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Muddy Hole Anglican Cemetery
St. John the Evangelist Church

Burgeo and LaPoile District

(Complete as of 2009)

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Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Other Information
Anderson Eli 1876 19?2     [There is an Eli Anderson in the parish records p. 78 no. 622, who died May 7, 1942 at age 65]
Jane 1875 1953     [maiden name for Jane Anderson was Jane Moores]
Anderson George   Dec. 14, 1898 56 Years   drowned; [headstone fallen; info as per 1991 FHSNL records]; [parish records list age as 54 years]
Elizabeth   May 27, 1907 68 Years   [headstone fallen; info as per FHSNL records]; [parish records list age as 66 Years]
Anderson Hubert Frank 1942 1943     [white wooden cross with brass plate]; [there is a Hubert Frank Anderson in the parish records, p. 75 no. 597, who died
Mar. 26, 1941 at 6 weeks]
Anderson John   Dec. 16th 1939 79 Years Elizabeth [P.R. p. 69, no. 545 says 16 Dec 1938]
Elizabeth   May 28th 1947 84 Years John [Parish records list her DOD as 29 May 1948, aged 84 yrs. 2 mos., Maiden Name: Vatcher]
Anderson Susan   April 26th 1914 83 Yrs & 8 Ms John [parish records lists her age as 84, Maiden Name: Matthews]
John   Aug. 3rd 1896 73 Yrs & 8 Ms Susan [parish records lists his age as 71]
Beauchamp Elizabeth Anne   July 11th 1942 61 Years Matthew [DOD confirmed in parish records p. 79 no. 626]
Beauchamp Matthew Henry   Oct. 7th 1963 81 Years   father of Henry and Phyllis
Benoit Augusta   Jan. 22, 1909 19 Years   [Augusta Elizabeth Benoit was listed as "Gussie" Benoit in the parish records,
p. 90 no. 716- died Jan. 21, 1909];[child of John & Susan Benoit]
Dorothy   Aug. 18, 1916 16 Years   [child of John & Susan Benoit]
Billard William   1865 1942   husband and father; [Bapt: 1 May 1865 (P.R.) and DOD:  26 May 1942, aged 77 (P.R. p. 78, no. 623)]
Buckland Dorothy   ??? ?? ???? 33 Years [John] [parish records give DOD as Dec. 19, 1927 at age 34 ( p. 47, no. 369)]
Buffett Annie   Jan. 24th 1918 79 Years [Samuel] [DOD verified in Parish records p. 28, no. 221, but age was listed as 78]; [maiden name Guy]
Buffett M. A.   Oct. 20, 1929 80 Years William [DOD and age confirmed in parish records. Full name is Mary Ann Buffett; maiden name is Matthews]
Buffett Melinda   Nov. 8th 1900 20 Years Thomas [Melinda Susan Matthews, dau. of William Henry Matthews and Mary Ann James]
Buffett Samuel   Dec. 2nd 1918 84 Years [Ann Guy] [parish records say 82 years, VS says 82]
Buffett William   April 8th 1905 64 Years [Mary Ann Matthews] [DOD and age confirmed in the parish records (p. 78 no. 626); William's firsh wife was Dinah Rose]
Caines Alan   Jan. 9th 1910 5 years & 3 Mo's   [DOD confirmed in the Vital Statistics (p. 402 no. 14). DOB was Sept. 20, 1904 (parish records p. 92 no.732)]
Caines Cecil Donald   April 2nd 1947 18 Years   son of John & Alice; [born May 10, 1929 (on the cert. of reg. of death)]
Caines Eva   Feb. 15th 1911 27 Years Louis [DOD and age confirmed in parish records]
Caines George R.   May 3rd 1940 76 Years Harriet S. [DOD is confirmed in the parish records. However, it records his age as 75,
which is correct (born 15 Sep 1864)]
Harriet S.   Nov. 16th 1942 76 Years George R. [maiden name was Harriet Susan Vatcher]
Caines Hazel Margaret   Sept. 29th 1910 8 mo's   daughter of Louis and Eva; [She was 7 mos. 22 days ( born 7 Feb 1910 -parish records)]
Caines Hilda   Sept. 24, 1926 22 Years   daughter of George & Harriet; [DOD confirmed in PR.  However, her age at death would be 21 as she was born 8 Mar 1905 (parish records)]
