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United Cemetery

Trinity Bay District,
Edgar Avery   March 3, 1967 68 years Beloved husband of Victoria Avery
Victoria May Avery Dec. 14, 1903 March 6, 1987    
Ella Avery   Oct. 13, 1939 4 years, - 10 months Beloved child of Victoria and Edgar Avery
Annie Avery   June 3, 1942 3 years, - 2 months Beloved child of Victoria and Edgar Avery
Jehu Avery   June 8, 1945 16 years, - 10 months Beloved son of Edgar and Victoria Avery
Hayward Vey   Drowned - July 2, 1945 28 years Beloved husband of Annie Vey and son of Herbert and Edna Vey.
Sarah Drodge   Nov. 25, 1912 15 years Sister of Eli Drodge
Walter James Vey   April 10, 1913 1 year, - 7 months Beloved child of Simeon and Effie Vey
Emily Avery   1904 35 years Beloved wife of Eleazer Avery - Erected by her son William.
Maria Vey   Sept. 1, 1911 62 years Beloved wife of Alfred Vey
Alfred Vey   Sept. 22, 1915 72 years  
Lucindia Avery   1922 81 years Erected by William Avery
Stanley Avery   Oct. 1944 28 days Darling child of Walter and Alice Avery
Phyllis Avery   April 27, 1944 9 years Our dear daughter erected by mother Bessie Avery
Eleazer Avery   Aug. 3, 1937 74 years Dear father erected by son Edwin
Emily Avery   1923   Beloved child of Alfred and Sarah Avery
Alice Fanny Avery   1926   Beloved child of Alfred and Sarah Avery
John Frances Avery   1928   Beloved child of Alfred and Sarah Avery
Alfred Wilbert Avery   1935   Beloved child of Alfred and Sarah Avery
Hilda Dyann Avery   May 7, 1950 5 months (Wooden marker) Daughter of Ernest and Lily Avery
John R. Avery   Aug. 9, 1968 96 years In loving memory of father
Bertha Avery   April 23, 1943 65 years Beloved wife of John R. Avery
William Avery   May 20, 1983 88 years Seaman, Royal Navy WWI
Simeon Vey   Feb. 3, 1956 82 years Erected by loving wife Effie and family
Ernest R. Avery   Dec. 4, 1982 63 years Nfld Forestry WW2

Original transcription by Eric Stringer (November 2000)

Updated and inscriptions added by Wanda Garrett (April 2007)

Page Last Modified: Sunday September 20, 2020 (Don Tate)

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