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Pass Island Cemetery #2 Tickle, Hermitage Bay

Surname Given Name Relationship Born Died Age/Remarks
BULLEY Elizabeth     Apr.12,1916 86 Yrs.
BULLEY Florence Augusta D/O Thomas & Elizabeth   Aug.8,1896 25 Yrs.
BULLEY Wm. Henry Theodore S/O Thomas & Elizabeth   Nov.6,1885 20 Yrs.
BULLEY Thomas William     Sept.9,1904 73 Yrs.
CALLAM Ada Louisa     Jan.14,1940 82 Yrs.
CALLAM Frank S/O Edwin & Ada   Aug.8,1898 15 Yrs.
CALLAM Teddie S/O Edwin & Ada   July 9,1889 2 Y 10 M.
CARTER Harry H/O Annie   Apr.24,1970 64 Yrs.
CARTER William H/O Sarah   Mar.29,1951 85 Y 11 M
CARTER Elsie C/O Harry & Annie   Dec.24,1936 1 YR 7 M.
CARTER Sarah Ann     Sept.3,1942 75 Yrs.
COURGEORGE ? R. H/O Jane   Oct.17,1928 42 Yrs.
CRANT John Robert   July 1889 Mar.22,1962  
CRANT Elsie Sarah W/O John R.   Oct.20,1947 51 Yrs.
EDWARD William H/O Minnie   Oct.28,1965 77 Yrs.
FUDGE Jerimiah     Oct. 9,1871 71 Yrs.
FUDGE Sarah W/O Thomas   Mar.13,1918 78 Yrs.
FUDGE Maria Amelia W/O Philip R.   Oct.14,1959 74 Yrs.
FUDGE Susanna W/O Jeremiah   May 21,1967 81 Yrs.
FUDGE Jeremiah H/O Susanna   Sept.3,1970 86 Yrs.
FUDGE James H/O Sarah Elizabeth   Nov.3,1961 71 Yrs.
FUDGE Effie Sarah W/O Jeremiah & Sarah   Jan.15,1937 16 Yrs.
FUDGE Maria Amelia D/O Robert & Parthena   Apr.10,1899 14 Yrs.
FUDGE Philip     Mar.1,1885 25 Yrs.
FUDGE Sarah Elizabeth D/O Robert & Parthena   Nov.23,1899 12 YR.
FUDGE Mary Ann D/O Robert & Parthena   May 27,1899 19 Yrs.
GAULTON Thomas H/O Sarah Jane   Dec.8,1905 56 Yrs.
GAULTON Carrie E. W/O Theodore E.   Mar.17,1928 35 Yrs.
NASH Henry Thomas H/O Sarah Ann   Mar.8,1960 82 Yrs.
NASH Sarah Ann W/O Henry Thomas   Sept.22,1966 81 Yrs.
PIERCEY Reginald H/O Mary   Apr.15,1971 39 Yrs.
PIERCEY Abraham Joseph H/O Bessie   Aug.19,1945 54 Yrs.
PIERCEY Don Allan     Drowned June 17,1961 6 Y 11 M.
PIERCEY Bessie Jane W/O Joseph   Dec.12,1970 78 Yrs.
ROSE Susanna W/O John   Nov.17,1931 39 Yrs.
SIMMS Tryphena W/O Frank   1973 83 Yrs.
SIMMS Frank H/O Tryphena   1933 43 Yrs.
SIMMS Geo. Benjamin S/O Robert & Rachel   Mar.6,1927 17 Yrs.
SIMMS Hannah W/O John   Feb.25,1971 82 Yrs.
SIMMS Benjamin Thomas H/O Bethena   Sept.1,1934 51 Yrs.
SIMMS Fred H/O Mary   July 31,1964 47 Yrs.
SIMMS John William S/O John Wm.& Hannah   Jan.__.1941 24 Yrs.
SIMMS Minnie Maria W/O Edward   Mar.3,1940 55 Yrs.
SIMMS James B.     Apr.30,1965 49 Yrs.
SIMMS John William H/O Hannah   July 22,1932 52 Yrs.
SIMMS Frances W/O Robert   Feb.16,1883 70 Yrs.
SIMMS Robert H/O Frances   June 21,1875 58 Yrs.
SIMMS Bert Matthew C/O Jacob B.& Alice   Feb.8,1923 2 Yr 4 M.
STICKLAND Amelia W/O John   Sept.11,1882 42 Yrs.
STICKLAND Thomas S/O John   Oct.8,1878 19Y 4M.
WAY Effie Emily W/O Charles   July 3,1891 28 Yrs.

Recorded in 1994 by George Lee, Milltown, Bay D'Espoir, NF

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