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Trinity Bay District,

PENNEY, JAMES PENNEY, ANNIE PENNEY, THERESA PENNEY, MARY H PENNEY, GEORGE PENNEY, JAMES 1854 1844 1902 1885 1889 1934 1931 1927 1924 1915 1937 1937    
BLUNDON, STEPHEN LESLIE Dec 9,1913 May 25,1916   A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is still, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.
THISTLE, ELIZABETH   June 3rd 1899 65 years Beloved wife of Samuel Thistle. Yes the christian's course is run, Ended is the glorious strife; Fought the fight, the work is done, Death is swallowed up of life
THISTLE, JAMES   March 4th 1936 34 years Why should be mourn our brothers loss, Since death to him is bliss. Erected by his brohter A. Thistle.
MARTIN, EMMA   Jan 4th 1929 38 years Beloved wife of Eli Martin. Bright in her glory now, Boundless her joy above, Where on the bosom of her God, She rests in perfect love. Erected by daughter Janet.
MARTIN, CECIL   July 2nd 1936 17 years Beloved son of Eli and Emma Martin. Forget you brother, I never will, I always loved you and always will, Your memory is as fresh today, As in the hour you passed away. Erected by his sister.
THISTLE, MAUD THISTLE, SHIRLEY   March 16th 1929 1930 30 years 2 years Beloved wife of Alexander Thistle. She looked for a city which hath a foundation whose builder and maker is God. Also their child. They are gone but not forgotten. Never shall their memory fade.
MARTIN, JOSHUA   June 20,1934 55 years Beloved husband of Mary Ellen Martin. Sleep on dear husband thy work is done, Thy mortal cares are past, Jesus has come and borne thee home, To heavenly rest at last.
BENSON, MOTHER 1869 1905   Wife of George Benson. And while she lies in peaceful sleep, Her memory we shall always keep. Erected by son William.
ART, ARTHUR,   Feb 12th 1908 17 mos Beloved child of Samuel & Catherine Art. When we see a precious blossom, That we tended with such care, Rudely taken from our bosom, How our aching hearts despair.
THISTLE, RETA   Jan 25,1939 24 years Darling daughter of Reuben & Mary Thistle. Do not ask us if we miss her, O there is such a vacant jplace, Oft we think we hear her footsteps, And we see her smiling face. Friends may think we have forgotten, When they often see us smile, But they little know the sorrow, That the smile hides all the while.
MARTIN, CATHERINE   Dec 26th 1915 37 years Beloved daughter of Simeon and Henrietta Martin. Asleep in Jesus. We miss the voice of one we love, A precious form has passed away, To join the angel throng above, In realms of endless day.
FAGNER, WILLIAM JOHN 1859 1894   Our dear father.
MARTIN, HEZEKIAH   Nov 5th 1932 47 years Beloved husband of Eliza Martin. I cannot say and I will not say, That he is dead, He is just away, With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand, He has wandered into an unknown land. Erected by his daughter Jessie.
MARTIN, WILLIAM   August 5th 1929 70 years Darling husband of Phoebe Martin. Asleep in Jesus.
SEWARD, JOHN   Oct 24,1903 19 years Beloved son of Simeon & Phebe Seward.
MARTIN, ELI   Dec 26th 1885 49 years Beloved husband of Sarah Martin. Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep, From which none ever wakes to weep. A calm and undisturbed repose, Unbroken by the last of foes.
BRYANT, SARAH   Feby 9,1918 73 years Asleep in Jesus. A dear mother from us is gone, Her ways we loved is stilled, Her place is vacant in our hearts, Which never can be filled.
MARTIN, GERTRUDE   Feb 9,1917 13yrs,10mos Beloved daughter of Uriah & Jane Martin. Asleep in Jesus. Wherefore should I make my mourn, Now the darling child is dead, She to early rest has gone, She to Paradise has fled.
MARTIN, URIAH   Sept 23,1923 64 years Beloved husband of Jane Martin. Asleep in Jesus. No more sleepless nights dear husband, No more weary hours of pain, You are resting now with Jesus, And my loss is but your gain.
VARDY, JOHN WELDON   July 28,1912 3 years  
THISTLE, MARY ANN THISTLE, WILLIAM JAMES   Sept 2nd 1891 18 years 6 months Beloved wife of Reuben Thistle. Also their beloved child. God in his wisdom has recalled, The boon His love had given, And though the body slumbers here, The soul is safe in heaven.
