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Norman's Cove Anglican Cemetery



This cemetery is the one right across the road from the Roman Catholic Hight School in Norman's Cove. I double checked all data recorded with the headstone to ensure accuracy, however since I am human, errors could have easily occured. I believe that many of the people listed here are related to me. So if you find a connection here, then please contact me.

Mike Cooper

P.S. An entry such as

    John Doe
    Mary Doe
(ie with no blank line between them) indicates two names which appeared on the same headstone.




Charles Newhook 
d. Feb 14 1962 
Aged 87 years 
wife Catherine 
d. Feb 7 1958 
Aged 82 years 
Erected by Levi and Robert 

Arthur S Smith 
husband of Vera 
d. Feb 18 1956 
Aged 25 years 

2 unmarked graves 

Mildred Smith        Jacob Smith        (2 headstones in plot) 
wife of Jacob        b. Jan 12 1892 
b. Oct 8 1892        d. Jan 4 1983 
d. June 3 1964 

Hannah Gladys          Robert Charles Smith   (2 headstones in plot) 
wife of Robert Smith   b. Oct 22 1900 
b. July 19 1905        d. Dec 7 1984 
d. Nov 29 1961 

James Warren 
Royal Navy WWII 

Robert Smith        Susannah Smith        (2 headstones in plot) 
d. Nov 21 1954      d. Jan 5 1951 
Aged 84 years       Aged 81 years 

William White        Sarah White        (2 headstones in plot) 
d. Sept 1939         d. July 6 1937 
Aged 80 years        Aged 71 years 

Baby Keith Smith        Baby Boy Smith    (2 headstones in plot) 
b. Mar 8 1958           died at birth 
d. Apr 4 1958           Sept 7 1949 
                        Lillian Smith 
                        d. July 8 1952 

Thomas White         Phoebe Ann White    (2 headstones in plot) 
husband of Phoebe    d. June 9 1955 
d. June 20 1946      Aged 82 years 
Aged 76 years        Erected by Theodore Newhook 

William, Susannah, Elizabeth 
(Marker was plain white cross) 

Unmarked Grave 

Llewellyn White 
Royal Nfld Regiment WWI 

Frederick Arron White 
d. Feb 2 1946 
Aged 67 years 
Kate Ann White 
d. Jan 25 1964 
Aged 80 years 

Josiah White        Annie White        (2 headstones in plot) 
d. Feb 27 1959      d. Mar 8 1977 
Aged 68 years       Aged 84 years 

(White cross marked only with) 
Esau White 

Annie Thorne 
d. July 14 1955 
Aged 39 years 

Thomas White        Emma White    (2 headstones in plot) 
1900-1961           1901-1961 

wife of Stanley Branton 
d. Apr 16 1965 
Aged 25 years 

Susie Marie Newhook 
daughter of Doug & Hilda Newhook 
b. Feb 26 1957 
d. Sept 5 1963 

James Newhook                            Minnie Newhook 
husband of Minnie,                       wife of James 
son of Emmanuel and Elizabeth Thorne     d. Nov 2 1962 
b. Mar 7 1901                            Aged 58 years 5 mo 
d. Mar 28 1978 

Raymond Smith 

William Jacob Newhook 
son of Mr. and Mrs Jacob Newhook 

Absolom Newhook 
b. Apr 21 1966 
d. Apr 25 1966 

Hubert Atwood Smith 
Sept 27 1945-Apr 19 1947 
Son of Mary Smith and William Dena Smith

Unmarked Grave 

Tryphena Newhook        Hubert Newhook 
wife of Hubert          husband of Tryphena 
b. July 19 1892         b. Sept 16 1882 
d. June 21 1957         d. Apr 24 1961 
(the 7 in 1957 was very difficult to read, I could be wrong on this) 

Wallace G F 
child of Chesley and Agnes Newhook 
b. Mar 17 1950 
d. Apr 20 1951 

Charlotte Newhook 
wife of Reginald Newhook 
d. Nov 11 1934 
Aged 34 years 

Doris Thorne 

Manuel            Edna 
1932-1932      1931-1937 

Sarah F Thorne        Caleb Thorne    (2 headstones in plot) 
1892-1954             1889-1975 

Absolom Thorne        Martha Elizabeth Thorne 
husband of Martha     d. July 7 1955    (2 headstones in plot) 
d. Dec 5 1939         Aged 76 years 
Aged 65 years 

John Charles Thorne 
d. May 4 1944 
Aged 27 years 

William Thorne 
b. Oct 29 1869 
d. Nov 19 1939 

Martha Newhook 
wife of Benjamin 
d. May 10 1940 
Aged 52 years 5 mo 

Alfreda Maud Thorne 
child of William and Maud Thorne 
b. May 31 1948 
d. Feb 3 1949 

Jethro Thorne 
d. Nov 1 1946 
Aged 37 years 



Transcribed by Michael Cooper on Feb 15, 2000.

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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