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ABBOTT, Joan			B. 1945 				D. November 12, 1997
She is missed by her children Michelle, Mike, Rick and Bob.

ALLEN, James Earl							D. Nov. 8, 1986 age 49.

ARUMETS, Vello			B. May 13, 1918				D. July 5, 1997
Beloved wife Anja, son Heino, daughter Anita.

BAGGS, Harvey Nelson		B. 1925					D. 1996
In Gods care.

BAILEY, Shya Dawn							D. Dec. 30, 1991
Sadly missed by Mom and Dad, Nan and Pop Smith and uncle Robert
grandma and grandpa Bailey and family. We love you.



BAZUIK, Margaret		B. 1930					D. 1997
Sadly missed by Walter.

BENSON, Melita M.		B. 1911					D. 1986
Wife of Walter H. Benson.

BEST, David L.			B. April 16, 1958			D. Sept. 21, 1974

BEST, Leslie W. 		B. 1937					D. 1996
Beloved husband, father and grandfather.
Ever remembered , ever loved.

BEST, Mary Ellen		B. 1939					D. 1993
Forever in our hearts.

BLAKE, Cameron Daniel		B. Dec. 30, 1943			D. May 19, 2000
In the arms of the Angels.

BLUNDELL, Eric C.		B. Jan. 15, 1945			D. July 16, 2000
Ever remembered by his wife Jenny, daughters Gwen and Annette,
Son Craig.

BLUNDON, Stephanie Joy		B. Oct. 16, 1967			D. Oct. 19, 1967

BOLAND, Edward J.		B. Oct. 14, 1929			D. Feb. 10, 1998

BRAZIL, Harry M.		B.1926					D. 1990
Dear husband and father.

BREEN, Maxwell Robert		B. April 20, 1919			D. April 10, 1979
A loving father, tender and kind
What a beautiful memory you left behind.

BREEN, Rebecca Mae		B. Dec. 1918				D. June 19, 1999

BRINSTON, Patricia		B. 1924					D. 1995
BRUCE, Baby								D. May 2, 1966
Child of Robert and Gertrude Bruce.

BRUCE, Richard Joseph		B. 1923					D. 1979
Ever remembered, Ever loved.

BURSEY, R								D. 1976
Infant son of Wayne and Donna

BUCHEL, Albert J.		B. 1923					D. 1987
He loved us as we loved him.

BYRNE, Arthur Joseph		B. 1928					D. 1996
Beloved husband, father and grandfather.

BYRNE, Jamie Thomas		B. 1969					D. 1996
Ever remembered, Ever loved.

CAMPBELL, William A		B. 1939					D. 1989
CAMPBELL, Susan N.		B. 1940					D. 1991

CARRE, Michelle			B. May 21, 1959				D. May 1961
Rest in peace.

CASMEY, Robert A.		B. Dec. 11, 1929			D. April 14, 1973
Beloved husband and father.

CHARTRAND, Mary Conners		B. 1912					D. 1992

CHEN, Paul Brian		B. Nov. 6, 1953				D. Dec. 9, 1975
In memory a daily thought. In heart a silent sorrow.

CHESLEY, Amo			B. Dec. 1, 1902 at St. John, NB		D. Oct. 9, 1976
Much loved and steadfast B'Hai pioneer to Labrador.
A loving friend to all. Erected by the Foley family.

CHUBBS, Baby William Lloyd	B. Jan. 1, 1969				D. Jan. 4, 1969

CHUBBS, William Lloyd		B. Nov. 3, 1945				D. Jan. 10, 1998

CLARKE, Samuel			B. 1936					D. Mar. 27, 1976
The call was sudden, the shock severe
To part with one we love so dear

CLENCH, Lester M.		B. April 26, 1947			D. Feb. 19, 1992
The wind beneath our wings.

CLUETT, Baby								D. Dec. 5, 1973

COLBERT, William R.		B. 1936					D. 1992
Ever remembered, Ever loved.

COLES, Joyce Elizabeth		B. 1940					D. 1981

CONDON, Kathleen		B.Mar. 25, 1965				D. Aug. 12, 1965
Our beloved infant

CONNOLLY, Larry J.		B. 1924					D. 1980

DAVIS, Jonathon F.		B. 1985					D. 1987
In our hearts forever.

DAY, Christine Ann		B. April 13, 1967			D. May 13, 1967
Always remembered, never forgotten. Lloyd and Andree.

DAY, John R. 			B. 1922					D. 1981
Beloved husband of Grace M.

