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New COE Cemetery
Harbour Buffett
Long Island, Placentia Bay
Placentia & St. Mary's District

Complete Transcription as of Summer 2010

Best George   July 22, 1945 83yr   erected by son G?????hers [born Merasheen Oct 1862]
Burton Bertha   July 24th 1934 54yr    
Burton Douglas         [wooden cross;  died Jan 25, 1948, age 60]
Burton Eliza         [wooden cross;  died Nov 25, 1934; age 84]
Burton Frances M   Oct 1st 1947 35yr Stanley Burton sister Thomas Dicks [daughter of Edward & Ida Dicks]
Burton George   Feb 28th 1937 92yr    
Eliza   Nov 24th 1935 84yr    
Burton Heber G   Nov 14th 1953 79yr    
Burton Herbert         [wooden cross; died Aug 9, 1938; age 18]
Burton Nelson Britannia   March 1st 1960 74yr Ann Maria Burton  
Butler Barbara   March 17, 1935 68yr James Butler  
Butler Douglas M 1902 1941      
Butler Llewellyn   Jan 2nd 1945 15yr    
Butler William 1929 1938      
Hannah 1860 1948      
Regina 1938 1941      
Collett Bertha   Jan 13th 1939 65y 4m John Collett  
Collett Effie 1897 1931   William Collett  
Mabel 1928 1949     daughter
Collett Ina   Aug 18th 1949 19 yr    
Rupert   Jan 24th 1940 1yr   brother
Collett John   Aug 16th 1953 81yr    
Collett Lewis M   Aug 2nd 1951 76yr    
Collett Mary June 3rd 1914 Aug 15th 1958   Reginald Collett  
Denty Isaac   May 24th 1955 78yr Margaret  
Dicks Frederick   Dec 10th 1937 70yr    
Dicks George 1918 1935     born Nov 1918 son of Charles & Susan Dicks of Harbour Buffett
Dicks Thomas   May 27th 1942 26yr   Royal Navy; killed in action; brother Frances M Burton [son of Edward & Ida Dicks]
Dicks William 1876 1957      
Drake Mary         [wooden cross]
Gilbert Pauline E   April 22nd 1952 16y 6m   daughter of Thomas & Grace Gilbert
Gilbert Stephen F   May 2nd 1944 24yr   Royal Navy; killed on active service
Irene E   April 21st 1939 21yr   sister
Gregory Celena   Feb 20th 1955 62yr George Gregory  
Gregory John Douglas   Aug 10th 1951 26yr   drowned; erected by wife Pearl
Hann Walter March 8th 1876 Dec 18th 1954 78y 7m    
Hollett Deborah Ann S   Jan 6th 1956 7m 14d    
Edna Irene E   Feb 6th 1944 7m 14d   daughters Llewellyn & Susie Hollett
Ingram Caroline E   April 7th 1952 81yr    
Kirby Bertha Ella   Jan 17th 1935 10y 10d   daughter Malcolm & Bella Kirby
Kirby Malcolm   May 13, 1955 73yr Isabella Kirby  
Manning John C 1908 1955      
Manning Joseph   Aug 26th 1949 78yr Eliza Manning  
Marshall John   March 4th 1957 87yr Eliza Marshall  
Masters George Weston   Feb 27th 1957 60yr Amelia Masters  
Masters John   July 14th 1959 88y 8m    
Masters Marion E   July 31st 1947 35y 10m    
Masters Thomas D   May 10th 1944 41yr    
Morash Margaret Oct 22, 1877 Oct. 14, 1964   Obediah Morash [1921 census gives birth as Hay Cove Oct 1878]
Morash Obediah J [June 4, 1873] Aug 25th 1952 79yr   [born Chester, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia June 4, 1873 son of James Morash & Sarah Graves]
Morash Walter May 5th 1903 Oct 27th 1943 40y 5m   [born Little Hr, Placentia Bay son of of Obadiah & Margaret Morash]
Pafford Mary J   May 1st 1958 89yr    
Pafford Thomas   Sept 3rd 1940 90yr    
Piercey Myrtle E   Jan 18th 1958 37yr   erected by husband William Piercey
Piercey William Gordon   Nov. 30, 1944 57yr   drowned; erected by wife Mamie & daughter Eliza
Reid Edgar   Dec 22nd 1954 48yr    
Rodway Caroline   Dec 22nd 1954 83yr    
Sampson Ambrose   Jan 30th 1944 86yr Mary Ellen  
Mary Ellen   April 28th 1943 78yr Ambrose erected by daughter Elsie
Shave Adelaide   June 22nd 1960 47yr Percy Shave  
Shave Frank 1914 1947      
Shave George   Nov 29th 1941 74yr    
Shave Percy 1916 1955      
Tulk Ellen   May 9, 1931 66yr William Tulk  
Tulk Janet   March 15th 1942 69yr    
Tulk Mabel   Jan 27th 1943 36yr Donald Tulk  
Tulk William 1859 1958      
Upshall Elizabeth Ann   March 24th 1953 85yr    
Upshall Jane Anne   Dec 20th 1946 67yr Peter Upshall  
Upshall Nelson Peter   April 26th 1939 67yr   erected by wife & four sons
This cemetery also has several additional gravemarkers that are unreadable

Transcribed & Contributed by Dave Wells (Summer 2010 from Research Notes)

Last Updated March 22, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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