VARDY, JAMES   Nov 5th 1887 40 years Head stone is badly eroded and unreadable.
ADEY, MAGDELINE   June 1st 1925 80 years We shall meet again dear ????. remainder unreadabale.
MARTIN, LAURA B   May 8,1916 18 years Beloved daughter of James & Jane Martin. We shall meet again sweet mother, In a brighter clime than this, Where the anguish of tis world of ours, Is lost in deathless bliss.
BENNIE LOUIS AND SISLY   Nov 13,1887 Nov 13,1887 5yrs,10 mos 1 year,6mos Asleep in Jesus. There is no surname on this headstone.
MARTIN, NELLIE   Oct 25th 1918 20 years Beloved daughter of Jas & Jane Martin. Nellie darling thou hast left us, And thy loss we deeply feel, But we bow in deep submission, To our heavenly Father's will.
MARTIN, INGHAM   Oct 27th 1930 41 years Our dear father. Sleep on dear father your work is o'er, Your willing hands will toil no more, Kind you were to us and true, No friend on earth we'll find like you.
CRITCH, SARAH J   Feb 20,????   Asleep in Jesus. Beloved wife of George Critch. Head stone is broken and remainder unreadable.
CRUTCH JOHN   Feby 5th 1891 50 years Nor pain nor grief nor anxious fear, Invade thy bounds. No mortal woes, Can reach the peaceful sleeper here, While angels watch the soft repose.
VARDY, BINA   Jan 13,1924 5yrs, 7 mos Darling daughter of Edmund and Lily Vardy. Forget you darling we never will, We always loved you and always will, Your memory is a fresh today, As in the hour you passed away.
CRITCH, SAMUEL   April 20,1918 70 years Beloved husband of Mary Critch. Inscription unreadable.
BLUNDELL, POLLY   June 28,1927 61 years Mourn not for me, Nor sorrow take, But love my children, For my sake.
Unreadable Headstone        
MARTIN, ALFRED   July 4th 1923 59 years Beloved husband of Maria Martin. Just why He whispered "come to me", I cannot know or tell to thee, But this I know I heard His voice, And in His love I now rejoice.
MARTIN, HAYWARD W   April 12,1923 29 years Beloved son of Alfred and Maria Martin. Asleep in Jesus. He walked with God and he was not, For God took him. Until the day dawn and the shadows flee away.
MARTIN, ELISHA   Nov 25th 1912 14 years Beloved son of Alfred & Maria Martin. Wherefore should I make my moan, Now the darling boy is dead, He to early rest has gone, He to paradise is fled.
MARTIN, SIMEON   Feb 25th 1911 59 years Beloved husband of Heneretta Martin. Farewell my wife and children all, From you a father Christ doth call, Mourn not for me it is in vain, remainder unreadable.
MARSH, MAGGIE   Dec 31st 1910 30 years Beloved wife of James Marsh. They die in Jesus and are blessed, How calm their slumbers are, From sufferings and from woes released, And freed from every snare.
MARTIN, IVY LILLIAN KATHLEEN MARTIN, WILFRED WILLIAM ABRAHAM JAMES September 25,1935 September 5,1936 October 28,1935 . January 31,1939   In the heart of a seed is the hope of the sod, In the heart of a child is the Kingdom of God.
MARTIN, HATTIE AMELIA   Sept 25,1925 29 years I have a faith that when life's strident noises cease, I'll see God's face. I have a faith that in that wondrouse land of peace, I'll prove God's grace.
MARTIN, CATHERINE   Sept 11th 1907 78 years Wife of the late Benjamin Martin. She's waiting for us in the glorious land….remainder unreadable.
MARTIN, BENJAMIN   July 18,1897 75 years Beloved husband of Catherine Martin. Dearest father thou hast left us, And thy loss we deeply feel, But 'tis God who hast bereft us, He shall all our sorrows heal.
MARTIN, BENJAMIN   Sept 25th 1912 58 years Beloved husband of Jane Martin. Asleep in Jesus. In the cold grave Father is sleeping, While angels bright are watching near, At home his loving friends are weeping, For they have lost a father dear.
MARTIN, ROSANNA   Novr 15th 1899 44 years Thou prevailest for ever against her, And she passeth. Thou changest her countenance and sendest her away. Job XIV,20.