George W.   March 4, 1927 24 Years   drowned at Orleans, Mass, USA; [Age at death is correct (b. 22 Feb 1903 - parish records)]
Caines James   March 7th 1930 76 Years Jane [DOD is confirmed in parish records]
Caines Jane   Dec. 28th, 1941 85 Years, 10 Months [James] [Age and death date confirmed in parish records ( p. 76 no. 608); maiden name is Collier]
Caines Lelia Ethel   Sept. 28th 1944 18 Years 5, Mons   [parish records (p. 84 no. 669) show DOD as Sept. 29, 1944; daughter of Emmanuel and Sarah Caines]
Hilda Margaret   June 28th 1929 15 Months   [DOD for Hilda Margaret is confirmed but age was recorded as 13 months; daughter of Emmanuel and Sarah Caines]
Clark [Frank]         [name as per lady across the street]
[Mark]         [name as per lady across the street]
[Nellie]         [name as per lady across the street]
Clothier Caroline   29 Nov. 1945 75 Years [William] [previously transcribed by FHSNL; died 29 Nov 1945, aged 75 (Source: parish records p. 86, no. 685); Maiden name Caroline Grant of Thomas. Wife of William Clothier]
Clothier Clara Anne   Sep. 24, 1916 17 Years   daughter of Eliza and Lambert; [DOD confirmed in the Vital Statistics p. 396, no. 7 -she died from diphtheria. ( Birth was 1 April 1899 -source: parish records p. 46, no. 361)]
Clothier William   Oct. 10, 1914 43 Years Caroline [DOD confirmed in the V.S. p. 412, no. 19 (died of heart disease) -age is listed as 42]
John Charles   May 2, 1919 19 Years   their son; [confirmed in the V.S. p. 399, no.8. Both the parish records and V.S. say he was 18 which is correct- he was born 15 Jul 1900 (source: parish records)]
Colback John   April 1st, 1930 78 Years   [Both the V.S. p. 433, no. 10 and the parish records state that he died 26 Mar 1930 at age 79 (Place of birth was Jersey)]
Colback Valentia J.   Jan. 26th 1926 69 Years John [parish records & V.S. confirm her DOD and age. She was born in La Poile; Maiden Name: Samways]
Collier George   May 2nd 1925 82 Years [Martha Jane Anderson] [DOD confirmed in the V.S. p. 437, no. 30 but both the V.S. and parish records state that he was 84. Actually, both 82 and 84 are incorrect -he was born 5 Feb 1842 (Source: parish records) so he would have been 83]
Collier Martha J.   March 7th 1932 86 Years [George] erected by daughter Sarah Matthews; [DOD and age confirmed in the parish records; Maiden Name: Anderson]
Crant John   March 7, 1913 73 Years   [DOD and age confirmed in parish records]
Crewe Frank June 29, 1920 Jan. 1, 1947      
Nathan June 6, 1917 Mar. 2, 1947     [listed as John Nathan Crewe in the parish baptism records (p. 100, no. 799)]
Crewe Stanley Ernest   Mar. 23, 1925 33 Years Sarah [Caines] [DOD is 9 Mar 1925 in both the parish records (p. 42, no. 330) and V.S. (p. 437, no. 27). He was born 3 Feb 1892 (Source: baptism certificate)]
Cunningham Edward   Dec. 17th 1946 79 Years & 6 Months Maude [both the parish records and V.S. show death as 16 Dec 1936.  Age confirmed. He was born 6 Sep 1857 to Rev. John & Mary (Source: parish records). Edward's wife was Lydia Maud Northcote]
Cunningham Harriet   April 26th 1930 75 Years John C. JP [Parish records (p. 54 no. 425) has DOD 12 May 1830, aged 75 but Vital Statistics (p. 434 no. 39) has her DOD on 25 Apr. 1930, aged 73]
Cunningham John C. 1851 1937   Harriet [Died 30 Dec. 1937 (Source: parish records p. 67, no. 533), aged 86. Died in St. John's]
Dicks Annie   July 25th 1904   Edward J. Dicks [DOD is 24 Jul 1904 in V.S. (p. 400, no. 9) and age was 66 in both V.S. and parish records. Her maiden name is Ann Pink, born in Deer Island]
Dicks Archie   Dec. 24, 1898 20 Years   Children of Tho. and Maria Dicks; [In the burial records, Archie's full name is listed as Archibald and lists his age at death as 21. Harriet's burial record says she was 18]
