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Cemetery #1

Trinity Bay District



This cemetery is the small one right beside the road at the edge of Norman's Cove when heading to Chapel Arm. I double checked all data recorded with the headstone to ensure accuracy, however since I am human, errors could have easily occured. I believe that many of the people listed here are related to me. So if you find a connection here, then please contact me.


Mike Cooper
P.S. An entry such as
    John Doe
    Mary Doe
(ie with no blank line between them) indicates two names which appeared on the same headstone.


John Cooper   d. Feb 25, 1903 Aged 53 years  
The following two headstones were very close together, likely considered one plot.
James Warren b. 1854 d. 1918    
Ambrose Warren   d. Dec 22 1907 Aged 42 years  
Sarah A Warren   d. Dec 1905 age 36 years Mother
Samuel Warren   d. Nov 29, 1917    
Elizabeth Warren   d. Jan 1891 Age 41 years his wife
Bertha Newhook   d. Mar 6 1927 Age 28 years  
Martha Jane White   d. Apr 23, 1928 Age 62 years wife of Caleb White
Sarah White   d. Sept 10, 1901 Age 39 years  
Caleb White   d. Sept 26 1901 Age ? years also Father (headstone sunken behind rock, impossible to read bottom)
Robert Newhook   d. Sept 10 1915 Aged 29 years  
Thomas Smith   d. Dec 27, 1921 Age 44 years 8 mo. husband of Deborah Smith
Phillip George   d. June 30 1898 Age 2 years. son of Tho & Deborah Smith
Deborah Ann Smith 1876 1962    
The following two stones were in one plot
Benjamin Warren   d. Dec 29, 1903 Aged 41 years husband of Mahala Warren
Mahala Warren   d. Nov 18, 1925 Aged 55 years  
Jessie Elda Warren   d. May 31, 1925 Aged 29 years. wife of George Warren
Plus 3 unmarked graves in 1 plot.

Transcribed by Michael Cooper on Feb 15, 2000.

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