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Mainland R.C.Cemetery Port Au Port

Barter, John Aug.12,1909 Mar.21,1971  
Barter, Elizabeth [Moraze] Apr.14,1928 Dec.8,1994  
LeCointre, Baptiste
Benoit, Walter Sr. Sept.14,1923 Apr.5,1995  
LeCointre, Elizabeth M. Apr.29,1954 Nov.15,1994  
Hinks, Mary A. 1931 1993  
Oliver, Emilie 1917 1995   w/o Anthony
Barter, Martin Oct.24,1913 Feb.20,1994  
Oliver, Gordon J. Aug.16,1942 Feb.2,1991  
Barter, Veronica Dec.25,1921 Feb.5,1975   w/o Michael
Barter, Michael Aug.17,1907 Mar.11,1981   h/o Veronica
Moraze, Peter Sr. Feb.18,1888 Nov.17,1957  
Barter, Ernest J. Feb.13,1918 June 22,1983  
Lainey, Anatole Sept.22,1919 Jan.1,1989  
Benoit, Nicks July 9,1976 Sept.16,1992   s/o Janet & Nicky
Moraze, Eugene Josephine July 17,1893 Feb.11,1988  
Woods, Agnes Aug.6,1934 July 6,1997  
Pope, Winnie [ Lainey ] June 22,1936 Feb.28,1998  
Moores, Peter Jan.20,1920 Dec.6,1986   h/o Catherine J.
Moores, Catherine J. Dec.27,1911 Mar.15,1983   w/o Peter
Barter, Mary J. Nov.1908 Feb.7,1986  
Barter, Delma 1938 1997  
Cornect, William Aug.2,1907 Sept.19,1989  
Cornect, Ella 1898 1968  
Barter, Thomas 1923 1985  
Barter, Eugenie 1899 ????  
Hinks, Eugene   Feb.9,1955 49 yrs  
Lainey, Anatole 1891 1954   h/o Ella
Lainey, Michael   June 1934.  
Tallack, Kimmy Dec.2,1971 June 12,1985  
Moraze, Arthur L. 1915 1979  
Moore, Mary A. Dec.26,1918 Aug.12,1977   w/o Lawrence March
Barter, Joseph Sept.15,1896 June 10,1964  
Cornect, Anne Marie Feb.12,1961 Oct.12,1967  
Cluney, Gladys   July 25,1935 4 yrs  
Chaisson, Mary Ann 1900 1981  
Chaisson, Narcisse 1898 1979  
White, Thomas Mar.4,1906 Nov.15,1978  
Jesso, Celestine Sept.11,1982 Sept.11,1982  
Turrett, John Edward Sept.7,1898 Sept.20,1977  
Beasau, James   Dec.21,1906 57 yrs  
Benoit, Eliza 1888 1984  
Chaisson, Nora   June 25,1965  
LeCointre, Emily Feb.23,1899 Jan.19,1984  
Woods, Constance Feb.20,1924 Sept.13,1991  
Hinks, Ada Aug.23,1927 May 20,1998  
Briand, Ann 1899 1980  
Kerpotret, Emile Sept.11,???? Jan.23,????  
Also 26 White Wooden Crosses in this Cemetery.

Transcribed by Debbie Brake, Benoit's Cove, NF Canada

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