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Osmond Point Cemetery
Burgeo and LaPoile District

Cape Ray Area, Nfld.

When I was at the Cape Ray Cemetery, I was told there was another Cemetery over "on the point". The directions were, to go into Cheeseman Park, drive all the way to the beach, then I would find an old train tressel, that was now being used as a road, (going south) and in about 1 km, there was about 12 cabins. I was then told, that all of the cabins belong to "Osmonds" so they call this area, "Osmond Point". I then hiked up the hill where I found the cemetery. I wrote these tombstones or wooden crosses down, as I found them, starting at the front of the cemetery, working toward the back, row by row.

Legg Florence July 02, 1918 Feb 04, 1958  
Legg Nancy Apr 22, 1955 Sept 25,1959 (same tombstone)
Osmond Catherine Anne 1878 1969    
Osmond Charles   Died Jan 28, 1943, age 69 yrs, husband of Catherine
Osmond John ,     age 46 yrs Died at Cape Barrisway
Osmond Harriet   Died Apr 13, 1922, age 77 yrs  
Osmond Wallace J   Died Dec 01, 1967, age 47 yrs, husband of Minnie Osmond
Patey George Thomas 1920 1996  
Patey Mary Julia 1896 1979  
Patey John       (wooden cross)
Patey Robert 1874 1930    
Osmond Harriet Born Apr 15, 1909 Died Nov 15, 1995,   wife of Fredrick Osmond
Osmond Fredrick Born Aug 15, 1908 Died May 25, 1956    
Osmond Berthina, Born Oct 16, 1935 Died Dec 12, 1935   d/o Fredrick & Harriet Osmond
Short Frank   Died Apr 18, 1958, 76 yrs old (from Daughters, son & Grandson)
Short Catherine   Died Jan 03, 1941, age 55 yrs, wife of Frank Short
Osmond Tom     (wooden cross)
Patey L       (wooden cross)
Osmond Elizabeth   Died Aug 29, 1929, age 73 yrs old, wife of Thomas Osmond
Osmond Thomas   Died Apr 16, 1941, age 98 yrs  
Patey Mrs Emily   Died Aug 23, 1959, age 8_?  
Osmond E   (wooden cross)
Osmond Ema 1920 1928   (wooden cross)
Osmond Alice E Born Oct 06, 1880 Died Oct 15, 1957,   wife of E.J. Osmond
Patey Robert L Born Dec 26, 1970 Died Feb 26, 1971   s/o Isaac & Nora Patey
Osmond Annie Elizabeth   Died Jan 16, 1944, age 34 yrs (mother)
Osmond Walter Raymond Born Sept 08, 1907 Died Sept 04 1974    
White Walter Born Mar 31, 1917 Died May 14, 1965,   husband of Pheobe White,died by accident
1 unreadable tombstone          
21 wooden crosses         no names listed on them

Contributed by: Cathie Grant, July 2000

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