Harriet   July 4, 1900 17 Years  
Dicks Ellen V.   Jan. 26th 1914 16 Years & 9 Mo's   daughter of Henry and Ellen; [Date and age verified in P.R. p. 6, no. 48. Birth: 21 Apr 1897 (Source: P.R. p. 31, no. 246)]
Dicks George   May 25, 1910 70 Years J. S. Dicks [headstone buried; data from 1991 FHSNL transcription; DOD and age confirmed in both the P.R. and V.S. records; wife was Jane Sarah Forward]
Dicks George William   April 28th 1944 75 Years Maria erected by his wife; [Parish record (p. 84, no. 665) has April 29th, 1844 as his death date. Wife was Maria Vatcher]
Dicks Jack   March 20, 1923 18 Years & 10 Months   son of George and Susan; [Death date and age confirmed in V.S. p. 428, no. 20. His full name was listed as John Philip Colback Dicks. (Parents: George W. Dicks and Susannah Tibbo)]
Dicks Henry   Nov. 15, 1932 76 Years Ellen C. [DOD and age confirmed in parish records]
Ellen C.   June 17, 1940 73 Years Henry [DOD and age confirmed in parish records (p. 72, no. 573) under "Nellie" Dicks. Maiden name is Ellen Charlotte Vatcher ]
Dicks Maria   Nov. 5th 1915 61 Years Thomas [DOD and age confirmed in V.S. 392, no. 30. Maiden name: Maria Ford]
Dicks Stephen V.   March 4th 1912 19 Years and 10 Mo's   son of Henry and Ellen; [DOD and age confirmed in V.S. p. 404 (?) no. 8]
Dicks Thomas   June 1, 1930 78 Years [Maria Ford]  
Dominey Eva 1948 1950     [Eva died 8 Sep 1950 at age 2 (Source: parish records)]
Donna 1950 1950     [Donna died 1 Dec 1950 (Source: parish records)]
Ereaut Philip G.   March 31st 1918 74 Y's 10 M's [Sarah Jane LeRoux] [DOD and age confirmed in V.S. p. 402, no. 8. Full name: Philip George Ereaut]
Ereaut Sarah J.   April 16th 1925 58 Years Philip [headstone buried; located next to Philip; data from FHS records; DOD confirmed in V.S. p. 437, no. 29 She was Bap. 29 May 1866 (Source: parish records)]
Forward Alice   Oct. 13, 1932 64 Years [John Benjamin Forward] erected by her children; [Both the P.R. and V.S. (p. 423, no. 17) state that she died 12 Oct. 1931, aged 62. Baptism: 13 Jun 1869 (P.R.) Maiden name: Mary Alice Green]
Foote Ethel   Dec. 9th 1947 48 Years [Albert] Henry [DOD and age confirmed in parish records.
Birth: 15 Jul 1899 (Source: P.R.) Maiden name: Ethel Sarah Anne Matthews]
Gore Hilda V.   Aug. 31, 1902 11 Years   [DOD confirmed in the V.S. Hilda on p. 381, no. 36. Born Hilda Victoria Gore on 8 Nov 1891 (Source: P.R.)]
Albert   Jan. 13, 1905 13 Months   [DOD confirmed in the V.S. Albert on p. 411, no. 13 . Albert was born on 26 Jan 1904 (Source: P.R.)]
Gore Jessie   Dec. 7th 1942 74 Years [Samson] [DOD and age confirmed in P.R.; Maiden name: Anderson]
Gore Samson   Oct. 10, 1937 73 Years [Jessie Anderson] [Both P.R. and V.S. have his death as 3 Oct 1937 under the name of "Samuel" Gore. Bap. 26 Jun 1864 -name spelled" Sampson" Gore]
Green William   June 10, 1926 68 Years Elizabeth A. [DOD and age confirmed in parish records. Wife: Elizabeth Ann Street]
Greenslade George Clifford   Mar. 28, 1934 21 Months   child of Reginald and Gladys; [DOD confirmed in parish records p. 60 No. 477]
Gunnery Estella   April 23rd 1911 35 Years Thomas [DOD and age confirmed in V.S. p. 400, no. 33 Maiden name: Matthews; daughter of James & Julia]
Hann Arthur Louis   Sept. 3rd 1943 12 Years 5 Months   child of Arthur & Emma; [DOD and age confirmed in P.R. but middle name was spelled "Lewis"]
Hann Clara Lilly   ??? ?? ???? ?   child of Albert Hann and Susie Childs; [headstone buried; data from 1991 FHSNL records]; [Death: 16 Aug 1907 (Source: V.S. p. 96, no. 9 -died of heart disease at age 8) Birth: 24 May 1899 (Source: P.R.)]
