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A Family cemetery nestled in a small woodland area on Nichols farm land. This is the final resting place of George Aaron Nichols (founder of Nicholsville) and his descendents. Access is located between #37 and #43 Goose Arm Road, Nicholsville.
ROW 1    
ROWSELL Black marble, heart shape with praying hands Husband Raymond M.
Sept. 1, 1938 - March 14, 1991
Wife Effie D. (Dates blank)
Until We meet Again
NICHOLS Black Marble with outdoor scene. A cement border around the grave Chesley N. Nichols
Oct. 4, 1921 - Sept 4, 1990
At peace with nature and
with God
UNKNOWN Cement border and white cross  
NICHOLS Two gray stones Cement birder around both graves Wm. HG Nichols
Born Feb. 17, 1872
Died Dec 4. 1967
Not lost to memory or to love
but safe in our father's home above
NICHOLS   Hannah Jane Nichols
Born Feb. 11, 1880
Died May 9, 1962
On that bright eternal shore
we shall meet to part no more.
Husband W. H. G. Nichols.
NICHOLS Wooden Plaque Madeline Nichols
1950 - 1969
NICHOLS Wooden Plaque Frances Nichols
1919 - 1998 - Mom, Nanny
NICHOLS Black and Gray Stone Nichols 1915 Edgar Stanley 1996
Amazing grace how sweet
the sound.
Ever remembered
Ever Loved
ROW 2    
UNKNOWN Four graves side by side  
NICHOLS White wood cross George Nichols
UNKNOWN Four graves side by side  
NICHOLS White stone with gold and black lettering Edgar Charles Nichols
died May 5, 1961.
Age 77 years
Rock of ages cleft for me
let me hide myself in thee.
Erected by his wife
NICHOLS White stone with gold and black lettering In memory of
Eleanor Grace Nichols
1901 - 1986
To live in hearts we leave
behind is not to die.
NICHOLS Gray stone Nichols
George Roy
1903 - 1986
To live in hearts we leave
behind is not to die.
NICHOLS Wooden plaque Mary Nichols
NICHOLS Gray (military) stone W. R. Bruce Nichols
Royal Artillery
1 Mar 1988
Age 74
EVOY Brown speckle stone Dorothy Beatrice
Feb. 23, 1926
April 25, 1995
Forever in our hearts.
ROW 3    
UNKNOWN Two wooden crosses  
WITHYCOMBE Small white stone with lamb on the top In fond m,emerance of
William Campbell
Darling child of
John and Susie Withycombe
Born Nov 3, 1892
Died Oct 25, 1896
Sleeps in the arms of Jesus.
TULK White stone with a hand holding a rose. (This grave is in front of a large bush) In loving memory of Lilian
Beloved daughter of
Elijah and Jessie Tulk
of Herring Neck
Died Jan 18, 1924
Age 16 years.
We shall sleep but not forever
There will be a glorious dawn,
We shall meet to part no never
In the resurrection morn.
BLANDFORD White stone with a hand holding a rose. We all do fade as a leaf.
In loving memory of
Laura Maude
Beloved daughter of
John and Minnie Blandford.
Died at Deer Lake
Aug. 11, 1924
Aged 13 years, 7 months.
This precious bud so young and fair
Called hence by early doom,
Just sent to show how sweet a flower
In paradise doth bloom.
WISEMAN White wooden cross 1933 Warren Wiseman
ROW 4    
NICHOLS Gray stone at head and foot Gary Douglas
Darling Son of
Dorothy and Douglas Nichols
Oct 10, 1940
May 27, 1944
Our loved one sleeps here
NICHOLS Gray stone Nichols
George H.
Sept. 22, 1918
April 22, 2001
Rest in Peace
NICHOLS Double gray stone Nichols
George A.         Catherine M.
1883 - 1928      1875 - 1957
He giveth his beloved sleep
HOLLETT Black speckled stone Hollett
William Oswald
Infant son of
Gloria and Robin
April 14, 1977
Love is eternal
HOLLETT Gray stone Oswald J. Hollett June 9, 1910 - Dec. 6, 1969 Rest in peace
HOLLETT Black speckled stone Hollett
Eve M.
July 8, 1912 - March 22, 2001
In memory, a daily thought
In Heart, a silent sorrow
BUTLER Brown speckled stone with praying child Natalie Patricia
Butler 1978 - 1982
Daughter of William and Karen
Now I lay me down to sleep
HODDER White wooden cross We love you
1934 John B. Hodder 2001
ROW 5    
NICHOLS Gray stone in the shape of a cross In Loving mmory of Estelle
Beloved wife of
Norman Nichols
1880 - 1952
You will never fade from memory
NICHOLS Gray speckled stone Norman M. Nichols
1880 - 1961
NICHOLS Gray speckled stone James Nichols
1914 - 1975
NICHOLS Gray speckled stone Dora Nichols
October 12, 1920
December 22, 1993
Till we meet again
HUTCHINGS Black spoeckled stone 1925 Stanley E. 2001
His wife
1929 Lillian M. (Blank)
Precious are the memories
DENNIS Gray speckled stone Donald C.
1926 - 1996
Gwen P. 1934 - (Blank)
Ever remembered
Ever loved by wife and sons
and daughters
ROW 6    
NICHOLS Gray speckled stone Douglas N.
1912 - 1985
OAKE Brown speckled stone, with low cement wall Father
Willis Oake 1906 - 1977
Ever remembered
Viola Oake
1912 - 1975
Ever Loved
PINKSEN Gray speckled stone Lana Kelly
(Nee Sheppard)
Feb. 18, 1972 - Sept. 20, 1997
Loving wife, mother and daughter,
To live in the hearts we love
Is not to die.
Erected by Winston, Kenny and Julie
SHEPPARD Gray speckled stone Kenneth Brian
Nov. 25, 1950 - Nov 16, 1982
In memory of a daily thought
In heart a silent sorrow.
Erected by Julie and Lana
MILLER Gray ground marker Miller (Sheppard)
Catherine E.
1943 - 1989

Contributed by Christina Kettle (August 2002)

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