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Pinchard's Island Cemeteries


Transcriber's Note.

There are two cemeteries on Pinchard's Island. One located on the northwestern side of the island and one situated near the center of the island. I went to the one centered in the middle of the island. There was a sign at each end of the cemetery defining one part to be Anglican and the other part to be the United. I treated them both as one cemetery. The cemetery is basically in poor condition. The grass was about waist deep in several sections and quite a few of the headstones were either broken or failing down or buried. Some were badly pitted with age making them virtually unable to be read. The following tombstones are some of the ones I managed to read, but there were quite a few I did not have time to do.

1.	In Loving Memory of Peter Norris died Oct 17, 1920 aged 83 years 
and his wife Eleanor J. Norris died Sept 13, 1921 aged 74 years. 
Erected by their daughter Lydia.

2.	In Loving Memory of Florence daughter of John and Mary Hann who 
died 1873 aged 18 years.

3.	In Loving Memory of Henry Dowding died May 23, 1891 aged 71 years 
and his daughter Jenny died Apr 29, 1872 aged 15 years 

4.	In Loving Memory of Sarah wife of William Parsons who entered rest 
5th day of ? 1872 aged 72 years.

5.	Norris:  In Loving Memory of parents William 1844-1919 Suzanna 1857-1930.  
The Norris Family.

6.	In Loving Memory of Edward Beloved husband of Priscilla Norris who departed 
this Feb 19, 1951 aged 62 years

7.	In Fond Memory of George D. Norris beloved son of Charles and Julia Ann 
died Oct 20, 1898 1 month , 21 day

8.	In Loving Memory of Baxter Norris beloved husband of Jessie Norris 
died May 13, 1919 aged 26 years.

9.	Charles Norris beloved husband of Julia Ann Norris died Apr. 11, 1931 
aged 66 years.

10.	In Loving Memory of Herbert beloved son of Samuel and Eleanor Norris died 
Dec 1, 1930 aged 25 years 2 months

11.	Helenia Jane beloved wife of Samuel Norris died April 9, 1932 aged 47 years 

12.	Francis Norris died April 17 1936 and his wife Jane died Sept 10 1939 
aged 88 years

13.	In Loving Memory of Levi Norris died March 6, 1875 aged 63 years

14.	In Loving Memory of Eleanor Norris died Mar 14, 1882 aged 56 years 

15.	Sacred to the Memory of Leah wife of George Norris date unreadable and 
son Walter Willie Feb 6 ? Aged 7 months

16.	Erected by James Blackmore.  In Loving Memory of William who entered 
rest May 17, 1884, aged 51 years.

17.	In Loving Memory of James Blackmore who departed this life Dec. 18, 1861

18.	In Loving Memory of John Blackmore who died Jan 3, 1897 aged 76 years

19.	In Loving Memory of Mary Blackmore who died June 6, 1874 aged 74 years

20.	In Loving Memory of John Blackmore who died June 8, 1869 aged 80 years

21.	Erected by John Blackmore- In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Oakley 
who died May 5, 1861 aged 31 years

22.	In Loving Memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of Patrick Blackmore 
who died Nov. 2, 1877 aged 72 years

23.	In Loving Memory of Patrick Blackmore who died Oct. 8, 1878 aged 83 years

24.	William Blackmore (unreadable & 1 other

25.	Thomas son of William and Sarah Blackmore died Feb 13, 1870 aged 6 weeks.

26.	In Loving Memory of Samuel Blackmore 1871-1960 aged 89 years 

27.	Blackmore (unreadable)

28.	Erected by granddaughters:  Beloved grandmother Rosanna Blackmore 
died Sept 12, 1938 aged 92 years

29.	? Blackmore beloved wife of Stanley Weston Blackmore who died 
March 26, 1948 aged 65 years 9 months.

30.	In Loving Memory of John Gill who departed this life June 1, 1882, 
aged 46 years

31.	Erected by Noah Gill. In Loving Memory of his mother Ann Gill 
Who died Jan 18, 1915 aged 76 years also his son Kenneth P. who died 
Jan 8, 1905 aged 6 years

32.	In Loving Memory of William Parsons who died Feb 23, 1893 aged 
68 years and also his wife Ann died July 8, 1878 aged 45 years

33.	In Loving Memory of William Gill was born July 2, 1858 
died 7th Aug 1860

34.	In Loving Memory of Abraham Gill who died Mar 30, 1870 aged 31 years

35.	In Loving Memory of Joseph Gill Mar. 26, 1869 aged 40 years

36.	In Loving Memory of Obadiah Gill beloved husband of Barbara Gill 
died Mar1, 1916, aged 29 years.

37.	In Loving Memory of Peter beloved son of Peter and Patience Gill 
died Nov 4, 1898 aged 19 years

38.	Israel Parsons 1865-1924
39.	Hedley Parsons 1868-1938
40.	Louisa Parsons 1871-1929

41.	In Loving Memory of dear mother Jane Gill beloved wife of Joseph Gill 
died Nov. 22, 1889, 88 years

42.	In Loving Memory of William Gill who died July 4, 1868 aged 44 years

43.	Sacred to the Memory of Jane Gill beloved wife of Thomas died Feb 12, 1882

44.	In Loving Memory of Mary Gill beloved wife of John Gill who 
died Aug 19, 1897 aged 92 years and 9 months

45.	In Loving Memory of Kiziah beloved wife of Solomon Perry died Aug 2, 1919 
aged 35 years

46.	In Loving Memory of Heber Luke Lush died March 12, 1931 
aged 23 years 9 months

47.	In Loving Memory of Alphaeus Lush beloved husband of Elizabeth 
June 23, 1947 aged 71 years



Transcribed by Linda Norris (September, 2001)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2019 (Don Tate)

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