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United Church Cemetery
Bonavista Bay Ditrict


Surname Given name Born Died Age Spouse Notes
BROWN A. D. Lyman Oct. 3, 1918 July 7, 1976      
BROWN Berith Blanda   April 19th 1920 36 Years Edgar wife of Edgar Brown
BROWN Delilah   March 24th 1901 19 Years & 5 Mo's Edgar Brown wife of Edgar Brown
BROWN Elias 1834 1919      
BROWN Edgar Dec. 27th, 1875 Nov. 13th 1958      
BROWN Flora   Jan. 11th 1900 63 Years Elias wife of Elias Brown
BROWN Linda 1914 1960   T. W. Brown wife of T. W. Brown
BROWN Rebecca   Jan. 6th 1895 32 Years Thomas wife of Thomas brown
BROWN Robert L. 1942 1997      
BROWN Irene L. 1938        
BROWN Thomas   Decr 13th 1903 44 Years Mary Ann husband of Mary Ann Brown
GREENING Alexandra   1958 Apr 9 86   Wife Of Eli
GREENING Eli   1937 Mar 19 64    
GREENING Elias   1970 Dec 11 83    
GREENING Emma Ann   1932 Sep 17 84   Wife Of William
GREENING Janie 1888 Mar 25 1982 Feb 1 93\11m   Wife Of Elias
GREENING John A.   1929 Jan 11 53\4m   Husband Of Jessie
GREENING Laura   1946 Nov 4 72\7m   Wife Of William
GREENING Leroy   1910 Sep 17 7\9m   Son Of John A.
GREENING Robert   1895 Mar 12 55    
GREENING Susannah   1827 Apr 10 80   erected by Gideon
GREENING William   1925 Apr 24 79    
GREENING William T.   1964 Sep 25 87    
HOUSE Elizabeth Jane   1851 Jun 11 92\11m    
OLDFORD Hezekiah   1892 Mar 16 33   Husband Of Elizabeth Oldford
OLDFORD Naomi   1961 Jan 16 79   Wife Of Robert
OLDFORD Robert S.A.   1975 Jul 24 92\8m    

Transcribed by Craig Peterman (2018 04)
from headstone photos taken by Keith Brown (2017)
and also partly transcribed by Wayne Pike, Cert. Gen. (August 2000)
from information recorded Nov. 11, 1989

Page Last Updated February 19, 2019 (Craig Peterman)

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