Hare George   March 20th 1897 58 Years [Isabella Stewart] [Both DOD and ages verified in parish records.]
William   Oct. 8th 1903 21 Years   drowned; son of George and Isabella; [Both DOD and ages verified in parish records.]
Hare John   Dec. 6th 1918     [V.S.p. 423, no. 15 has Dec. 7th, 1918 for his death date, aged 75]; [[headstone broken; data from 1991 FHSNL records]
Susannah   May 13th 1923     erected by her son Louis; [V.S. confirms her DOD and age]; [[headstone broken; data from 1991 FHSNL records]
Hare Thelma N.   March 26, 1940 7 Years   [DOD and age confirmed in V.S. p. 433, no. 33]
Hatcher Robert   May 6, 1903 33 Years May Jane [Hare] [V.S. p. 405, no. 15 has same DOD but says he was 32. (of Hunt's Is.) Cause of death: consumption]
Bertha   Sept. 10th 1902 8 Months   [V.S. p. 381, no. 37 has same DOD but says she was 9 months. (of Hunt's Is.) Parents: Robert and Mary Jane (Hare) Hatcher]
Hiscock George       [Elizabeth Rose] [died 19 Aug 1941 at age 78 (Source: V.S. p. 438, no. 22)]
Elizabeth       [George Hiscock] [died 5 Aug 1943 at age 70 (Source: P.R. p. 81, no. 645]
Betty         [died 19 Sep 1940 at 2 months (Source: V.S. p. 435, no. 37)]; [erected by Ronald and Maria Hiscock]
Hunt George Q.   Nov. 21st 1908     Doctor and Magistrate of this place for many years; [DOD and age verified in V.S. p. 399, no. 1. His full name was George Quilton Hunt and he was born in England]
Jordan Jane   Sep. 11th 1904 87 Years John Henry Howe Jordan [V. S. p. 400, no. 16 has her DOD 12 Sep 1904. So does P.R. Age confirmed as 87 in both. Maiden name: Collier]
Keeping Annie L.   April 18, 1929 10 Years   [P.R. p. 7, no. 51 give her birth: 18 Jan 1919; Parents: Wilson and Maud Keeping]
Kelland Rebecca   Nov. 10, 1911 61 Years [Albert] [DOD and age verified in both P.R. and V.S; Maiden Name: Badcock]
Kendell John   May 13th 1942 54 Years   erected by his wife; [DOD verified in P. R.; name is always spelled Kendall or Kendal in the records]
LeMoine Margaret Mary   Dec. 5th 1916 42 Years Nathan [P.R. and V.S. confirm her death date of 5 Dec 1916, but gives age as 43. Maiden Name: Buffett Husband: Nathaniel Anderson LeMoine]
LeRoux Harriet   July 9th 1917 88 Years   [both the P.R. and V.S. give DOD as 14 Jul 1917 at age 90; Maiden name: Harriett Bungay (?) Husband: Charles LeRoux (?)]
Matthews Abed George   Sept. 10, 1930 21 Years   son of Maud Matthews; [it is OBED, not Abed. P. R. and V.S. p. 435, no. 16 have his death 6 Sep 1930- he died in Halifax, N.S. (appendicitis), Age: 22 1/2 (which is accurate as he was born 16 Feb 1908]
Matthews Ada   June 12th 1925 36 Years   daughter of William and Mary Ann; [P.R. has DOD as 11 June 1925 (bur. 14th) V.S. has DOD 14 June 1925. Both have age of 35 which is correct (birth: Nov. 1889) Parents: William Henry Matthews & Mary Ann James]
Matthews Amelia   Sep. 22nd 1915 57 Y'rs [John Matthews; then Albert Kelland] Erected by Eva & Myrtle Matthews in memory of their grandma. [maiden name was Amelia Samways; Death records list her under Amelia Ann Kelland]
Matthews Annie   Jan. 23rd 1931 63 Years Henry Matthews [DOD and age verified in P. R. and V.S. p. 421, no. 5; Maiden name: Ann Keeping]
Matthews Deborah 29 March 1842 6th December 1904     [daughter of: John Matthews and Frances Dicks; DOB verified in P.R; DOD verified in both the P.R. and V.S. p. 411, no. 4]
Matthews Fanny   Nov. 8th 1926 89 Years [John Matthews] [DOD verified in V.S. p. 442, no. 38 but both the P.R. and V.S. have her age as 88. Maiden name: Frances Dicks]
Matthews Frances   [23 Dec. 1885]     [Birth: 28 Aug 1882 Died: 23 Dec 1885 (Source: P.R. and Family Bible) Was buried on Christmas Day. Parents: James Matthews and Julia Cluett]
Matthews George H.   June 23, 1918 28 Years   [DOD and age is accurate. Full name was George Henry Matthews. Parents: William Henry Matthews and Mary Ann James]
Matthews George William   Jan. 15th 1918 19 Years   son of George Wm and Hannah F. Matthews [P.R. and V.S. both have his
DOD as 14 Jan 1918. Age 19 is correct (b. 21 Apr 1898) Source: P.R.]
