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Pass Island Cemetery #1
(By the Lighthouse),
Hermitage Bay

Surname Given Name Relation Born Died Age / Remarks
BOBBET John     Oct.6,1857 11 Yrs.
BOBBETT Freda Emily C/O Geo. & Freda   Nov.18,1942 6 Yr. 2M.
BOBBETT Elsie May W/O John   Apr.13,1955 53.Yrs.
BOBBETT Ellen W/O William   Feb.19,1946 78 Yrs.
BOBBETT William Thomas H/O Emily   Mar.1,1950 71Y 7M.
BOBBETT Alfreda W/O George W.   Oct.17,1936 27 Yrs.
BOBBETT Emily W/O William Thomas   Jan.10,1971 86 Yrs.
BOBBETT John William H/O Elsie   May 25,1944 52 Yrs.
BOBBETT Matthew     Aug.13,1890 84 Yrs.
COOPER William H/O Emily   June 23,1932 72 Yrs.
COOPER Robert S/O William & Emily   Drowned Dec.8,1914 25 Yrs.
COOPER Alexander James S/O Wm.& Emily   Jan.20,1929 32 Yrs.
COOPER Emily W/O William   Apr.12,1930 62 Yrs.
COOPER Sarah Jane W/O Alexander   Apr.21,1925 27 Yrs.
_______ John (Senior)     Nov.17,____  
NEWMAN Elizabeth W/O James   Aug.31,1861 23 Yrs.
PERCY George Taylor     July 15,1877 5 Yrs.
PIERCEY Chesley S/O George & Martha   Apr.1,1967 33 Yrs.
PIERCEY Josiah H/O Frances Elizabeth   Apr.3,1944 73 Yrs.
PIERCEY Elizabeth W/O Thomas   Mar.10,1938 92 Yrs.
PIERCEY George Robert H/O Elizabeth   Mar.1,1957 69 Yrs.
PIERCEY Frances Elizabeth W/O Josiah   Oct.19,1928 59 Yrs.
PIERCEY Elizabeth W/O George   Sept.10,1963 70 Yrs.
PIERCEY Jane W/O John T.   July 2,1946 62 Yrs.
PIERCEY Thomas G.     Jan.22,1973 69 Yrs.
PIERCEY James     Oct.3,1937 69 Yrs.
PIERCEY John T. H/O Jane   Dec.5,1957 77 Yrs.
PIERCEY Mary Ann W/O Morgan   Mar.18,1934 38 Yrs.
PIERCEY William Geo. C/O Philip R.& Lily L.   Dec.20,1921 3 1/2M
PIERCEY Philip R.     Oct.18,1971 77 Yrs.
PIERCEY Mary Jane W/O John M.   Aug.8,1963 67 Yrs.
PIERCEY Thomas H/O Maria   Killed By Falling Rock May 4,1905 46 Yrs.
PIERCEY Morgan H/O Maria   Dec.18,1903 28 Yrs.
PIERCEY Hannah W/O Robert   Aug.7,1902 54 Yrs.
PIERCEY Charlotte W/O George   Aug.28,1946 90 Yrs.
PIERCEY George H/O Charlotte   Mar.18,1945 91 Yrs.
PIERCEY Gerald C/O Mr. & Mrs. George   Aug.26,1939 3 Mons.
PIERCEY Charle John H/O Rita   July 24,1970 35 Yrs.
PIERCEY Mary Ann     Feb.27,1922 43 Yrs.
PIERCEY Robert H/O Hannah   Aug.22,1921 75 Yrs.
PIERCEY Robert H/O Sarah Maria   Apr.19,1945 76 Yrs.
PIERCEY Trephina W/O Charles   Sept.7,1930 57 Yrs.
RIDEOUT Benjamin Thomas C/O John & Frances   Jan.7,1912 10 Yrs.
RIDEOUT Matthew Robert H/O Martha Ann   June 10,1952 80 Yrs.
RIDEOUT Francis Elizabeth W/O John   Mar.25,1963 86 Yrs.
RIDEOUT George Henry S/O Fred & Violet   Jan.7,1952 14 Mon.
RIDEOUT Robert     Aug.26,1877 68 Yrs.
RIDEOUT Abraham H/O Catherine   Feb.5,1949 64 Yrs.
RIDEOUT John Robert H/O Frances   Aug.15,1939 66 Yrs.
ROBERT Lily Louisa W/O Philip   Sept.15,1921  
ROSE Sarah Maria W/O John   Dec.4,1955 54 Yrs.
SHEPPARD Henry (Schoolmaster)     Jan.18,1872 53 Yrs.
SIMMS Dorthy C/O John & Ethel   Jan.15,1940 5 Mons.
SIMMS Susie E.E. C/O John & Ethel   July 1938 8 Mons.
SIMMS Philip Thomas H/O Catherine   Aug.9,1950 68 Yrs.
SIMMS Catherine W/O Philip T.   July 9,1933 57 Yrs.
SIMMS George Edward H/O Mary Ann   Dec.15,1908 35 Yrs.
SKINNER Grace W/O John W.   Sept.6,1966 94 Yrs.
SPENCER Maria Lydia W/O Henry   May 29,1953 76 Yrs.
SPENCER Olive Hannah C/O Geo.& Berthona   Apr.18,1917 7 Yrs.
SPENCER Henry H/O Maria Lydia   Dec.18,1929 66 Yrs.
SPENCER Margaret Ellen W/O Henry Thomas   Apr.28,1954 64 Yrs.
SPENCER Tony Howard S/O Henry & Rachel   Jan.5,1974  
SPENCER Abraham T. S/O Mr. & Mrs. George   July 9,1970 56 Yrs.
SPENCER George R. H/O Berthina   Jan.22,1966 79 Yrs.
TOUCHINGS Myrtle C/O John & Hannah   May 5,1929 9 Yrs.
TOUCHINGS John L. H/O Elizabeth 1864 1934  
TOUCHINGS Elizabeth W/O John L. 1869 1934  
TOUCHINGS Dianne Frances C/O Cyril & Amelia   Oct.12,1957 14 Mos.
WHITE Maria W/O Samson   Jan.12,1927 54 Yrs.
WHITE Samson H/O Maria   Oct.12,1928 56 Yrs.

Recorded in 1994 by George Lee, Milltown, Bay D'Espoir, NF

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