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Harbour Main District,

View of Cemetery

Holy Innocent's Anglican Cemetery

Paradise Holy Innocent's Anglican Church and Sign

Paradise Holy Innocent's Anglican CHURCH

LANGER Sarah Elizabeth Aug 17, 1988 May 17, 2003   An angel sleeps here.
LYNCH David 1920 1985    
LYNCH C Dana 1955 1985   Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
LYNCH Joseph Clarence   March 17, 1965 42 years Youngest son of Marion A and David Lynch. Accidently killed. Sleep on beloved, sleep; And take thy rest.
LYNCH David Dec 10th 1873 June 7th 1962   Beloved husband and father. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
LYNCH Marion Ada   Dec 6, 1973 91 years A loving mother. Peace perfect peace.
LYNCH Jacob   July 13th 1946 30 years Drowned. Son of Marion & David Lynch. Ex-Royal Navy 1938 - 1945. No more for him the call to arms shall sound, In life's journey where he always gave his best. No more he'll wake from sleep to face the foe, He lies within a hero's grave to rest.
LYNCH Tom Nov 3, 1914 Jan 16, 2001    
LYNCH Ida Mar 11, 1924 Jan 26, 1997   At peace in God's garden.
LYNCH Julia A (Aunt) June 21, 1903 Aug 16, 1984   Eternal rest, grant unto her O Lord. Erected by nephew Philip.
MILLS Irene 1915 1996   At home in Paradise. Remembered by Ralph.
LYNCH John Chas 1869 1935   Father. Erected by son Joseph J P
SQUIRES Derek Dec 21, 1964 Oct 9, 1979   Accidentally killed. He lives with us in memory and will forever more. Erected by Mom, Dad, brothers Randy and Caleb.
SEARS Roger D   Feb 19, 1985 20 years Accidentally killed. Our loved one sleeps here. Erected by Mom, Dad, Virden and Maxine.
SQUIRES Mary E Dec 2, 1932 Sept 19, 1988   Not lost to memory or to love, But safe in our Father's home above. Erected by husband Caleb, sons Randy and Caleb Jr.
SQUIRES Caleb 1930 2000 70 years Rest in peace.
HUSSEY Robert   July 20, 1945 79 years Erected by son Nath.
HUSSEY Family Plot Area        
HUSSEY Hayward Dec 1942 Aug 1942   Baby Son of Max & Margaret.
HUSSEY Mary   Nov 15, 1934 2 years A dear daughter. Erected by Mom & Dad.
HUSSEY Annie J June 14, 1903 May 18, 1987   Ever remembered.
SHARPE Ambrose   Oct 22, 1982 62 years Beloved husband of Mary. Whither thou goest, I will go. Erected by the family.
SHARPE Maxwell 1916 1984   Forever remembered by the Sharpe family.
SHARPE Reginald Jan 9, 1959 Feb 16, 1959   Erected by Mom & Dad.
BUTT Moses William   April 17, 1973 65 years My dear husband lies buried here, And with him I must part, I hope we'll meet again some day, and be rejoined in hand and heart.
BUTT Lilliam May   27 March 1981 78 years  
JANES Berthram May 30th 1859 March 15th 1947   and his son
JANES William Feb 11th 1917 Feb 1st 1941   A/B R N. Killed in action. Erected by their family.
JANES Janet M Dec 10, 1929 April 14, 1992   Married Dec 4, 1947. We will meet again.
JANES Mabel Oct 6, 1950 Oct 8, 1950    
JANES Edna Aug 20, 1952 Aug 27, 1952   In God's holy keeping.
SEARLY Baby       Rest in peace.
FRENCH Gary Dean 17 Apr 1968 28 Oct 1968    
FRENCH Kirk Raymond 2 Dec 1971 23 Apr 1974   Sleeping with the angels.
FRENCH Raymond Walter 20 Feb 1947 8 Jul 2001   We'll fly away.
THOMPSON Camille Alexandra   Aug 30, 2003   Safe in the arms of Jesus. Sleep little angel. We love you.
DOMINIX Wallace 1930 2004   Sadly missed and never forgotten.
KING V Ruth 1936 Still Living   Mother. Married July 18, 1956.
KING Edgar G 1933 2002   Father. Ever remembered, ever loved.
JANES Rosalind M   Feb 8, 1959    
PIATT Pearl N (King) June 19, 1924 Oct 31, 1996   Beloved wife, Beloved mother. If there is harmony in the home, There will be order in the nation.
SHEPPARD Silas Sept 25, 1909 March 11, 1983    
SHEPPARD Fanny M Sept 26, 1921 March 9, 1998   Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by the family.
ARNOLD Krista 1968 1977    
SHARPE Curtis Dean 30 Jan 1981 6 Jul 1982   Now I lay me down to sleep. Erected by Mom and Dad.
SHARPE Eliza Aug 12, 1911 Mar 5, 1996   Mother.
SHARPE Thomas A Feb 23, 1913 May 19, 1981   Father. Not lost to memory or to love, But safe in our Father's home above. Erected by the family.
SHARPE Thomas Nov 5, 1880 Aug 12, 1958   and his wife
SHARPE Julia Aug 2, 1883 Arpil 2, 1964   Erected by the family.
SHARPE Edward J (Ted) 1928 1980   Ever remembered and forever loved by wife Carmel and family. Married May 3, 1952
SHARPE William J May 18, 1918 April 7, 1969    
SHARPE James   Oct 16, 1964 79 years  