Matthews Hannah   April 21st 1943 82 Years William [DOD verified (P.R.) and was almost 82 at death (b. 12 Jun 1861) Source: marriage rec. and census rec. Maiden Name: Hannah Crew]
Matthews Harriet   Dec. 23rd 1919 58 Years   [DOD confirmed (V.S. and P.R.) but both records say she was 56. Never married. Parents: John Matthews and Frances Dicks]
Matthews Henry Sept. 10th 1866 June 4th 1951 88 Years [Ann Keeping] [Parish record has his age correct at 84. Birth date and death date : confirmed in P.R.]
Matthews James   Jan. 20th 1921 71 Y'rs Julia [DOD is accurate (Source: reg. of death) but age was 70 (b. 25 Jul 1850, Source: family bible in my possession); Wife: Julia Cluett]
Julia   June 11th 1921 63 Y'rs James [Age correct- (b. 19 Jan 1857 Source: family bible); Maiden name: Cluett]
Matthews John   June 3rd 1918 22 Years   [DOD & age verified in both the P.R. and V. S. p. 403, no. 7]
Edwin   June 15th 1918 25 Years   [DOD & age verified (V.S. p. 403, no. 8). son of George William Matthews and Hannah F. Warren]
Matthews John Nov. 29th 1837 Jan. 3rd 1904   [Frances Dicks] [DOD is correct- Source: V.S. p. 407, no. 40]
Matthews John Jany 17th 1852 Oct. 9th 1908   [Amelia Ann Samways] [DOD confirmed in both P.R. and V.S. p. 398, no. 37 He was 55.]
Matthews John A.   Aug. 24th 1943 53 Years Elizabeth [DOD and age is confirmed (Source: Reg. of death and P.R. -he died in Halifax, Nova Scotia) Wife: Elizabeth Jane Matthews]
Matthews Joseph B.   Jan. 2, 1911 55 Years [Susanna] [DOD incorrect. He died 1 Jan 1912 (Source: P.R. and V. S. p. 404, no. 4); age correct]
Matthews Mary Ann   Oct. 16th 1926 76 Years [Henry Matthews]

[DOD and age confirmed in both P.R. and V.S although the 1921 census lists her birth in Apr. 1851 which would make her 75.
Maiden name: James]

Matthews Maud   March 29, 1915 29 Years [William DeGrish] [DOD age correct (b. 8 Dec 1885) Source: P.R. Parents: George William Matthews and Hannah F. Warren]
Matthews Rupert Charles   July 9th 1914 34 Years Theresa [Vatcher] [DOD and age confirmed in P.R. and V.S. p. 411, no. 9]
Matthews Rupert Clyde   June 24th 1944 24 Yeasr, 10 Months   Son of John A. Matthews and Elizabeth J. Matthews [Accurate dates and age Source: Death Cert.) Died in Halifax, Nova Scotia]
Matthews Russell   Apr. 25, 1940 13 Years 7 Mos   son of Elizabeth & John [Accurate date and age (Source: Death Cert.)]
