23rd, 1927, aged 50.

DOANE		Sarah, wife of Ernest Doane, died at West St Modeste, February 1st, 1908,
aged 27 years and 8 months.

GIBBONS		James, who died February 1st, 1922, aged 69 years.

GIBBONS		James Walter, husband of Eliza, who died March 6th, 1933, aged 49.

GIBBONS		Thomas William, husband of Beatrice Gibbons and only son of Eliza and the
late Walter Gibbons, who died September 3rd, 1938, aged 29.

HOWELL		Peter, died August 20th, 1898, aged 66.

HOWELL		Julia, died January 29th, 1925, aged 90.

LAYDEN		Miriam Christina, daughter of Ambrose and Nellie Layden, died October
24th, 1931, aged 4 years.

MACEY		Wife of John Macey, died December 21st, 1882, aged 27.

MACEY		John, died June 30th, 1908, aged 72

MOORES		Graham Wallace, son of Robert and Rose Moores, died August 24th, 1903.

MOORES		Patience, wife of William, died August 5th, 1908, aged 67.

MOORES		Powell, son of Robert and Rose Moores, died May 28th, 1908, aged 16

MOORES		Rose, wife of R.P. Moores, died July 9th, 1910, aged 37.

MOORES		William Robert, son of William and Amelia Moores, died July 22nd, 1913.

MOORES		William, born at Carbonear, died at Red Bay July 13th, 1915, aged 78.

MOORES		Ronald, only son of Mary and Mosdell Moores, died December 2nd, 1939,
aged 9 years and 11 months.

MOORES		Amelia Jane, wife of William D. Moores, died December 3rd, 1946, aged 73.

MOORES		Robert P., Beloved husband of Julia Moores, died March 23rd, 1950, aged 78

MOORES		William Davis, died February 4th, 1954, aged 83.

MOORES		Hazel, wife of George, died at Forteau Hospital, July 1st, 1960, aged 82.

PIKE			Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Pike, died July 21st, 1891, aged 83.

PIKE			Alice Maud, youngest daughter of Thomas Pike, died at Red Bay January
24th, 1903, aged 17 years and 8 months.

PIKE			Mary, wife of Joseph T. Pike, died May 22nd, 1911, aged 36.

PIKE			Levi, husband of Susannah Pike, died at Red Bay September 30th, 1911, aged

PIKE			Susannah, died September 27th, 1914, aged 67.

PIKE			Elizabeth, wife of Thomas A. Pike, who died October 2nd, 1914, aged 42

PIKE			Jane, wife of Thomas Pike, died March 14th, 1915, aged 64.

PIKE			Mary Elizabeth, wife of Archibald Pike, died February 16th, 1918, aged 37.

PIKE			Thomas Wilson, husband of Ethel Pike, died December 29th, 1920, aged 33.

PIKE			Mary Ann, wife of W.Y. Pike, died February 17th, 1925, aged 50.

PIKE			Agnes, died February 20th, 1926, aged 76

PIKE			Joseph Taylor, husband of Mary Edna Pike, died suddenly at Red Bay, March
5th, 1937, aged 57.

PIKE			Thomas, died August 14th, 1938, aged 99 years.

PIKE			Archibald James, died June 9th, 1944, aged 66.

PIKE			William Y., husband of Edith A. Pike, died July 7th, 1945, aged 69.

PIKE			Thomas A., husband of Elizabeth Pike, died February 10th, 1947, aged 77.

POWELL		Ambrose Henry, husband of Jane Powell, died at battle Harbour June 25th,
1905, aged 58.

WILSON		Hannah, beloved wife of Rev. J. Wilson, daughter of William Robinson,
Yorkshire, England who died at Red Bay, Labrador March 8th, 1896, aged

YETMAN		Alice Maud Mary, beloved wife of Alfred Yetman, who died July 16th, 1883,
aged 29.

YETMAN		Eneas, son of John Charles Yetman, died June 14th, 1889, aged 19 years.

YETMAN		William, died April 26th, 1890, aged 90.

YETMAN		Mary Ann, wife of Wesley Yetman, died October 13th, 1902, aged 22.

YETMAN		Alfred, died June 5th, 1905, aged 60.

YETMAN		Caroline Adelaide, child of William and Agnes Yetman, died June 11, 1906,
aged 8 months.

YETMAN		John Charles, son of Leonard and Harriet Yetman, died December 8th, 1906,
aged 14 months.

