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Numbers refere to headstones and/or obvious unmarked graves shown on the cemetery plan. Cemetery locations and boundries and headstones/grave locations are approximate. Denced or otherwise marked plots are also shown.
1 Unmarked Grave
2 Gordon HEATH, seaman, Cdn Merchant Navy, WW2, died 25 Dec 1988 age 64y
3 Unmarked Grave
4 Leah, wife of Ezra RIDEOUT, died 12 Oct 1980 age 67y
5 Unmarked Grave
6 Unmarked Grave (Concrete boundry)
7 George, husband of Harriet BURTON, died 23 Jun 1922 age 77y.
8 Unmarked Grave(s) plot marked with boards
9 Unmarked Grave
10 OAKE: Father, Joseph 1857-1938;
  Mother, Martha 1866 - 1948
11 Mother, Evangeline SLADE 1912 - 1958 (concrete border)
12 Unmarked Grave (blue stone boundry)
13 Charlotte, wife of George OAKE, died 6 Jun 1954 age 59y.
14 Charlotte, wife of George OAKE, died 19 Jul 1918 age 26y;
  Also his infant son, Peter Bramwell died 16 Jun 1918 age 8m.
15 Vera H, child of Ensign and Mrs ROBERTS, died Sep 24 1919 age 3m 2wks.
16 Unmarked grave (child ?)
17a Alman CARAVAN 14 Sep 1897-3 Dec 1980
17b Ida CARAVAN 3 Jul 1901-28 Nov 1970
  (Above graves inside concrete border)
18 Thomas Oake 28 Dec 1928-11 Nov 1959 (Concrete border)
19 Unmarked Grave (fenced)
20 Unmarked grave(s) .
21a Roy, son of Hayward and Gleason OAKE age 8m 2w.
21b Unmarked grave (Child ?)
21c Unmarked grave (child ?)
21d Minnie RIDEOUT died 29 Apr 1952 age 52y.
21e Thomas RIDEOUT 1889 - 1980
21f Unmarked grave
21g Unmarked grave
  Above group all enclosed by fence
22a Unnamed grave (childs ? Marked with a teddy bear)
22b Netta CARAVAN, wife of Stewart CARAVAN, died 17 Feb 1969 age 53y
22c Stewart CARAVAN 24 Jun 1907-20 Jun 1979
  (Above group all enclosed together)
23 Curtis Gregory MORGAN 1971 - 1975; accidently drowned
24 Wavey Denise RIDEOUT 27 Aug 1960-20 Jan 1962 daughter of Pierce and Marle
25 Hartfield J. MORGAN, husband of Winnie, 22 Nov 1912 - 26 Feb 1981
26 Francis H. ROWBOTTOM 1882 - 1979
27 Gertrude, wife of Francis ROWBOTTOM, born 8 Aug 1893 died at Lushes Bight 23 Oct 1962
28 Newton SLADE 1902-1972; his son Eric SLADE 1956 - 1975
29 Frederick SLADE 1939 - 1963
30 Unmarked grave; wire fince
31 Unmarked grave (infant ?); board rail fence
32 Calmney Vera BURTON 1 Jul 1921-10 Oct 1986 age 65y.

Contributed by Rupert Wiseman (2002)

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