Matthews Susan   Nov. 3, 1930 68 Years [Joseph Benjamin Matthews]

[DOD and age are both accurate (Source: Death Cert.) Full maiden name: Susanna Matthews]

Matthews Susanna   Jan. 11th 1915 100 Years & 3 Months [1. Henry Dicks; 2. William Matthews] [information verified in P.R., V.S & death cert; Maidian name: Anderson]
McDonald Reggie         Infant children of Dr. Findlay and Netta [There are 2 children born to Dr. Findlay McDonald and Netta Jane McDonald that are both named Murray Reginald McDonald (also spelled MacDonald); -1. Murray Reginald MacDonald b. 7 Nov 1897 (Source: P.R. p. 36, no. 285) . He died at 3 months on 6 Feb 1898 but is listed in both the P.R. and V.S. p. 230, no. 16 as Reginald Murray McDonald -hence the "Reggie" on the headstone. -2. Murray Reginald MacDonald b. 9 Aug 1898 (Source: P.R. p. 42, no. 329) and d. 29 Aug. 1898 at 3 weeks (Source: V.S. p. 231, no. 27)]
Mitchell Alice   March 25, 1906 36 Years [William] Thomas Mitchell [Date and age is confirmed in both P.R. and V.S. (p. 413, no. 33) Maiden name: Alice Jane Hare]
Moulton Albert Sydney   Sep. 4th 1923 15 Years   [Birth 12 Sep 1908 (Source: P.R.)]; son of J. T. [John Thomas] and V. C. [Valentine Clementine Forward] Moulton
Moulton George R.   Oct. 16, 1964 87 Years [Ellen] [he was originally from English Harbour (b. Jul 1877) and his wife's name was Ellen. (1921 Census)]
Moulton Hannah   Aug. 2nd 1900 47 Years Thomas [V.S p. 375, no. 28 has 1 Aug 1900 for her death date . She was wife #1 of Thomas Moulton.]
Moulton Hannah E. 1869 1925     [b. in Petites Sep. 1869, d. in Greenspond 2 Oct 1935 (V.S. p. 429, no. 34)
Maiden name: Hannah Elizabeth Pinel (also sp. Pennell) Wife #2 of Thomas Moulton]
Moulton Ida Norman   May 28, 1928 35 Years Harold [b. 22 Aug 1892 (Source: P.R.) death date and age confirmed in both P.R. and V.S. but is listed under her maiden name, Ida Touzell]
Moulton James P.   Nov. 19, 1926 62 Years & 6 Mons Harriet [Ann Forward] [P. stands for Palmer
(on his marriage record)]
Moulton Marion Decima   Mar. 15th 1916 22 Yrs Edgar [DOD and age confirmed in P.R. and V.S. p. 393, no. 7]
Moulton Marion May Sep. 7th 1913 March 28th 1914     [Birth verified in P.R. p. 71, no. 567 and death is verified in V.S. p. 410, no. 15 (died from meningitis)]
Moulton Mary Jane June 1, 1904 Aug. 10, 1940     [Both dates verified in P.R.]
Moulton Nellie   Nov. 27, 1937 57 Years George R. [DOD and age confirmed in both P.R.
and V.S. - her name is listed as "Ellen M. Moulton" Place of birth: Twillingate.]
Moulton Thomas   June 25, 1920 63 Years   [Death and age is confirmed in
V.S. p. 403, no. 1]
Parsons Hannah   April 27th, 1905 24 Years [Ernest Lamont Parsons] [Both the P.R. and V.S. (p. 411, no. 17) have 20 Apr 1905. Burial date was 29 Apr 1905. Maiden name: Hannah Guy]
Piercey George   Aug. 3, 1934 64 Years   [Both P.R. and V.S. (p. 420, no. 36) confirm his DOD and age. He was born in Hermitage Bay.]
Pinel Amice John   Dec. 21, 1900 58 Years [Matilda Hare] [Both the P.R. and V.S. (p. 378, no. 27) confirm his DOD of 21 Dec 1900 and age 58. His first name is spelled Amos in both records.]
Pinel Conrad Oct. 13, 1919 June 16, 1942 [23 Years]   [Both dates verified in P.R.]
Pinel Matilda   September 13th 1929 82 Years 9 Mos. [Amice J. Pinel] [DOD verified in both P.R. and V.S. p. 430, #19 Maiden name : Matilda Hare (born 5 Dec 1846-Source: P.R.)]
Rose Benjamin   Nov. 2, 1934 54 Years Susan [DOD verified in both the P.R. and V.S. -p. 422, no. 21 Wife # 1- Mary Ellen ("Minnie") Hamblin 2. Susan Caines (widow Dicks)]
Rose Berthana   Oct. 19th 1916 58 Years   [Age is verified but in both the P.R. and V.S. p. 397, no. 31. Her death date is 18 Oct 1916 and her name is spelled Bethana.]
Rose Cora Mary   Jan. 5th 1929 20 Years   daughter of Matthew Rose; [Death date confirmed in P.R. and V.S. p. 429, no. 4 Died from T.B. Parents: Matthew Rose and Ella SUSAN Hare]
Rose Ronald Heath   April 1st 1944 2 Years   child of Simeon & Christianna; [Death date verified in P.R.]
