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Headstones in Cemetery
at Little St. Joseph's,
Placentia Bay



John Picco Sr. Sept. 10 1910 age 69 Erected by wife Maria and son John.

Maria Picco Mar. 2 1920 age 78 Erected by son John.

John Picco Jr. Feb. 9 1947 age 71 Erected by wife Eileen.

James Picco May 4 1960 age 87 Erected by Son Cornelius.

Mary Isabel Picco July 23 1911 age 26 Erected by John Picco.

John Joseph Picco Feb. 25 1966 age 75 Erected by wife Annie.

Elizabeth Picco Jan 4 1944 age 89 Erected by daughter Mary Joseph Keating.

( Carrie was on same headstone as Elizabeth Picco, no dates. Possibly daughter of Mary Joseph and g- daughter of Elizabeth.)

Leonard Picco born May 19 1922 Died Jul 22 1957 and wife Rita Lake born Oct 7 1925 Died May 24 1941.


Selina Hanrahan Sept. 24, 1907 age 24 Erected by mother Mrs. John Hanrahan


Mary Agnes Barron Feb. 2 1913 age 50 Erected by son John

Peter Barron Mar. 6 1919 age 64 Erected by sons Joseph & Lawrence

Cecelia Barron Feb. 29 1918 age 23 Erected by husband John Barron

Jerome Barron Jan. 4 1960 age 35yr 7mo Erected by wife Mary E.

Philomena Barron Apr. 6 1953 age 62yr 10 mo Erected by husband Wm.

P. Barron


James Wm. Hayes Feb. 22 1906 age 36 yrs. 10 months


Charles Browne Jun. 20 1921 age 21 Erected by Patrick Browne

Bridget Browne May 17 1910 age 76 Erected by Patrick R. Michael


James Browne Sep. 14 1943 age 54yr 10mo

Patrick Browne Feb. 8 1926 age 64

Patrick Browne Sep. 15 1944 age 24 Erected by mother Frances Browne

**** Drowned at St. John's ******


Annie Brown July 30 1964 age 42 Erected by husband Wm. Brown

***** Died in St. John's *****

Bridie Brown Nov. 8 1906 age 2yr 2 mo Erected by Joseph & Ellen


Maurice King Sept. 23 1932 age 63 Erected by mother Mary King

***** In same plot Caroline Cheeseman (sister)*****

Charles King May 6 1907 age 71 Erected by wife Mary

Charles King Jan. 13 1911 age 10yr 11mo Son of Maurice & Mary King

John Thomas King Mar 18 1882 age 28 Son of Charles & Mary King

Julia King Mar. 30 1911 age 33 Erected by husband Robert


Michael Ryan June 23 1962 age 77

Maurice Ryan June 26 1940 age 25yr 11mo Erected by mother Mrs. Michael Ryan


Frederick Mulrooney Aug. 17 1961 age 71yr 11mo Erected by wife Ellen T.


Maurice Hunt b. May 11, 1895 d. July 25 1963 Erected by wife Lucy Hunt


George Stewart Sept 10 1964 age 67


Johannah Peavy Apr 21 1920 age 75


George ?? June 24 1918 age 19 Erected by father Denis



Transcribed by: Rosalind Lannon (Hanrahan), Placentia, NF Canada

Page Last Modified: Sunday September 13, 2020 (Don Tate)

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