MARTIN, WILLIAM JAS.   Nov 22nd 1900 1 yr,6mos Twas not in cruelty, not in wrath, That the reaper came that day, 'Twas an angel visited the earth, And took our flower away.
MARTIN, SUSAN   Nov 22,1916 36 years Beloved wife of David Martin. Asleep in Jesus.Inscription unreadable.
MARTIN, WESLEY   Aug 14,1917 31 years Beloved husband of Marion Martin. Farewell my wife and children, I must go and leave you, 'Tis my heavenly Father calls me, To a home beyond the sky. Remainder unreadable.
BLUNDEN, WILLIAM   1929? 62 years Erected by Herbert? Bryant? This is a badly eroded headstone.
PELLEY, JOSEPH Oct 1st 1854 July 16th 1938 83 years Beloved husband of the late Harriet Pelley. But is he dead? No! No! He lives, His happy spirit flies, To heaven above and there receives, The long expected prize.
PELLEY, HARRIET   Dec 2,1919 77 years Erected by Joseph Pelley in loving memory of his beloved wife.
PELEY, ELAM S   Jany 18th 1885 unreadable Son of Joseph & Harriet Peley.
BLUNDELL, ELIZABETH   June 13th 1891 84 years Beloved wife of Stephen Blundell. Nor pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear invade thy bounds; No mortal woes can reach the peaceful sleeper here, While angels watch the soft repose.
BLUNDELL, STEPHEN   Sept 8th 1873 77 years The first settler in this harbor. For those that die in faith and love, There is a glorious rest above. To that may every soul aspire, With ardent hope and strong desire.
BRYANT, CHARLES BRYANT, EMILY   Nov 27th 1908 Oct 17,1885 68yrs,3mos 42 years Dearest father thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel, But 'tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. Also his wife. Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep, From which none ever wake to weep, A calm and undisturbed repose, Unbroken by the last of foes.
AVERY, BERTHA E May 10th 1873 Feb 14th 1917   Mother. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, For Thou art with me.
AVERY, HAROLD   Sept 12,1927 3 years Beloved son of Richard and Marian Avery. The call was short, the blow severe, We little thought your end so near, God took you home it was His will, Forget you darling, we never will.
MARTIN, VIOLET   Aug 9th 1936 26 years Beloved daughter of Ingham and Sarah Martin. Gone from us but not forgotten, Never will your memory fade, Loving thoughts will always linger, Round the spot where you are laid.
BRYANT, CLARA   Dec 7th 1935 26yrs,4mos Beloved wife of Banjamin Bryant. She is gone but not forgotten, Never will her memory fade, Warmest thoughts will ever linger, 'Round the grave where she is laid.
BRYANT, SUSANNAH   April 29th 1911 39 years Beloved wife of Anhel S Bryant. Dear husband and children all farewell, I go to Jesus Christ on high, There to sing praise to my King, To all eternity.
BRYANT, H S   Feb 3rd 1912 43 years Father thou hast from us flown, To the regions far above…remainder unreadable.
BLUNDELL, SARAH   Aug 11th 1915 64yrs,3mos Beloved wife of Hezekiah Blundell. Asleep in Jesus. Loving husband I must leave you, Yes leave you all alone, For my heavenly Father calls me, To His eternal home. ???? thy mourning days below, ??? angel guards attended, ???? the sight of Jesus go!
BLUNDELL, ALLAN W   Decr 11th 1926 54 years Beloved husband of Annie Blundell. A loving one from us is gone…remainder unreadable.
BLUNDELL, ELI   May 20th 1904 3 yrs,9mos Asleep in Jesus. Inscription unreadable.
BLUNDELL, HAZEL   March 18th 1920 16yrs,3mos Beloved daughter of Allan & Annie Blundell. Dearest Hazel thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel, Remainder unreadable.
ADEY, EDWARD   April 28th 1902 55 years Dear wife, farewell I go to dwell, With Jesus Christ on high…remainder unreadable.
EDDY, MARY ANN   July 26,1899 43 years Beloved wife of Edward Eddy. A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our hearts, That never can be filled. At rest.
ADEY, HENRY JAMES   Feb 11th 1899 24 years Beloved son of Edward & Mary Ann Adey. Another link is broken, In our house and band, But a chain is forming, In a better land.

Contributed by Judy Oldford (2005)

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2005)

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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