Rose Winston J.   May 21st 1946 29 Years   [Full name: Winston John Rose Birth: 19 Jun 1917 Source: P.R. p. 101, no. 801 Parents: Benjamin Rose and Mary Ellen Hamblin
DOD and age confirmed in P. R. p. 87, no. 693]
Rose [Winston John]   March 13, 1916 2 Mo's   son of Benjamin & Mary; [Death date in P.R. p. 17, no. 130 was Mar. 14., 1916 Parents: Benjamin Rose and Mary Ellen Hamblin]
Samways Ada M. April 30, 1876 Jany 13, 1928     [In both the P.R. and V.S. p. 425, no. 5,
it has her day of death as 14 Jan 1928. She died in St. John's, Newfoundland. Maiden Name: Ada May Matthews Husband: George Samways]
Samways George H. Sept. 22nd 1861 Sept. 21st 1944     [DOD is verified in P.R. p. 84, no. 668 Age: 83 Full name: George Henry Samways Wife (2nd): Ada May Matthews]
Scott Alan Anderson Nov. 23rd 1944 Sep. 13th 1949     child of Mary and Ramsay; loved by Mammy, Daddy and Diana; [confirmed in burial records]
Simms Isabella   Oct. 3rd 1936 71 Years Benjamin [age and DOD date confirmed in parish records]
Simms Rosehanne   June 22nd 1927   [Hubert Thomas Simms] buried June 24nd 1927; [DOD confirmed in V.S. p. 421, no. 34 (under "Annie" Simms) Age was 25. Birth (under "Rosanna" Buckland) was 23 Sep 1902 (Source: Methodist Records)
Maiden name: Rosanna Buckland]
Small Hannah   May 25th 1930 81 Years Joseph daughter of Rev. John Cunningham; [DOD confirmed in parish records]
Small Joseph H.   Oct. 13th 1933 86 Years [Hannah Cunningham] native of Truro, Cape Cod, USA; Magistrate at Burgeo; [Birth: 14 Nov 1847 in Truro, Cape Cod, MA Death: Verified in both the P.R. and V.S. p. 432,, no. 17 (died in St. John's, Newfoundland) Full name: Joseph Henry Small]
Spencer Faith   Aug. 31st, 1948 12 Years 8 Mos.   [DOD verified in P.R. Parents: George R. Spencer and Florence Stickland]
Stewart William G.   March 4, 1927 23 Years 8 Mons   [verified in P.R. (p. 46, no. 364) and V.S. (p. 421, no. 15) Was on the schooner "Montclair" and drowned at Orleans, MA. Parents : John Stewart and Edith Ingram]
Stewart William   July 20th 1897 83rd year of age [Susanna Ridgely] [DOD date in P.R. and V.S (p. 229, no. 10) is 19 Jul 1897. Age is correct.]
Street George   Feb. 19, 1926 59 Years [Susan Barnes] [Death date and age verified in P.R. and V.S. p. 440, no. 11]
Strickland Annie May Sept. 1, 1893 Feb. 26, 1925   [John Stickland] [DOD verified in P.R. and V.S. p. 437, no. 26
** Please note that in all the records, incl. marriage, it is spelled "STICKLAND" Maiden Name: Annie May Parsons]
Strickland Henry   Jan. 26,1928 86 Years Amelia [DOD verified in P.R. and V.S. p. 425, no. 6, but in both records his age is listed as 87 and his last name spelled STICKLAND. Wife: Amelia Matthews (of Upper Burgeo) ]
Amelia   Feb. 25, 1929 82 Years Henry [DOD date in P.R. and V.S. p. 429, no. 5 is 25 Feb 1929. Age is verified in both. Spelling is "STICKLAND." Maiden name: Amelia Matthews]
Touzel Francis   Aug. 14th 1942 83 Years 10 Mos [Harriet LeRoux] [DOD and age of 83 verified in P. R. under "Frank" Touzel.]
