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(Partial Listing)

St.Peter's Anglican Church

Bonavista Bay District

This cemetery is located next to St.Peter's Anglican Church,which is found on the left hand side of the road
as you enter the community. It is easily seen from the road. There are a few older headstones that have
fallen and are now slightly overgrown but for the most part the cemetery is well kept and maintained.

The following four headstones are enclosed in one plot with a cement surrounding wall
HUSSEY Margaret   Oct.10,1927 91 years Erected by her son Henry
YETMAN Robert Prince 1868 1931   Erected by his son
YETMAN Fanny   Oct.15,1922 92 years 8 months Erected by her family. wife of Robert Yetman
YETMAN Gilbert B July 12,1898 March 13,1978   Erected by wife Gladys and family
YETMAN Samuel   July 18,1931 57 years Erected by his wife
YETMAN Anastatia   Nov.17,1955 82 years Wife of Samuel
YETMAN Joseph 1880 1958   
YETMAN Martha 1889 1951   Erected by the family
The following four graves are enclosed on one plot with a wooden surround:ing fence
PRINCE Madge Quinton   Feb.15,1940 26 years Beloved niece and adopted daughter of Joliffe and Helena Quinton
PRINCE Robert   April 28,1938 70 years Husband of Sarah Jane Prince
PRINCE Sarah Jane   June 10,1919   It was difficult to read her age--possibly 46 years 9 months
PRINCE George Cecil   March 7,1922 14 years.7 months  
PRINCE George   Feb.22,1916 72 years 11 months  
PRINCE Sarah   March 14,1916 73 years 6 months  
PRINCE Martha   Aug.23,1927 83 years 11 months Wife of John Prince
PRINCE John   March 7,1905 21 years Son of John and Martha Prince
PRINCE Mary Ann   Jan.12,1867 15 months and 3 days  
PRINCE Sarah   Oct.12,1874   Wife of John Prince
PRINCE John   Aug.11,1880 70 years  
The following five graves are enclosed in one plot with a wooden surround:
PRINCE Robert 1871 1967    
PRINCE Maria 1872 1938    
WHITE Alice   Nov.9,1925 25 years 5 months Wife of Alexander White
PRINCE Charles Edward   May 23,1922 14 years 6 months Son of Robert and Maria Prince
PRINCE Thomas   Sept.21,1922 25 years Son of Robert and Maria Prince
PRINCE James Samuel 1884 1971    
PRINCE Dorothy 1901 1934   Erected by family
RUSSELL Silas 1906 1960    
HOGARTH Ida (Russell) 1919 1991    
RUSSELL Arthur A 1902 1985   Served in Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit #3038
RUSSELL Arthur 1871 1942    
RUSSELL Deborah 1870 1942    
RUSSELL William Thomas   Feb.13,1916 16 years Son of Arthur and Deborah Russell
The following three graves were enclosed in one plot:
PRINCE Frederick T   Jan.5,1955 76 years  
PRINCE Jessie   May 21,1963 84 years Erected by children Maud, Chesley and Hubert
PRINCE Frederick Samuel   Nov.15,1937 22 years  
PRINCE Ida Annie   Aug.26,1917 19 years 10 months  
PRINCE Miriam Blanche   May 20,1919 37 years 5 months  
PRINCE Horace Levi   May 27,1919 19 years 6 months Beloved children of Elizabeth and Levi Prince
PRINCE Levi   March 26,1928 77 years 9 months Husband of Elizabeth M. Prince. Erected by his son Adolph Also IMO
PRINCE Henrietta Selina Glow   June 26,1890 5 years,  
PRINCE And Annie Victoria   June 10,1889 18 months Children of Levi and Elizabeth M. Prince
PRINCE Elizabeth   April 12,1943 86 years 7 months  
BROWN Sarah Maud   Jan.15,1922 18 years Daughter of William and Jessie Brown
MOSS Elizabeth   Sept.13,1905 65 years Wife of Jacob Moss
MOSS Jacob   June 22,1929 97 years  
The following four graves are enclosed in one enclosed plot:
QUINTON Joliffe April 10,1867 Feb.22,1942    
QUINTON Ann Helena Sept.24,1872 May 27,1941    
MAXWELL Roy   Feb.19,1912 11months 16 days Son of Joliffe and Ann Helena Quinton
QUINTON Madge Sheila   Dec.18,1912 7 years  
PRINCE Martha 1878 1967    
PRINCE John 1875 1921   Erected by the family
PRINCE Robert   March 22,1877 16 years 10 months  
PRINCE John   March 11,1894 47 years  
GRANGER Caroline   Nov.27,1897 34 years Erected by her husband Edward T. Granger
The following two graves are enclosed in one plot:
FIFIELD Thomas 1870 1957    
BUTLER Emma H 1898 1983    

I include here the names found on a plaque hanging in the parish church, St.Peter's Anglican Church,Princeton,B.B.,only one of which is found in the above cemetery transcription,that of John Prince 1875-1921.

WICKS Benjamin   Sept.21,1919 66 years To The Sacred Memory of
WHEELER Henry   Sept.11,1921 63 years  
PRINCE John   Feb.20,1921 45 years  
WICKS Alpheaus   March 2,1915 31 years Erected by Conquest L.O.L. No.3

Contributed and Transcribed by William and Martha Warren

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