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Jacobs Family Methodist Cemetery
Northern Bay
Bay de Verde District
(Complete as of 2005)

Click here for Photo of Cemetery

Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Notes
Jacobs Andrew 1866 1951  


Amelia 1872 1944  


Jacobs David Garland   March 3, 1919 49 yrs 10 mos


Jacobs Elizabeth 1892 1948  


Jacobs Fredrick G. 1889 1960  


Veteran of WWII
Jacobs Harold Germain   April 19, 1917 17 yrs 6 mos


Died in Douai, France
Jacobs James      


[stone toppled & shattered]
Jacobs James N.   July 12TH 1900 21 yrs


Jacobs John T.   April 20TH 1936 59 yrs


Jacobs Joseph   August 13th 1858 85 yrs


Jacobs Joseph   Mar. 30 1920 84 yrs


Sarah   Oct. 1, 1914 83 yrs


Jacobs Samuel Wesley .   Nov. 21ST 1905 26 yrs


son of George & Ann, died at St. Joseph's Hospital, Glace Bay, C.B.
Jacobs William 1857 1945  


Virtue 1862 1948  


Unknown Unknown #1      


Unknown Unknown #2      


[several grave markers like these are scattered throughout the cemetery]

Transcription by Robert Halfyard (~1980)
and from photos taken by Don tate (2005)


People Reported to be Buried in this Cemetery
(but headstones not confirmed or visible) as follows:

(Anyone with additional information, please contact us.)

Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Notes
JACOBS Evelyn Julia 1863     David Garland  
JACOBS Emily Jane Aug 19, 1854 May 04, 1879      
JACOBS George Aspey Oct 1848 October 27, 1932      
JACOBS James 1815 May 1892   Elizabeth  
RYAN Elizabeth Jul 05, 1818 Jan 11, 1897   James  
JACOBS James Spracklin Sep 29, 1844 Nov 1876      
JACOBS John 1830 August 9, 1909   Lousia  
JACOBS Louisa Dec 06, 1842 Dec 1892   John  
JACOBS John Dec 22, 1860 Oct 1878      
JACOBS Clarimond 1790 May 1869   Joseph  
JACOBS Joseph Jul 22, 1861 Jul 1881      
JACOBS Joseph Francis Oct 31, 1846 Apr 1866      
JACOBS Josiah Andrew 1825 February 23, 1905      
JACOBS Sarah Perry Nov 10, 1886 May 1892      

CEMETERY NOTES (per Matt Mullaly)

The individuals above are buried in this private Jacobs Family Cemetery, located on the old highway on the southside of Northern Bay, near the Northern Bay Sands Park.

The Jacobs family of Northern Bay were Methodist and consequently appear in Methodist/United records for the neighboring communities of Ochre Pit Cove, Western Bay and Blackhead, as well as Northern Bay. They wern't particularly wealthy, but, for whatever reason, they had their own little private cemetery close to where they lived in Northern Bay.

I'm guessing that it was probably established prior to the Methodist/United church and cemetery there. However, the other Protestants there at the time were buried in cemeteries in nearby communities. Interesting........


Reported Burials Contributed by Matt Mullaly March 2005

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (Friday March 22, 2013)

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