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Little Bay Islands
Green Bay

Denomination: Methodist/United Church

Numbers refer to headstones and/or obvious unmarked graves shown on the cemetery maps included. Cemetgery locations and boundries and headstones/grave locations are approximate. Fenced and otherwise marked plots are also shown.
1 ANSTEY Common headstone erected by Alex ANSTEY and wife in memjory of:
    Mother, Maria ANSTEY died 3 Sept 1915, age 78y
    Father, George ANSTEY died 18 Jan 1917 age 72y
    Sister Fanny ANSTEY died 25 Mar 1890 age 11y
    Sister Annie ANSTEY died 23 May 1891 age 21y
    Brother Samuel ANSTEY died 20 Mar 1890 age 17y
    Brother Thomas ANSTEY died 21 Oct. 1891 age 20y
    (All of the above in a common fenced plot)    
2 LOCKE Common headstone in concrete bordered plot:
    Theodore James 1890 - 1920 Royal Nfld Reg.,  
    Son of Lionel and Harriett      
    Claude 13 Apr 1930 13 May 1930  
    Edward 29 Jan 1935 16 Jul 1942  
    Sons of Ida and Joseph.      
3 CURTIS William Born at Dorset England 31 Mar 1810 Died at Little Bay Island 21 Jan 1899 age 70y
(NOTE:There was no age shown on the headstone, but the LBI UC Bur Reg shows he died 21 Jan 1899 at age 85y; this would indicate he was born Abt 1814)
4 WISEMAN Phillip   Died 18 Jan 1900 age 70y
5 WISEMAN Catherine Wife of Philip WISEMAN, died 21 Jan 1919 age 87y
6 REX George Theodore Infant son of Rev. W. and E. A. REX    
      born 16 Nov 1890 died 22 Nov 1890  
7 THISTLE Maxwell J.   died 1 Apr 1915 age 16y
    Headstone erected by sisters Minnie and Rowie.      
8 TUFFIN Priscilla Wife of James TUFFIN died 1 Apr 1898 age 46y
9 RENDELL Elizabeth Wife of James RENDELL died 28 Sep 1905 age 47y
10 GRIMES George   died 26 Jun 1894 age 72
11 GRIMES George Who drowned in the straits of Belle Isle on 8 Jul 1894 age 26y

Transcribed and Contributed by Rupert Wiseman (June 2002)

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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