DELANEY, Mary								D.1969

DELUREY, James Joseph							D. Jun. 28, 1990 age 23
Forever missed and sadly remembered by Mom and Dad
James and Mary Delurey, sister Sharon and grandmother Jessie

DESCHENES, Derek Marc							D. Jan 1, 1972
Son of Jill and Andre Deschenes.

These are on the same headstone:
DESCHENES, Leonard		B. 1922					D. 1972
LECHASSEUR, Rita		B. 1923					D. 1987


DROVER, Allan Boyd		B. Aug.18, 1964				D. Aug. 20, 1964

DUBE, Paul			B. 1948					D. 1985
Your passing has left a void in our hearts never to be filled again.
Michelle, Joseph and Dale.

DUFFITT, Alexander Roy		B. Oct. 1942				D. Dec. 1999

DUFFY, Regina Rose		B. 1921					D. 1990
Wife of Hugh Duffy. To live in the hearts we love is not to die.

DUMERESQUE, Shane		B. 1981					D. 1987
Brother of Charlene. Rest in peace until we meet again.

DURDLE, Joan Elizabeth		B. 1946					D. 1998

DYKE, Baby Shawn

EMOND, Mary			B. 1945					D. 1975    
In Loving Memory of Mary Alice Short Emond Born - December 29, 1945 Died - November 24, 1975 
Please Step Softly Say a Prayer Beneath this Simple Stone Sleeps my Sister Mary

EMOND, Robert Jacques		B. Aug. 6, 1944				D. Sept. 18, 1971
Although he is gone from Earth he shall remain with us always
Erected by his wife Mary and daughter Mariette.

ETSELL, Irene J.		B. 1939					D. 2000
Beloved wife, mother and grandmother.

ETSELL, Judy M.			B. 1944					D. 1995
Beloved wife, mother and grandmother
Ever remembered, Ever loved.

ETSELL, Wilfred G.		B. 1939					D. 1998
Beloved husband, father and grandfather.


FILLIER, Kyle Dominic		B. 1992					D. 1998
Dads best buddy. Brother to John and Ashley.
Always with us. 

FISHER, Warren E.		B. 1932					D. 1994

FITZGERALD, Leo			B. 1935					D. 1997
Ever remembered, ever loved.

FLOWERS, Misty Amber		B.Jan. 9, 1985				D. Apr. 22, 1988
Erected by foster parents Brenda and Norman Rose
In our arms for awhile, in our hearts forever.

FORSTER, John			B. 1911					D. 1966

FOSTER Stephen Roy		B. 1980					D. 1985
Son of Robert and Vida

GILBERT, Melanie Marie							D. Aug. 17, 1998

GOVER, Christopher		B. Aug. 20, 1971			D. Apr. 22, 1977
Son of Jerome and Rosemary Gover.

GREENE,Blandon Chad		B. 1996					D. 1998
Now I lay me down to sleep in our hearts forever.

GREENE, Kevin Joseph		B. 1920					D. 1991
Ever remembered, ever loved.
Agnes and family.

HAMLYN, Robert J.		B. 1948					D. 1999

HATCH, Baby Jennifer							D. 1979

HEARN, John J.			B. 1963					D. 1984

HEBERT, Georges			B. 1907					D. 1980
Epoux de Jeanne Gagnon.

HEDD, Merrill J.		B. 1937					D. 1992
Rest in Peace.

HISCOCK, Baby			B. Aug. 25, 1962			D. Aug. 25, 1962
Son of Grant and Audrey Hiscock

HUBBARD, Major A.E. RE		B. apr. 17, 1898			D. Mar. 26, 1965
Beloved husband of Elizabeth Attersley and Mary Keppie.
Lead thou me on.

HYNES, Rennie Leon		B. Aug. 4, 1973				D. Nov. 2, 1973
Beloved son of Rennie and Carol.

IVANY, Frank			B. 1927					D. 1994?
Rest In Peace

JACKMAN, Ellen Michelle		B. 1984					D. 1985

JUBBER, Douglas Charles		B. Mar. 10, 1965			D. Mar. 11, 1965

JUBBER, Stewart Charles		B. Apr. 15, 1964			D. Apr. 16, 1964

KEEL, Baby Girl								D. May 14, 1976
He whose love exceeded our powers 
has taken home our child.

KELLY, Edmund Francis		B. Mar. 2, 1946				D. Mar. 6, 1993
Beloved husband of Mary. Father of Joanna, Rosanna, and Richard.
Until we meet again, let perpetual light shine upon him.

KINDEN, Gary M.			B. 1971					D. 1986
Son of Ford and Elsie. The shock was sudden, 
The pain severe to loose the one we love so dear.