YETMAN		Orestes William, husband of Ann E. Yetman, died July 26th, 1912, aged 48

YETMAN		Walter Armstrong, son of Alfred and Sarah Yetman, died September 5th,
1913, aged 3 days.

YETMAN		John Charles, born at Carbonear, died at Red Bay April 23rd, 1916, aged 83

YETMAN		Sarah Ann, wife of Alfred Yetman, died July 24th, 1916, aged 30.

YETMAN		Elias, who was drowned July 6th, 1918, aged 75 years.

YETMAN		Susie, daughter of Leonard and Harriet Yetman, died March 31st, 1921, aged
11 years and 8 months.

YETMAN		Mary Ann, wife of Ephriam Yetman, died December 10th, 1927, aged 57.

YETMAN		Druscilla, born at Carbonear March 3rd, 1844, died at Red Bay March 24th,
1928, aged 84.

YETMAN		Ephriam, died August 6th, 1916, aged 78.

United Church Cemetery

ASH			Sarah, wife of Frederick Ash, died October 11th, 1970, aged 78.

ASH			Frederick, born July 22nd, 1887, died January 7th, 1984.

BELBIN		Darren C., son of Grace and the late Chesley Belbin, died November 6th,
1979, aged 9 years and 2 months.

BELBIN		Chesley, husband of Grace Belbin, died November 6th, 1979, aged 53 years
and 11 months.

BRIDLE		Josie Rita, daughter of Malcolm and Patience Bridle, died at St. Anthony
Hospital September 13th, 1943, aged 14 years and 5 months.

BRIDLE		William, born at Carbonear 1877, died at Red Bay May 17th, 1951, aged 74

BRIDLE		John Wesley, born 1870, died 1956, aged 86 years.

BRIDLE		Wayne Dermott, son of Wesley and Blanche Bridle, died June 7th, 1962, aged
4 years and 4 months.

BRIDLE		John Wesley, husband of Blanche, born May 7th, 1929, died July 1st, 1984.

BROWN		Heber, killed in action, 1942, aged 21.

BROWN		Robert, husband of Hazel Brown, died October, 1943, aged 60.

BROWN		Hazel, wife of Robert, born 1899, died 1978.

CANNING		James, husband of Amelia, died July 24th, 1944, aged 68.

CANNING		Ambrose, born December 11th, 1888, died May 14th, 1970.

DUMARESQUE	Leslie Gordon, 25-9-65 to 9-6-87.

FOWLER		Lucy I. Fowler, born July 12th, 1901, died July 21st, 1988.

GIBBONS		Beatrice, widow of the late Thomas Gibbons, who met her death by drowning
July 1st, 1943, aged 33.

GIBBONS		Eliza Ann, born October 15th, 1809, died August 8th, 1979.

HILLYARD		George H., husband of Mary, born August 3rd, 1896, died March 5th, 1953.

HILLYARD		William J., husband of Dorothy, born June 2nd, 1899, died June 26th, 1986.

HOWELL		Edward, 1905 - 1986.

LAYDEN		Hilda Jane, wife of William Thomas Layden, died June 3rd, 1948, aged 48.

LAYDEN		Martha P., wife of John Layden, died February 12th, 1955, aged 84 years and
6 months.

LAYDEN		William Thomas, husband of Hilda Jane Layden, died April 30th, 1960, aged

LAYDEN		Raymond Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Layden, March 29th, 1957 -
March 17th, 1985.

MACEY		John, husband of Maria, died June 18th, 1949, aged 77 years.

MACEY		Maria, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Thomas Hughes of Green Island
Brook, July 8th, 1954, aged 74 years and 6 months.

MACEY		Thomas, husband of Charlotte Mathilda Macey, died May 3rd, 1955, aged 88
years and 7 months.

MACEY		Charlotte Mathilda, died October 26th, 1957, aged 74.

MAYNARD		Charlie, son of Elsie and Ambrose Maynard of Green Bay, died February 21st,
1950, on way to Forteau Hospital.

MOORES		Mildred, daughter of Ellis and Lilian Moores, died October 30th, 1946, aged
8 years and 5 months.

MOORES		Daughter of Elizabeth Anne and A.W. Moores, J.P., born January 8th, 1949,
died January 10th, 1949.

