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St. John's East District

(Complete as of Summer 2007)

View of old All Saint's Anglican Cemetery

MOULTON Lucy   May 26th 1913 52 years Dearly beloved wife of George Moulton. Weep not; she is not dead, but sleepeth.
Small marker Marker
with initials F S
MOULTON unreadable   Jan 26, 1900 12 years  
SULLIVAN Francis   20 Sep 1883 71 years  
SULLIVAN Ann   22 Oct 1901 82 years His beloved wife
SULLIVAN John Thomas   Dec 29th 1905 66 years This is my rest forever. Here will I dwell; for I have desired it. I suddenly was called away from parents dear and kind; To slumber in a house of clay, I leave you all behind.
MOULTON Isabella   May 10th 1914 36 Beloved daughter of William & Mary Moulton
MOULTON Samuel Koote   Sept 4th 1905 84 years Beloved husand of Isabella Moulton
WILLIAMS Emily Ann   June 26 1905 ? 10 years Children of William and Emily Williams
WILLIAMS Clement   July 26, 1905 8 years  
GROUCHY Jesse Raymond   Oct 24th 1902 8 mo's  
GROUCHY Minnie   April 1st 1908 27 years Beloved wife of Horatio Grouchy. Is she deat? No, no she lives, Her happy spirit flies, to heaven above and there receives the long expected prize.
SULLIVAN Thomas   28th May 1903 72 years  
LANGMEAD William   July 11th 1904 78 years  
NO SURNAME John Samuel        
BRAGG John C   April 9th 1906 24 years Erected by father & son
CROUCHY Cyril   Jan 18th 1915 4 years Darling child of Chas & Emma Crouchy.
WILLIAMS William Alexander   Agu 28, 1913 65 years Beloved husband of Emily Ann Williams. Any my soul that thirsteth after God; Shall be a thirst no more; And my hunger shall be satisfied and all my longings o'er.
WILLIAMS Thomas   Nov 4, 1909 36 years Beloved husband of Sarah Williams. Slowly, fading, lingering, dying; Like a leaf he passed away; Heeding not our tears of anguish; Heaven has claimed its own today.
LANGMEAD James   Nov 27th 1887 37 years  
GOULD George   28th April 1868 72 years Native of Somersetshire, England
GOULD Ann   June 17th 1888 81 years Native of Newfoundland. Whoso dwelleth…..of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
MOULTON Mary   Oct 13th 1866 14 years Erected by her grandparents Robert & Mary Mundy. Monument is broken and lying in the grass.
MOULTON Clarinda   October 18th 1868 30 years Monument is broken and lying in the grass.
CROUCHY Ann   July 8th 1887 56 years He brought me home….remainder unreadable
Unreadable Unreadable   Jany 26th 1860 ? 1 yr,
MOULTON George   Sept 12, 1860 66 years  
WILLIAMS William   Aug 3rd 1850 62 years  
WILLIAMS John   May 7th 1862 38 years  
SULLIVAN John   6th January 1845 65 ?  
GRUCHY Albert   Sep 22,
A. D. 1879
35 years  
GRUCHY Elizabeth   April 24, 1877 37 years  
GRUCHY Providence Elizabeth Jane        
SULLIVAN Maria   Sept 9th 1905 33 years Beloved wife of Reginald Sullivan
Child's Marker       no name, unreadable
MUNDY Martha Ash   May 18, 1872 34 years Beloved wife of Robert Mundy. Also their children
MUNDY Matthew   Jany 26, 1866 5 years  
MUNDY Abraham       Died in infancy
Broken, unreadable White Stone Cross        
RYAN Phillip   Jan 12th 1894 58 years Erected by John Ryan in memory of his father
GROUCHY Thomas   Jan 16th 1914 27 years Beloved husband of Jessie Grouchy
GROUCHY Philip   March 31st 1903 92 years  
GRUCHY Philip   Feb 3rd
A. D. 1878
22 years Son of Philip & Ann Gruchy
GROUCHY Thomas   16th January 1889 40 years Son of Philip & Ann Grouchy. Death is sweet to those that wait; Weary, longing for their rest; 'Tis the little golden gate; Unto paradise the blest.
GROUCHY Ann   March 31, 1898 79 years Beloved wife of Philip Grouchy
GOULD William   April 3rd 1884 57 years  
GOULD John   April 10, 1881 25 years Drowned at Sea
GOULD James   June 13th 1894 57 years Erected by his wife, Marth Gould.
GOULD William   July 4th 1899 14 yrs, 7 mos  
BALDWIN Edward   June 7th 1887 68 years also his wife
BALDWIN Grace   Feb 28th 1906 82 years  
  Buried Here But No Markers When Cemetery Photographed
BRAGG Emily   May 4, 1913 67 years Wife of Meichizedek
CROWLEY Ann   July 8, 1897 56 years  
GROUCHY Alex C. 1886 1971    
MOULTON Elizabeth   Oct 18, 1888 86 years  
MOULTON Ida Bell   Jan 26th 1900 1 Yr
5 Mo
MOULTON Thomas   Dec 25, 1905 82 years  
SULLIVAN Reginald   Aug 15th 1911 3 Months  

Transcribed from photos taken by Craig Peterman and Don Tate by Mary Rawlinson (April 2008) from
Photos Contributed by Craig Peterman and Don Tate (July 2007)

Page Last Modified: October 28, 2016 (Don Tate)

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