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St. Paul's Cemetery

Twillingate district

This cemetery is in the woods behind St. Paul's Anglican Church in Pike's Arm. It is very overgrown and wet.
I was unable to complete the entire cemetery because of rain and a wee little falling in a bog incident.
In addition to the stones noted below, there were stones for the family names
GILLETT, STUCKEY, BROWN, CUTLER and MERCER. Epitaphs are omitted and
the dates may not follow the precise way in which they were put on the stone
(i.e., to save time I used the same format for all dates when taking notes).

Stuckey Herbert   November 15, 1942 29 years. who paid the supreme sacrifice in World War II
Cutler Archibald 1893 1966   A/B Royal Navy World War I
Cutler Abigail September 20, 1903, May 4, 1971.    
Rose Robert   December 29, 1948 82 years,  
Rose Susannah Sarah   December 21st 1960 81 years.  
Watts Emma Jane   January 11, 1969 58 years, 2 months. beloved wife of Frederick Theodore Watts
Watts Alfred   June 19th 1960 85 years. beloved husband of Jane Watts
Watts Mrs. Jane   who passed away July 26th 1962 84 years.  
Cassell Joseph     28  
Cassell Elias     29 who perished November 6th, 1914. also his brother
Blake Dorman J.   March 6th, 1961 74 years. beloved husband of Alice Blake
Richards Ida   October 12, 1939 40 years.  
Richards Peter George   August 23rd 1935 57 years.  
Richards Mary   May 12, 1918 25 years. Erected by Louis for his wife
Richards Edward J.   March 19, 1937 85 years.  
Richards Rachel   who fell asleep September 9th 1903 55 years. beloved wife of Edward J. Richards
Richards Harold       beloved son of Louis & May Richards (balance illegible).
Dalley Eli   January 14, 1957 82 years.  
Dalley Caroline   April 2nd 1956 75 years. beloved wife of Eli Dalley
Dalley Casandra   April 4, 1952 90 years. Sacred to the Memory
Dalley Robert   November 8th 1949 82 years. beloved husband of Casander Dalley
Russell Isaac   who fell asleep January 17, 1929 45 years.  
Francis Mable Cutler Baby   1941    
Watts Cornelius   December 19, 1951 78 years.  
Dalley Thomas William   who fell asleep April 25, 1913 43 years.  
Dalley Thomas   September 6, 1906 78 years.  
Dailey Mary Ann   who fell asleep march 19, 1916 80 years. beloved wife of Thomas Dalley
Dalley Ford   March 21st 1925 7 months, beloved son of Eli and Caroline Dalley.
Mary Dalley Hilda   April 22, 1925 17 years, beloved daughter of Eli and Caroline Dalley.
George Dalley Thomas   March 30, 1930 13 years, beloved son of Eli and Caroline Dalley.
Stuckey Elias   September 21st 1937 69 years. beloved husband of Ruth Stuckey
Gillett Ruth L.   April 14, 1957 80 years. beloved wife of Robert Gillett
Dalley, Arthur   July 30, 1968, 70 years. beloved husband of Carrie Dalley
Blandford Levi   December 16, 1932 82 years.  
Blandford Susanna   November 30, 1932 79 years.  
Edwin Blandford Thomas   January 2, 1828 39 years. beloved husband of Katie M. Blandford
Levi Pearcie   who fell asleep January 30, 1921 23 years. beloved son of Levi and Susanna Blandford

Contributor: Amalie Tuffin

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