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Headstones at Pilley's



Greetings from one last Pilley's Island cemetery:-

The first WHALEN names here are the family of the present caretaker of the
cemeteries at Pilley's Island, Mr. M. Whelan, who so kindly showed me around
every one of them and at times provided a running commentary as I noted the
graves. He informed me there is only one headstone remaining in the old R.C.
Cemetery, that of his ancestor Michael Patrick WHALEN. In answer to my
questions, he told me that Michael Patrick WHELAN died on Sept. 22, 1967 at
the age of 92 years, and that he was born in Bay Bulls. He came to Pilley's
Island as the first school teacher. I understand he was the last to be
buried in that cemetery, and am quite sure he said that Michael Patrick was
the husband of Melina SIMMS, below.

Older inscriptions from the U.C. Cemetery at Pilley's Island, beginning with
the WHELAN family:

Melina E. SIMMS [this is her maiden name] born May 26, 1897 died Dec. 28, 1990;
Erected by wife and children in loving memory of William SIMMS husband of
Norah died Oct. 27, 1928 aged 75 years & 3 months;
Erected to the memory of our dear mother Nora SIMMS beloved wife of William
SIMMS died Mar. 6, 1951 aged 84-1/2 years. Erected by children. [Above two
are parents of Melina.]
John beloved son of William & Nora SIMMS born Mar. 15, 1891 died Jan. 28, 1962;
Arthur 1927-1976 [Also a son, knowm as "Bronze" or "Brawns" according to Mr.
George WHELAN died Jan. 19, 1957 aged 91 years
Martha beloved wife of George WHELAN died Feb. 17, 1942 aged 72 years.
Alfred RIDEOUT died June 18, 1950 aged 72 years;
Lydia RIDEOUT July 12, 1883 - May 20, 1967.
Susan VINEHAM born Nov. 23, 1877 died Oct. 25, 1971 aged 94 years;
Philip VINEHAM born July 12, 1877 died Nov. 9, 1961 aged 84 years.
John T. BARTLETT born Mar. 22, 1894 died Mar. 20, 1971;
Pheobe beloved wife of John BARTLETT born Dec. 25, 1884 died Jan. 22, 1964.
Alfred ELLIOTT beloved husband and father died Dec. 29, 1959 aged 73 years.
A double headstone:
Father: David MCGINN died Dec. 24, 1937 aged 82 years
Mother: Eliza MCGINN died Oct. 17, 1945 aged 76 years.
Alfred COBB 1853-1935
His wife Ann Eliza LEDREW 1854-1936.
Rachel BUDGELL 1885-1971
William BUDGELL beloved husband of Rachel BUDGELL died Apr. 22, 1951 aged 86
Erected by Mrs. Fred Pittman in loving memory of her mother
Mary Jane HAGGETT died Jan. 5, 1952 aged 86 years
And her father
Josiah HAGGETT died Sept. 19, 1937 aged 76 years.
William John MULLINS 1885-1977
Hubert STRICKLAND 1895-1974
Thomas ROWSELL who passed peacefully away Feb. 24, 1948 aged 70 years & 5 months
Cecilia G. beloved wife of Thomas ROWSELL died Sept. 24, 1959 aged 78 years.
Joseph H. HARRIS who died Jan. 22, 1930 aged 67 years.
[I will include the following one but must point out that on reading my
notes, I should have been more careful on noting the year - I am not sure if
it is 1925 or 1975 - sorry.]
George OXFORD beloved husband of Kate OXFORD who died May 3, 1925 aged 62
years & 2 months. [Note: 1925 or 1975.]

Mr. Whelan told me a nice little story, the 'background' of this last one, a
somewhat 'impressive' stone with the following simple inscription:

Fondly remembered
Dec. 9, 1887 - Nov. 30, 1990

Mr. Whalen said that this Jack Mansfield lived at Pilley's Island, was never
married and had lived alone. He was apparently a favourite among the people
of the community, and probably came to work there at the mines in his early
years, then likely spent time fishing or whatever the rest of his life. Jack
was a Roman Catholic, and at the time of his death, the only R.C. cemetery
in the area had not been in use for some time. His friends of various
Protestant religions all got together and along with the priest from the
nearest R.C. parish agreed to bury him in the United Church Cemetery, where
he now is sure to share a place with the rest of his buddies forever and ever. 



Contributor: Barbara Peterson

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