SHARPE Alberta Nov 17, 1891 Sept 21, 1988   At the going down of the sun, And in the morning, We will remember them.
UNKNOWN #1       Badly eroded, unreadable stone.
SHARPE Mary Ann   Jan 7th 1938 83 years Erected by James in memory of his dear mother. We shall meet again. Also her grandson
SHARPE William   Nov 25, 1941 22 years Killed by enemy action while serving on the HMS Burnham, somewhere at sea. Remaining inscription unreadable.
LYNCH Elsie   March 5th 1943 24 years Beloved wife of Stanley Lynch. A precious one from us is gone, The voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled.
LYNCH Matthew Stanley   July 5th 1947 38 years Erected by David & Marion Lyunch in loving memory of their son. Accidentally killed at St John's. Far away in the beautiful hill of God, Above the valley of life so fair, Some day, some time, when our work is done, With joy we shall see him there.
LYNCH Chesley 5 Mar 1905 6 Apr 2002   His friends were his world.
LYNCH Percival Lawrence   July 24th 1947 9 1/2 years Darling son of Chesley and Victoria Lynch. Accidentally killed. There was an angel band in heaven, That was not quite complete, God has taken our darling Percy, To fill the vacant seat.
LYNCH Levi Theodore   Sept 24th 1942 1yr,8mos Darling child of Chesley and Victoria Lynch. Suffer little children to come unto me.
NEWMAN Julia D Feb 14, 1944 Dec 2, 1993   Ours for a while, forever with the Lord. The rose of love blooms forever.
FOWLOW - KING Eva 1905 1995   Rest in peace.
MYLES M Harvey 1964 1999   The value of life lies not in the length of days, But in the use we make of them. You used them well.
NOSEWORTHY Ellen 1910 1995   Always in our hearts.
JANES Maude 1912 2002   Married Nov 5, 1929
JANES Ambrose 1908 1993    
JANES Gary Willis June 2, 1958 Aug 13, 1858   Baby son of Willis & June.
JANES Ambrose 1858 1944   Erected by his grandchildren.
MERCER Amelia   April 1st 1956 84 years Blessed are the dead which dei in the Lord. Erected by daughter Maud
STONE Norman Ross 1907 1980   Peace perfect peace.
STONE Annie May 1908 1984   Peace perfect paeace. Erected by the family.
DROVER Tanya Dawn Oct 12, 1964 Dec 29, 1993   She lives with us in memory and will for evermore.
DROVER Wilfred Apr 2, 1940 Feb 3, 2004   ???? We keep in memory, ��ours forever.
BAREFOOT William B Aug 19, 1937 Nov 21, 1994    
JANES Victor July 22, 1942 April 17, 2004   Forever loved.
JANES Uriel M Oct 5, 1924 Dec 20, 2003   There I go now.
JANES Harvey   Jan 22nd 1964 18 years Beloved son of Nathaniel & Uriel Janes. Asleep in the arms of Jesus
JANES Nathaniel April 27, 1918 May 10, 1983   Beloved husband of Uriel Janes and family. The Lord shall give thee rest.
HODDER Matthew Allen July 12, 1990 Sept 3, 1997   Precious son of David and Honna. Be not afraid - Matthew.
GOSSE Moses June 6, 1903 Aug 1, 1977   God be with you till we meet again
LOWRY Robert G Nov 24, 1940 York County, Ont May 10, 1993 St John's Nfld   You gave us hope and strength to dream, We�ll have that hope and strength with dreams for all of our tomorrows. Erected by wife Gladys, Son Ian and Daughter Tricia.
FRENCH Walter J July 17, 1923 June 5, 1990    
FRENCH Clarice C June 9, 1920 Oct 2, 2003   To live in the hearts we love is not to die.
SHARPE Thomas G 1911 1978    
SHARPE Mary E 1920 1993   Forever in our hearts.
SHARPE Thomas G   25 May 1978 67 years Stoker, Royal Navy.
SHARPE Arch 23 May 1949 1 Sept 1999   Just resting. Life is not forever, love is.
SHARPE Thomas Anthony July 31, 1968 April 13, 1997    
BUGLER I Robert 1941 2001   Life is not forever, but love is.
PARSONS H Cyril Aug 24, 1921 Oct 26, 2002    
PARSONS Marjorie F Oct 11, 1921 Still Living   Ever remembered, ever loved.
SHARPE William John 1928 Still Living   Married May 3, 1952
SHARPE Daisy Belle 1935 2004   Always in our hearts. Good night, God bless.
HEWITT Uriah 1925 2003   Ever remembered, ever loved.
JANES Rosalind M   Feb 8, 1959    
JANES Mary       Of Arch and Phyllis
JANES Infant       Of Arch and Phyllis
JANES Infant       Of Arch and Phyllis
JANES Archibald   10 February 1987 57 years SN1079, Private, Canadian Army
PARDY William J 1934 1992   Ever remembered, ever loved.
SHARPE Lillian M 1935 1996   Ever remembered, ever loved.
SHARPE Alyssa Kristen 15 Feb 1990 29 Mar 1990   Our precious angel.

Transcribed and contributed by Cyril FitzGerald (October 2000)
Reformatted and Updated - Mary Rawlinson (May 2010)
Photos added by Don Tate (May 2010)

Photos taken and copyrighted by Don Tate (2001)

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