LABOUR, Edwin t.		B. 1967					D. 1984
If it had to be, I'm glad that you lie here
Where the air is free and clear - Sis.

Loving father and grandfather of the Bevan family
Rest among the flowers, Grandad.

LEPAGE, Marcel G.		B. Aug. 27, 1941			D. Sept. 24, 1978
The call was sudden, the shock severe
To part with the one we love so dear.

LITTLE, Roy			B. 1922					D. 1993
RCNVR  WW 2 - Lest we forget.

HJALMARSON, Marguerite Thelma (Nee Long)		
B. 1916					D. 1968
Beloved wife of Gestur W. Hailmarson

MacIsaac, Angela		B. Sept. 25, 1911			D. June 23, 1996
To know her was to love her.

MANSTAN, Robert Gordon		B. Sept. 14, 1967			D. Nov. 2, 1967
Infant son of Gordon and Anita Manstan.

MARKOWSKI, Michael		B. 1927					D. 1980

MATIENZO, George Paul		B. 1930					D. 1997	

MATIENZO, Patricia M.		B. 1932					D. 1984

MAYO, Baby								D. Nov 22, 1972
Asleep in the arms of Jesus.


McDONALD, Thomas		B. 1923					D. 1988
Husband of Emily - In memory a daily thought
In heart a silent sorrow.

McGRATH, Baby			B. Oct. 2, 1963				D. Oct. 2, 1963
Son of Albert and Sheila

McLEAN, David			B. 1929					D. 1998
Ever remembered By Florence S.

MENARD, Dora Mary		B. 1928					D. 1985
Forever in our hearts - Andre, Wayne.

MOLLOY, William Christopher	B. June 7, 1917				D. Mar. 20, 1976
Our loved one sleeps here.

MONROE, Hubert
In loving memory of a dear friend.
Rest in peace.

MULLINS, Cle Lawrence		B. Sept. 11, 1990			D. Sept. 12, 1990

MURPHY,Francis Paul		B. 1942					D. 1980

MURPHY, Stuart Craig		B.July 16, 1973				D. July 23, 1973
Beloved son of Margaret and John.

MYERS, Patrick J.		B. Feb. 1917				D. Oct. 1978

NEWHOOK, Barry William		B. 1952					D. 1994
Forever remembered, forever loved by wife June,
sons Danny and Duane. Forever in our hearts.

NOSEWORTHY, Gary H. F.		B. Feb. 19, 1955			D. Aug. 16, 1975
May he walk and pause and marvel
In the garden of his God.

NOSEWORTHY, Kevin                            D. February 16th 2001

O'Brien, Paul E.		B. 1966					D. 1986

OLDFORD, G.			B. Apr. 17, 1937			D. May 18, 2000

O'RIELLY, Philip		B. June 24, 1933			D. June 20, 1995
Beloved husband, father and grandfather.
Ever remembered, ever loved.

OSMOND, Baby								D. Dec. 18, 1973
Daughter of Eric and Elizabeth.

OXFORD, Charlotte Ann		B.Jan. 1945				D. Aug. 1989

PARMITER, Darren Bruce							D. 1977
Suffer little children to come unto me.

PARSONS, Nancy Ann							D. June 1966

PERRY, Gloria Dawn		B. Dec. 4, 1965				D. Feb. 20, 1966
Douglas and Phyllis Perry.
He whose love exceeded ours
has taken home our child.

PIERCEY, Thelma			B. June 18, 1952			D. Feb. 22, 2000
Forever loved, forever remembered.

PIKE, Clyde			B. 1931					D. 1996
Ever remembered, ever loved.


POIRIER, Louis J.		B. 1939					D. 1996
Loving and beloved husband and father.
Cherished memories never fade, love lives on.

POLLARD, Wilmkore Edgar   B. Nov 7th 1950        D. Sept 7th 1984
Forever Remembered, forever loved by wife Joy, Son Sheldon, daughter Sherry-Lynn

POMEROY, David			B. 1986					D. 1992
Ever remembered, ever loved.

POMEROY, Carl Gerard		B. 1934					D. 1990
Ever remembered, ever loved.

POWER, Jeannette		B. Dec. 25, 1911			D. July 25, 1987
She died as she lived, loving God.

PRADELLA, Baby								D. July 3, 1981

REYNOLDS, Charlee Elizabeth	B. June 14, 1997			D. Dec. 3, 1997

RINGER, Lucy Florence		B. 1923					D. 1992
Forever in our hearts.

ROBERTSON, John I.		B. Aug. 16, 1915			D. July 8, 1971
Ever remembered, ever loved.

ROGERS, Aaron Gordon		B. June 1, 1978				D. June 5, 1978
Budded on Earth to blossom in Heaven.