MOORES		Eben George, husband of Hazel Moores, died February 10th, 1951, aged 81

MOORES		Allen, born at Red Bay May 4th, 1880, died March 24th, 1958, aged 78 years.

MOORES		Ezekiel, husband of Adelaide Rachel, died October 9th, 1958, aged 80.

MOORES		Graham, husband of Hilda, died March 20th, 1966, aged 54.

MOORES		Julia, beloved wife of Robert P., born 1893, died 1976.

MOORES		Adelaide R., wife of Ezekiel, born August 10th, 1886, died July 19th, 1976.

MOORES		Ellis J., Born February 10th, 1902, died November 3rd, 1981, husband of

MOORES		Arthur W., 1910 - 1984.

MOORES		Harold C., Born August 12th, 1918, died April 24th, 1988, beloved husband
of Greta.

MOORES		Elizabeth Ann, 1908 - 1989.

PIKE			Minnie S., eldest daughter of the late Levi and Susannah Pike, died 28 April
1943, aged 70.

PIKE			William March, husband of Mary Susannah Pike, died 1 October 1950, aged

PIKE			Horatio William, died 15 March 1951, aged 74.

PIKE			James, husband of Asenath Pike, died 11 February 1963, aged 79 years and 9

PIKE			Minnie, wife of Nathaniel, died 29 June 1968, aged 70 years.

PIKE			Mary S., died 16 July 1971, aged 87.

PIKE			Asenath A., wife of the late James Pike, died 4 September 1973, aged 88

PIKE			Florence S., 1920 - 1976.

PIKE			Maxwell C., husband of Flora, 1901 - 1987.

PIKE			Flora, wife of Maxwell, 1910 - 1988.

STONE		William H., Born 1906, died 1986.

STONE		Violet, wife of Mark P. Stone, July 18th, 1916 - February 11th, 1988.

YETMAN		Charles Leonard, husband of Harriet Yetman, died November 5th, 1945, aged

YETMAN		Harriet, wife of Charles Leonard, died May 22nd, 1950, aged 73.

YETMAN		Alfred, husband of Ethel May, died July 18th, 1952, aged 74 years.

YETMAN		Wesley, died October 7th, 1960, aged 87 years.

YETMAN		Evelyn, wife of Alfred Yetman, died June 8th, 1972, aged 53 years.

YETMAN		Infant son of Jim and Doreen Yetman, died November 13th, 1972, aged 10

YETMAN		Alfred, husband of Evelyn, died December 9th, 1978, aged 64 years.

YETMAN		Dorman, son of Gordon and Julia, born October 25th, 1958, died July 9th,
1981, aged 22 years and 8 months.

Gospel Hall Cemetery

BRIDLE		Infant daughter of Baxter and Priscilla Bridle, born September 10th, 1973,
died September 10th, 1973.

BRIDLE		Malcolm, husband of Patience, died January 29th, 1978, aged 72 years and 8

BRIDLE		Patience, wife of Malcolm, died April 25th, 1982, aged 73 years and 10

HILLYARD		John W., husband of Lillian, died January 21st, 1967, aged 59 years and 10

HILLYARD		Lillian A., 1919 - 1976.

HILLYARD		Mary Ellen, September 7th, 1903 - December 25th, 1984, aged 81 years.

LAYDEN		John Hayward, husband of Irene, March 11, 1905 - October 2nd, 1975.

LAYDEN		Nellie, wife of Ambrose, 1899 - 1984.

LAYDEN		Donald D. Q., 1923 - 1986.

MACEY		Wilfred, husband of Effie Macey, born May 8th, 1919, died March 26th, 1975,
aged 55 years, 10 months and 18 days.

PIKE			Llewelyn, husband of Adelaide, died January 23rd, 1970, aged 61
years and 4 months.

PIKE			Boyd, December 9th, 1942 - March 26th, 1985.

RIGGS		Elizabeth L., wife of Wesley Riggs, born November 6th, 1904, died March
2nd, 1980, aged 76 years and 8 months.

RYAN		Gertrude Ann, wife of Arthur Ryan, died June 6th, 1968, aged 67 years and 3

RYAN		Arthur, husband of Gertrude Ann Ryan, died September 23rd, 1978, aged 85
years and 10 months.

YETMAN		Ethel May, May 16th, 1896 - August 24th, 1983.

YETMAN		Enos, July 21st, 1911 - May 6th, 1988.

Transcribed by Cindy Gibbons (November 2000)

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