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This cemetery is located on the right side of Route # 332 just after you enter Noggin Cove from Carmanville.
The Headstone information was recorded in August 2002.
It only contains the factual data, names and dates.
Where two people were listed on one headstone and it was apparent that they were married,
Husband of ... and Wife of ... was added.
Y = Years M = Months D = Days H = Hours MIN = Minutes.
Entries with the same No. indicate that the transcriptions were taken from the same headstone.
While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the actual headstone
inscription shall take precedence.

Chris Gillingham.



No. Surname Given Name Dates Age Notes
11 ANGELL, Elizabeth 1887 - 1934    
12 COLLINS , Alfreda 1885 - 1959   Wife of William R. Collins
12 COLLINS , William R. 1883 - 1918   Husband of Alfreda Collins
5 GILLINGHAM, George Died January 4th, 1934 71Y Husband of Margaret Ann Gillingham
4 GILLINGHAM, Margaret Ann Died August 26th, 1954 90Y 9M Wife of George Gillingham
3 GILLINGHAM, Mary July 28th, 1921 - January 28th, 1922   Erected by parents Charles and Laura Gillingham
3 GILLINGHAM, Otto October 6th, 1919 - January 15th, 1920   Erected by parents Charles and Laura Gillingham
14 PARSONS, Flossie Myrtle Died July 7th, 1912 5Y Daughter of George W. & Lily J. Parsons
13 PARSONS, George Willis Died March 4th, 1920 42Y Husband of Lily J. Parsons
15 PARSONS, Lily Jane Died September 8th, 1971 85Y Wife of George W. Parsons
16 PENNELL, Arabella 1863 - 1933    
19 PENNELL, Frederick 1890 - 1907    
18 PENNELL, Henrietta Died February 12th, 1897 30Y Leaving a Husband and 4 children
17 PENNELL, John Died April 2nd, 1909 53Y Leaving a wife and 5 children to mourn thier loss
9 PENNELL, Levi Died December 17th, 1926 76Y 8M  
10 PENNELL, Mary Died November 17th, 1920 67Y Wife of Levi Pennell
8 PENNELL, Mary Matilda March 21st, 1921 2M Child of William and Ida Pennell
7 PENNELL, Neta Died August 1st, 1921 8Y 8M Child of John and Olivia Pennell; Erected by Mom and Dad
21 WESTE, Chesley Garfield None Given   Son of Allan & Virtue; Erected by Allan and Virtue Weste
21 WESTE, Eli Maxwell None Given   Son of Allan & Virtue Erected by Allan and Virtue Weste
6 WESTE, Jacob Died April 17th, 1925 82Y Erected by Allan and Virtue Weste
21 WESTE, Stanley Freeman None Given   Son of Allan & Virtue; Erected by Allan and Virtue Weste
20 WHEATON, Elizabeth Died June 24th, 1917 28Y Erected by her Son Reginald
1 WHITE, Bessie Maud July 13th, 1904 - May 6th, 1926   Wife of Samuel White
2 WHITE, Herbert Samuel April 17th, 1926 - May 16th, 1926   Son of Samuel and B.M. White

Contributed and Transcribed by Christopher G. Gillingham (August 2002)

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