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DENOMINATION: Methodist-United Church (UC-1 on maps).
Numbers refer to headstones (with inscriptions) and/or obvious unmarked graves shown on cemetery plans attached. Cemetery locations and boundarys and headstone/grave locations are approximate. Fenced or otherwise marked plots are also shown.
These two United/Methodist cemeteries are located about 300 yards from the main Lushes Bight villiage road, on the South Side of the road leading from Lushes Bight to Cutwell Arm and Ward's Harbour/Quinton's Cove
1. ------ Unnamed grave with wooden fence.              
2. HAWKINS (common headstone)            
HAWKINS Harvey E. 1902   1907 Father    
HAWKINS Effie L. GRAY 1904   1979 Mother    
3.PARSONS (common headstones)            
  Sidney J. 1904   1980      
  Camilla 1898   1985      
4.----- Fenced plot, 2? unnamed graves.              
5. HOLLETT Uriah   8 Aug 1958      
6.COLBOURNE Roderick     23 Oct 1987 69y   Nfld Overseas Forestry Corps
7.COLBOURNE Emma Jane     15 May 1962 72yr beloved wife of Simeon COLBOURNE  
  (Same headstone)            
COLBOURNE Algatha Myrrel     4/1/2002 1928 1yr 4mos.    
8. Unnamed grave, wooden fence.              
9. Common headstone              
PARSONS Susanna   22 May 1931 69yr Mother  
PARSONS Samuel   4 Oct 1939 77yr Father  
PARSONS Sydney   12 Dec 1932 41yr Son lost at sea
9a. Loving memory of Gladys, wife of Sidney PARSONS, cremated and ashes scattered to join her husband at sea.              
10. PARSONS Stanley     18 Jul 1967 60yr    
11.BROOKS Peter   15 Feb 1937 61yr beloved husband of Janet BROOKS  
12. RICE Stella Nellie Beth   6 Sep 1925 2yr 9mos daughter of Edgar and Harriett RICE.  
13.PARSONS Eliza M.     15 Sep 1945 66yr wife of Josuah PARSONS  
14.PARSONS Meta     15 Sep 1907 2yr daughter of Josuah and Eliza PARSONS.  
15.PARSONS Children of Jon and Selina              
  Lily 19 Jul 1886 1890      
  Herbert 22 Oct 1889 1890      
  John 16 Aug 1890 1890      
16.PARSONS Lucy       22 Oct 1897 26yrs. wife of Josuah PARSONS  
17a.PARSONS Herbert       28 Oct 1902 11 yrs. son of Job and Dorcas PARSONS  
17b.------- Common headstone PARSONS.              
  Dorcas   1871 1974      
  Job   1873 1927      
17c.HOLLAWAY Louise Minnie     1893 1987      
18.a.MORGAN James     1872 1948 (SA) Father  
18b.MORGAN Amelia Ann     1883 1987 103 yrs.    
(above 2 headstones in one concrete edged plot).              
19a.CARAVAN Pleman Stanley       1901 Jan 3yr 5mos.    
19b.CARAVAN Albert       30 Mar 1901 6yr 7mos    
19c.CARAVAN Stella Levie       1900 Jan 11 mos    
19d.CARAVAN Edgar       Jan 1890 2 yrs (?)    
19e.CARAVAN James       1905 Oct 1yr 17d.    
  (above 5 graves have separate carved wooden markers).            
20a.PARSONS Freddie Newton       24 Nov 1903 4yr 3mos child of Peter and Eliza PARSONS  
20b.PARSONS Flora Constantine       21 Jan 1909 6 yrs. child of Peter and Eliza PARSONS  
20c.PARSONS Elizabeth       14 Dec 1925 47yrs. wife of Peter PARSONS  
20d.PARSONS Grace Darling       8 Mar 1928 22 yrs. daughter of Peter and the late Elizabeth PARSONS  
20e.PARSONS Peter, Capt.       31 Jan 1954 75yrs.    
21.BROOKS John 9 Sep 1864 28 Jan 1945 81 yrs.    
22.PARSONS Hayard C.       11 Mar 1924 21yrs 8mos. (Fallen Headstone)    
23.BROOKS Elizabeth     22 Feb 1927 64yrs. wife of John BROOKS  
24. MERCER (common headstone MERCER)              
  Harvey Richard   1893 1942 and wife Rachel Elizabeth 1900-1984.    
25. ---- Unnamed grave.            
26. BALL Albert E.     27 Jul 1915 24yrs. died suddenly.    
27. BALL Frank Noble     30 Jan 1916 8 yrs 26d. son of J C BALL    
28.DAVENPORT Henry       25 Feb 1897 21yrs.    
  Erected by the Twillingate District of the Methodist Church 1905 in Memory of Henry DAVENPORT methodist            
29a.CLIFFORD Rubert     24 Feb 1911 1yr 2mos.   son of Wilson and Priscilla COLBOURNE
29b.----- (common headstone COLBOURNE):              
  Wilson   1884 1948 and      
  Priscilla   1890 1973      
30.----- (common headstone):              
ROBERTS George W     6 Dec 1929 27yrs drowned at Lance-au Pigeon  
ROBERTS William     13 May 1930 60yrs died suddenly  
31.CARAVAN William       7 Jul 1938 72yrs husband of Sarah CARAVAN  
32.COLBOURNE Shauna Gayle   1 Dec 1978 28 Dec 1978 28 days daughter of Eric and Marilyn COLBOURNE  
33.------ (Common headstone) Children of Samuel and Bessie LEDREW.              
LEDREW Dulcie 23 May 1911 16 Sep 1911      
  Bramwell 23 Jun 1912 4 Aug 1913      
  Annie B 10 Dec 1916 21 Sep 1917      
  Julie 10 Aug 1920 23 Feb 1921      
  Lily 5 Sep 1933 10 Oct 1934      

Contributed by: Rupert Wiseman (July 2002)

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