Touzel Harriet Elizabeth   Aug. 27th 1956 82 Years Francis [Birth in 1921 Census: June 1871
Maiden name: LeRoux]
Vatcher Bernard   Dec. 6, 1910 22 Years 7 Months   son of John and Ruth; [DOD verified in both P.R. and V.S. p. 403, no. 38. Birth: 8 May 1888 (Source: P.R. p. 63, no. 501)]; [transcription 1991 per NLGS]
Vatcher Elizabeth M.   Feb. 24th 1910 42 Years [Stephen Henry Vatcher] [DOD verified in P.R. under "Mary Elizabeth" but age is 44 in both P.R. and V.S. records which is probably correct as she was baptized 20 May 1866. Maiden name: Elizabeth Mary Hare]
Vatcher Emmanuel   Jany 27th 1894 32 Years [Rebecca Hare] [DOD 27 Jan 1894 and age 32 is verified in P.R. and V.S. p. 140, no. 20]
Vatcher John   Aug. 28, 1906 20 Years   son of John & Elizabeth; [P.R. and V.S. (p. 415, no. 6) have 27 Aug 1906 as his DOD. Birth : 2 Jul 1886 (Source: P.R. p. 49, no. 386)]
Vatcher John   July 18th 1943 87 Years [Ruth F. Dominey] [Death date and age verified in P.R. p. 81, no. 644 Birth: 11 Jun 1856 (Census 1921)]
Ruth   March 13th 1957 96 Years [John Vatcher] [DOD and age verified in P.R. Birth: 11 Feb 1861 Maiden name: Ruth F. Dominey]
Vatcher Joseph   March 24, 1894 20 Years   [Death date in both P.R. and V.S (p. 221, no. 17) is 22 Mar 1894 Burial: 24 Mar 1894 Aged: 20 Parents: Joseph Vatcher and Martha Gore]
Vatcher Maria   March 12, 1892 68 Years [Stephen Vatcher] [DOD in both P.R. and V.S. (p. 81, no. 13) is 11 Mar 1892 Aged 68. Parents: John Matthews and Sarah Bagg]
Vatcher Mary Ann   July 29th 1907 29 Years Leonard Vatcher [Both P.R. and V.S. (p. 396, no. 7) have her age as 39 years which would be verified by her baptism date: 8 Mar 1868 (Source: P.R.) Maiden Name: Mary Ann Guy]
Vatcher Maxwell   Jan. 17th 1947 56 Years [Nina Pearl Dicks] [DOD and age verified in P.R. (p. 88, no. 702) Full name: Maxwell Stephen Vatcher
Birth: 29 Aug 1890 (P.R.)]
Nina Pearl   Oct. 23rd 1946 58 Years [Maxwell S. Vatcher] [DOD ( 23 Oct. 1946) and age verified in P.R. (p. 88, no. 697) Birth: 4 Dec 1891 (P.R.)]
Vatcher Percy   Sep. 28th 1937 22 Years   [DOD and age verified in P.R. p. 67, no. 529 Birth: 18 Sep 1915 (P.R.) Parents: Maxwell Vatcher and Nina Dicks]
Vatcher Russel   July 16th 1943 17 Years   [DOD in P.R. p. 81, no. 643 is 17 Jul 1943, aged 17. Name is spelled "Russell" on all his records. Birth: 1 Oct 1925 Parents: Maxwell Vatcher and Nina Dicks]
Vatcher Sarah   April 28th 1899 28 Years   [DOD and age verified in P.R. and V.S. p. 372, no. 40 Parents: Emmanuel Vatcher and Susan Matthews]
Vatcher Stephen H.   Dec. 24, 1908 45 Years [Elizabeth Mary Hare] [DOD verified in P.R. and V.S. p. 399, no. 4. Age in both records was 47 (Bap. 4 Jul 1862)
Full name: Stephen Henry Vatcher]
Vatcher Thelma   Nov. 6th 1935 18 Years   [DOD and age verified in P.R. and V.S. p. 430. no. 21 Birth: 15 Nov 1917 (Source: P.R.) Parents: Maxwell S. Vatcher and Nina P. Dicks]
Warren M.          
White Augusta S.   June 8, 1894 21 Years   [DOD is verified in P.R. and V.S. p. 221, no. 24 Her parents: George Keppel and Ellen White]
Ivy B.   Aug. 25, 1892 9 Years   [DOD verified in P.R. and V.S p. 136, no. 13 Baptism: 25 Apr 1884 (P.R.) Full name: Ivy Bennett White Parents: George Keppel and Ellen White]
White Helena   Feb. 2, 1902 43 Years   [DOD verified in P.R. and V.S. (under Lena White) p. 381, no. 8 In both records age is 42. Maiden name: Helena Cluett (of John Cluett in Belleoram) She was the 2nd wife of George Kepple White.]

Transcribed by Brenda Crewe Alverson (Aug 2009)
using headstone photos taken by myself and Les Windsor.

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