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Leading Tickles Methodist Cemetery
Leading Tickles
Twillingate District

Partial Listing (27 of ~60) with Photos

Surname Given Born Died Age Spouse Other
Alcock Esther (Martin)   Feb 26th 1950 94 years John  
Alcock James   9th July 1889 83rd year    
Alcock John   June 6, 1878 34 years Esther (Martin)  
Alcock Samuel W.   Nov. 17 1900 24 Leah Violet (Haggett)  
Alcock Thomas   Apr 1816 18 years    
Chippett Martha   April 17th 1899 95 years John  
Chippett Noah   Aug 5th 1928 83 years Dorcas Tabitha (Moore)  
Chippett Roland Perry   Sept. 15. 1974 65 years Georgina Jane (Martin)  
Chippett Noah Eli 1924 1986   Ruth Harriet (Alcock)  
Ruth Harriet (Alcock) 1921 1993   Noah Eli  
Chippett Mark?   March 15 1866 ??    


Marsh Vera M.          
Martin Uriah   Nov. 8, 1916 62 years Fanny (Taylor)  
Martin Uriah   Aug. 5th, 1899 66 years    
Martin Warrick Martin Perry   Octr. 10th 1917 22 years   Killed in France
Rowsell Arthur          
Rowsell Eli   Aug. 12, 1919 75 years Mary  
Rowsell Joseph 1923 1942      
Rowsell Martha     53 years    
Rowsell Mary Margaret 1919 1994   Stewart  
Rowsell Mary   Jan. 21st 1934 74 years 3 mos.    
Rowsell Prudence Jane 1899 1972      
Rowsell Selena   April 21st, 1917 65 years    
Rowsell Stewart Cyril 1918 1999   Mary  
Ward Josiah   Dec. 2, 1918 ?? years Mary  
Mary   Nov. 23, 1913 44 years Josiah  

Transcribed by: Roslyn Collins - (2005 05)

Transcriber's Notes

The Leading Tickles Methodist Cemetery is located behind the Parish Hall, in Leading Tickles.

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