ROGERS, Dawn			B. Mar. 26, 1976			D. Mar. 30, 1976
Ours for a little while, but Jesus' forever.

RUEGG, Alfred			B. 1930					D. 1993
In memory of a dear husband and father.
We trust in God to meet again.

RYAN, Gwendolyn Frances		B. 1937					D. 1996
Ever remembered, ever loved

SAMSON, Allan			B. 1918					D. 1990
Erected by sisters and brothers.
Rest in peace.

SEAWARD, Dorothy		B. Apr. 8, 1926				D. July 5, 1982

SEAWARD, Patrick		B. June 5, 1916				D. Dec. 3, 1977

SEAWARD, Gary			B. 1971					D. 1996
Son of Louis and Janet
Now I lay me down to aleep.

SHEPPARD, J. Gordon		B. Mar. 27, 1944			D. July 23, 1971
Erected by his wife Pauline and son Del.

SIMON,  Michel	 A.		B. 7- 3 - 1947				D. 11-8-1978
Ne a yverdon (suisse)
La mort c'est une autre vie.

SOPER, Yuri			B. 1970					D. 1993	
Beloved son of Gladys and Lloyd
Brother to Debbie, Heidi, Cindy and Laura.

SOUCY, Roger O'Neil		B. 1926					D. 1988
CDN Army, WW 2. Lest we forget.

SPITZNAGEL, Ralph		B. 12-4-1953				D. 6-6-1977
In memory of our dear son and brother.
Til we shall meet and never part again.

SQUIRES, James W.		B. Oct. 12, 1919			D. Jan. 27, 1994

STAMP, Cyril J.			B. 1921					D. 1985

STAMP, Robert			B. July 5, 1959				Drowned June 11, 1966
Son of Joan and Cyril.
May God bless you and keep you.

ST. CROIX, Ronald James		B. May 1, 1956				D. Mar. 6, 1997
At peace with nature and with God.

STONE, William D. B.		B. Jan. 27, 1918			D. Sept. 25, 1976
Erected by his loving wife and children.

STOYLES, Derek Wayne		B. Dec. 12, 1947			D. Mar. 6, 1977
Asleep in Gods beautiful garden
Free from all sorrow and pain.
Remembered by mother, father and family.

STUTZMANN, Karl H. J.		B. May 28, 1930				D. Aug. 15, 1965

SUTTON, Austin Joseph		B. 1944					D. 1992
Erected by wife Lillian Mae.


THERRIEN, Alfred		B. 1905					D. 1981
Epoux de Aurore Gagnon

THERRIEN, Aurore (Gagnon)	B. 1914					D. 1997
Epouse de feu Alfred Therrien.

THOMS, Alan William (Al)	B. Jan. 9, 1948				D. Mar. 30, 1998
For nothing loved is ever lost,
And he was loved so much
Today as always, Ellen and family.
Watching sports in heaven.

TREMBLAY, Brian James		B. May 6, 1974				D. Dec. 10, 1990
Rest in peace.

TREMBLETT Colin R.		B. Dec. 2, 1971				D. Dec. 14, 1971
Loving son of Gerald and Dora Tremblett.

VOLKMANN, Ralph Michael		B. Dec. 10, 1961			D. June 29, 1962
Child of henry and Karla.

WALSH, Richard F.		B. Jan. 8, 1925				D. Oct. 7, 1996
Ever remembered, ever loved 
By the family.

WARD, Baby Girl		
Our loved one sleeps here.

WAY, Alexander W. 		B. June 8, 1941				D. June 1, 1996
Grant him eternal rest.

Way, Jessie R.			B. May 14, 1937				D. July 14, 1991
Grant her eternal rest.

WHITE, Angeleine M.		B. 1941					D. 1983
Wife of John F. White
Ever remembered, ever loved.

WHITE, Douglas J.		B. 1929					D. 1990
Ever remembered, ever loved

WHITE, Helen			B. Apr. 10, 1916			D. Oct. 16, 1978
In memory of mother.

WHITE, Baby Jennifer							D. June 14, 1990
Daughter of Cindy and Glenn,
Sister of Jordan and Jeffrey.

WICKS, Larry G.			B. 1965					D. 1966 age 18 months

WIGHT, Rodney Andrew		B. Oct. 18, 1965			D. Jan.1, 1966
Son of Margaret and Ken.

WISEMAN, Willis S.		B. Oct. 8, 1947				D. May 19, 2000
In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather.

YOUNG, Gordon W.		B. 1920					D. 1992



Transcribed and Contributed
By: Donald Ryan
(September 2000)

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