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Trinity Bay District,

SINCLAIR AGNES JANE   Aug 20th 1969 83 years I came to Jesus and I drank, Of that life-giving stream; My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, And now I live with him.
HUNT ALBERT 1932 2003   Rest in peace.
DALTON ALEXANDER 1883 1966   Rest in peace.
DALTON ELSIE M 1895 1965    
DUFFITT ALEXANDER 1904 1960   Erected by the family.
DUFFITT ELSIE M 1915 1945   His wife.
LUTHER BENJAMIN   Feb 19,1977 71 years Corporal R C E M E
DUFFITT No Name       Sister. Daughter of Alexander & Elsie M Duffitt.
PARSONS EDITH I Apr 22,1948 Aug 28,2000   Forever in our hearts.
SINCLAIR EDWARD   March 13th 1961 79 years Sheltered by the rock of ages, Anchored on that peaceful shore, In the loving arms of Jesus, Sleeps our loved one evermore. Ever remembered by his wife and family.
STONE EMILY BELLE Oct 18,1884 Jan 6,1974   Until we meet again.
STONE EMMANUEL   Nov 11th 1929 76 years Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.
STONE EMMANUEL   April 12th 1948 67 years Beloved husband of Emily Belle Stone. He giveth His beloved sleep.
GOODYEAR FRANCES J   Sept 16th 1958 36 years Beloved wife of Ernest Goodyear. In memory, a daily thought, In heart, a silent sorrow. What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.
GOODYEAR WALTER GEORGE   April 23rd 1936 23 years Dear son of Wm and Selina Goodyear. How sad it is for us to think, It fills our hearts with gloom, To think of one we loved so well, Now silent in the tomb. We fancy we hear you call, And at your call obey, But now your voice we cannot hear, 'Tis past from earth away.
STONE GILBERT Aug 5,1915 Dec 2,2002   The Lord is my shepherd.
STONE VIOLET Feb 22,1918 Dec 30,1998    
SINCLAIR HERBERT   August 16,1968 54 years May he rest in epace.
RYAN HAZEL 1911 1983   Beloved wife of James.
RYAN JAMES 1907 1984    
HUNT JESSE BELLE June 6,1943 March 20,1999   Til we meet again. Husband Albert and family.
GOODYEAR JOHN G 1926 1978   Husband and father. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
GARLAND JUDY S Jan 18,1946 Mar 18,1946   Now I lay me down to sleep.
GARLAND LEONARD Oct 7,1920 May 15,2004   Ever remembered, Ever loved.
LUTHER MARY A   Oct 2,1977 89 yrs, 9 mos Not lost to memory nor to love, But safe in our Father's home above.
STONE IVY L 1921 1987   Peacefully sleeping.
LUTHER THOMAS   Aug 15th 1964 80 years Beloved husband of Mary A Luther. Deep in our hearts, Your memory is kept. We loved him too dearly to ever forget. Ever remembered and sadly missed by his wife and family.
GOODYEAR VICTOR W   June 3,1971 56 yrs, 6 mos Beloved husband of Cavell Goodyear. His toil is past, His work is done, He fought the fight, The victory won. Ever remembered by wife & family.
GOODYEAR WILLIAM 1888 1970   They live with us in memory and will forever more.
GOODYEAR SELINA 1891 1970    


Original Contributed and transcribed by Morley Goodyear (August 2000)


Robert's first wife was Bertha Tucker from Topsail/Manuels area, (Buried in Monroe with Robert)

Robert's second wife was Leah Faulkner from Bonavista. (Widower who brought her small son with her -- Fred Faulkner) She is buried in Bonavista somewhere.

There are numerous graves with no headstones or markings! This may be a challenge to identify.

Anyone need any info on above names email me. I have some notes on each and a few good people who can help with tracing famaliy Monroe and area.

Morley Goodyear son of Victor/Cavell



Updated with inscriptions and photographs by Judy Oldford (2005)

Updated to table format by Mary Rawlinson (2005)

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