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Selected entries from the
Anglican Cemetery at Open Hall

Bonavista Bay District

This Anglican cemetery is located on the right side of the road entering Open Hall but is not visible from the road.
One would have to ask a resident for direction to find the road into this cemetery.
A short distance on the road in can be covered by car but then you have to walk about another 5-10 minutes
to reach the cemetery gates. It is the most recent Anglican Cemetery in Open Hall.
Approximately one-half of the cemetery, the older section, is overgrown; the rest is well kept.

The information herein covers about 75% of the cemetery.
Miles Katie Theresa   at Clarke’s Beach, Dec.31, 1901 7 years Parents--John A. and Sarah Miles
Miles John Alexander   Aug.11, 1900 31 Son of Catherine Miles Drowned near St. Brendans,
Miles Henry   Oct.19, 1921 78 years  
Miles Catherine   Feb.26, 1926 84 & 1/2 years  
Fitzgerald, Sarah   Jan.1, 1924 22 years wife of Edward Fitzgerald
(Quinton)- Martha   Aug.31, 1907   wife of Robert Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Robert 1856 1928    
Fitzgerald- Elizabeth   Nov.3, 1912 62 years wife of Thomas Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald (nee Garret), Alice   Oct.8, 1937 81 years wife of William Fitzgerald,
Fitzgerald-husband of Alice William   Sept.18, 1917 67 years  
Fitzgerald James   Oct.17, 1918 31 years in France Also son
Russell, Harold C   March 2,1965 74 years husband of Mary Ann
Russell Mary Ann 1902 1981 79 years  
Russell Samuel 1930 1992 62 years  
Gould, Catherine   March 5,1927 75 years 10 months wife of William Gould
Gould William   Aug.27, 1906 66 years  
Handcock Martha   Nov.6, 1903 75 years  
Gould Emily   March 3,1973 85 years 6 months  
Gould William   Nov.16, 1960 80 years  
(Gould) John   May 2,1927 2 months (Also) Son
Warren Samuel 1842 1897 55 years  
Warren Hannah (1848 1942)    
(Warren) John (1873 1906)    
(Warren) James (1878 1947)    
Warren Joshua   Jan.4, 1954 64 years  
Warren Mary Kate (Quinton)   Oct.25, 1978 87 years  
Warren, Mary   May 16,1937 14 years, 6months. daughter of Joshua & Mary Kate
Fitzgerald John E (1871 1948)    
Fitzgerald Mary (1872 1946)   (Wife)
Bertram Fitzgerald Walter July 21, 1904 Feb.12, 1939 Age 34 years  
Fitzgerald, James   Feb.8, 1909 61 years husband of Sarah Fitzgerald
Warren, Sarah 1850 1888 Age 38 years wife of James Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald James   Died March 4,1970 59 years  

Open Hall Cemetery,Bonavista Bay,Nfld.
Transcribed September 2001 by Bill & Martha Warren.
This completes the transcriptions for this cemetery.
There were three graves marked only by a large stone with no data given.

Muggridge, Mary Ann   March 9,1976 Age 82 years wife of Walter Muggridge
Muggridge, Walter   August 24,1971 86 years husband of Mary Ann Muggridge
Muggridge, Annie   May 11,1937 15 years 7 months Erected by her brothers. In memory of
Muggridge Raymond 1928 2000    
Fitzgerald, Martha Jane   Nov.30,1927 48 years 10 months Erected by her sons Ronald and Albert. wife of James McB.Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald James McBriar   November 30,1940 72 years 9 months  
Fitzgerald Hannah   Nov.12,1901 29 years Erected by husband James McBriar Fitzgerald
Brown Walter   August 18,1901.Aged 1 month. Also their son
Fitzgerald, Walter   October 11,1902 39 years Son of John and Lucinda Fitzgerald. drowned at Sydney
Fitzgerald John   Feb.22,1895 74 years  
Fitzgerald Lucinda   March 17,1912 75 years Also his wife
The following headstone had no other data other than the names:
Gould George and Elizabeth        
  Our brothers Charles Gould and Chesley Gould        
  Also our sister Eleanor Gould        
Batt Douglas   April 27,1921 20 years 10 months Son and brother
Batt, Barnabas   September 8,1906 56 years drowned at Little Fogo Island
Batt James   Feb.16,1900 87 years  
Batt Elizabeth   March 31,1905 81 years  
Batt John 1856 1945    
Batt Sarah J 1863 1945   Erected by their daughter Emily
Philpott William James   May 3, 1974 75 years  
Philpot Uncle John   Dec.19,1932 59 years Erected by their brother and sister
Philpott Father James   Nov.23,1929 76 years  
Philpott Mother Elizabeth   Feb.26,1946 71 years Erected by sons and daughter
Philpott Thomas Richard   April 29,1977 79 years Erected by his wife Emmaline and sons
Philpott Emmaline 1915 1988    
Philpott Walter   October 28,1977 67 years Erected by Philpott family
Philpott James J 1945 1988    
Gould John   March 8,1946 68 years  
Gould Janet   Feb.5,1946 63 years Also his wife
Gould Captain William   April 25,1998 80 years  
Handcock Martha   Nov.6,1903 75 years Erected by the Shears family

Transcribed by Bill and Martha Warren (June, 2001)

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