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Old United Church Cemetery
Portugal Cove
St. John's East District

Complete as of 2008

Click here for the Location of this Cemetery and view of the Churchill and Hibbs sections.

Churchill Elizabeth   7 Dec. 18?? 90 Years James [Fallen stone, Stonepics index noted year as 18?3]
Churchill Ezra   May 14th 1898 73 Years    
Churchill Ezra   Decdember 29th 1892 11 Years   [Same stone as Fredrick Lewis and Belinda May, but inscribed on back of headstone]
Churchill Frederick Lewis   January 13th 1893 13 Years    
Belinda May   February 4th 1888 15[?] Years    
Churchill George R.   June 12th 1950 65 Years Louisa  
Churchill Louisa   March 17th 1965 80 Years   Erected by her niece Mary
Churchill Sarah Ann   July 6th 1927 83 Years late Ezra In loving memory of My Dear Mother
Churchill Walter H.   April 18th 1945 68 Years    
Greeley Jabez   Oct. 28th 1919 67 Years   Husband and Father [Fallen stone]
Greeley Matthew   1 July 1916     [Lance Corporal Matthew Greeley, son of Jabez & Sarah Jane Greeley, killed in action somewhere in France.  Info from old notes of L.A.Winsor]
Greeley Maria   21 May 1919 27 Years Joseph [Fallen Stone]
Hibbs Charlie   23 August 1920 18 Years   Son of Stephen and Elizabeth [Info from old notes of L. A.Winsor]
Hibbs Daisy M. 30 November 1905 26 September 1929     daughter of William H. and Mildred D. [Info from old notes of L. A.Winsor]
Hibbs Elizabeth   27 December 1964 93 Years   Erected by daughters Madeline and Louise [Info from old notes of L. A.Winsor]
Hibbs Frederica   14 August 1914 31 Years   Erected by her Husband [Info from old notes of L. A.Winsor]
Hibbs Frederick Oct. 2, 1879 Feb. 24, 1924 44 Years  

[Son of Stephen and Elizabeth]

Hibbs Mary Ann   Oct. 30th 1939 92 Years   Dear Mother
Hibbs Sarah   23 November 1919 9 Days   Daughter of Robert and Violet .  [Info from old notes of L. A.Winsor]
Hibbs Stephen   Aug. 26th 1950 76 Years Elizabeth erected by his wife and daughters
Hibbs William Henry   30 April 1922 15 Years 8 Months   [William Henry Hibbs. Erected by his father.  Info from old notes of L. A.Winsor]
Hibbs William H.   April 21st 1914 77 Years Mary Ann Husband
Hibbs William Henry 1872 1952     [Info from old notes of L. A.Winsor]
Hibbs William James   April 21, 1923 18 Years & 9 Months   son of Stephen and Elizabeth [Foot stone with intials W. J. H.]

Contributed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt & L. A. Winsor (September 2008)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (November 23, 2014)

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