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Susie B TILLEY b 1902 d 1981   (wife of John J Tilley); erected by family  
John J TILLEY b 1895 d 1986   (husb of Susie B Tilley); erected by family Son of William & Sarah Tilley; believed to be grandson of Thomas & Emma Tilley
Cora Valerie TOMS b Apr 26 1937 d Aug 8 1981      
Anna Eliza FOSTER   d Mar 2 1922 68 yrs Wife of Richard Foster possibly nee Ann Eliza ROWSELL, dau of John Rowsell & Fanny Blandford
Emma Leah FOSTER   d Feb 22 1911 15 yrs, 4 months Dau of Richard & Ann Eliza Foster  
Blanche FOSTER   d Jul 22 1942 21 yrs Dau of Leander & Bertha Foster mother: nee Bertha Jane NEWHOOK
Leander FOSTER   d Oct 12 1959 70 yrs Husband of Bertha Son of Richard & Ann Eliza Foster
Bertha Jane FOSTER b Oct 2 1892 d May 23 1986   Wife of Leander Dau of Jesse Knight Newhook & Salome Anstey
Emily FOSTER b 1897 d 1984      
Warrick FOSTER   d Jan 7 1948 54 yrs    
Collin A TOMS b 1938 d 1991      
Neta S TOMS b 1940 (blank)      
Irene M TOMS b Oct 4 1906 d Sep 28 1996   (wife of Joshua Toms) Dau of George William Dicks & Rosanna May
Joshua TOMS b Nov 2 1891 d Oct 27 1975   (husb of Irene M Toms) Son of Jacob Toms & Mary Ann (?nee Tilley)
John FOSTER   d June 7 1960 83 yrs Erected by family Son of John & Mary; husb of Selina Jane TOMS
Selina Jane FOSTER   d Aug 22 1954 76 yrs Wife of John Foster Dau of Elias TOMS & widow Jane Pelley
Jacob TOMS   d Jul 4 1950 86 yrs (husband of Mary Ann) Son of Elias Toms & Julia Brett; husb of Mary Ann
Mary TOMS   d Apr 15 1946 78 yrs Wife of Jacob Toms Possibly nee Mary Ann Tilley, dau of Anna/Hannah Tilley
Elias TOMS   d Jan 21 1913 91.5 yrs Husband of Jane Toms Of Joe Batts Arm; md (1) Julia Brett and (2) widow Jane Pelley
Jane TOMS   d Dec 4 1912 85 yrs Wife of Elias Toms widow Pelley
Blanche TOMS   d Jan 20 1927 28 yrs Wife of Edmund Toms  
Ella TOMS   d Aug 7 1944 40 yrs (second) wife of Edmund Toms  
Edmund TOMS   d Dec 10 1974 84 yrs Father Son of Jacob Toms & Mary Ann (? Nee Tilley)
Ernest BARTLETT   d Dec 24 1967 74 yrs, 6 months (husband of Florence E Bartlett) Ernest Albert, son of William Bursey Bartlett & Rosanna Winsor
Florence E BARTLETT b Dec 8 1899 d Dec 2 1990   (wife of Ernest Albert Bartlett) dau of Joseph STOODLEY & Mary White
Marjorie Doris OKE   d June 30 1916 15 months Dau of Charles & Jessie Oke  
William Henry PROLE   d Nov 18 1938 70 yrs (husband of Jane Prole) Son of Robert Prole & Susan Giles
Jane PROLE   d Mar 1 1936 63 yrs Wife of William Henry Prole Dau of Absalom STOODLEY & Amelia Prole
William WHITE   d Jul 1 1916 21 yrs Killed in action in France; Private, Royal NF Regiment #1632  
Robert NEWBURY   d Mar 26 1964 93 yrs (husb of Hannah Newbury) Son of William Newbury & Rachel Toms
Hannah NEWBURY   d May 3 1961 87 yrs (wife of Robert Newbury) Dau of Henry FOSTER & Ann Gray
Susan NEWBURY b 1901 d 1937   Wife of Pearce Newbury  
Pearce NEWBURY b 1901 d 1988   Husband of Susan Newbury Son of Robert Newbury & Hannah Foster
smaller cemetery, across the road
from a larger United Church Cemetery
(Partial collection)
Eliza GILES   d Dec 14 1957 85 yrs   Wife of Theophilus GILES; born Bareneed, Conception Bay
Alan WHITE   d Jan 23 1942 42 yrs Husband of Edith Son of Elias White & Fanny Jane Bishop
Edith Sarah WHITE   (no date)   Mother of Allen & John; (wife of Alan White)  
Harriet GILLINGHAM   d Nov 7 1941 72 yrs Wife of Andrew Gillingham Dau of John FOSS & Rebecca Stoodley
Andrew GILLINGHAM   d Apr 2 1954 84 yrs (husband of Harriet Gillingham) Son of John Gillingham & UNK; born Change Islands
Roland RIDEOUT   d Dec 3 1951 67 yrs Erected by children Sophia, Mildred, Irene, Lizzie, John, Stanley, Herbert, Fred, Reg and Bert Son of John Rideout & Charlotte Adams; husband of Fannie
Fannie RIDEOUT   d Oct 30 1947 62 yrs   born Fogo
Cecily NOBLE   d Mar 12 1941 60 yrs Wife of Theodore Noble nee Cecily Snowball Starks, dau of George Starks & Charlotte Rowsell
George BOWERS   d Apr 6 1962 59 yrs   son of Thomas & Annie Bowers; husb of Sophie
(Partial collection)
Esau TOMS   d May 18 1957 96 yrs, 4 months (husband of Mary Ann Toms) Son of Elias Toms & Julia Brett; husb of Mary Ann ANSTEY
Mary Ann TOMS   d June 27 1952 87 yrs Wife of Esau Toms Dau of John ANSTEY & Jane Curtis
Norman STRONG b Aug 26 1913 d Nov 26 1948     Son of Walter William Strong & Emily Frances Thomas
Edna STRONG   d June 21 1930 19 yrs Dau of Walter & Emily Strong mother's maiden name: Emily Frances Thomas
Walter W STRONG b 1875 d 1952   (husband of Emily F Strong) Son of Job Strong & Mary Jane Upward; husb of Emily Frances Thomas
Emily F STRONG b 1884 d 1974   Wife of Walter W Strong Dau of James George Thomas & Rachel Richmond
Kenneth STRONG   d Apr 22 1944 56 yrs (husband of Mabel Strong) Son of Job Strong & Ruth Prole
Mabel STRONG   d June 20 1922 22 yrs Wife of Kenneth Strong Nee ROBERTS
John RIDEOUT   d May 27 1922 64 yrs (husband of Caroline) Son of Isaac Rideout & Caroline White; husb of Charlotte (aka Caroline) ADAMS
Caroline RIDEOUT   d June 9 1925 66 yrs Wife of John Rideout Nee CHARLOTTE ADAMS, dau of John Adams & Susan Budden; full name must have Charlotte Caroline/Caroline Charlotte; baptized as Charlotte, married as Charlotte, and listed in 1921 Census as Charlotte
Stanley RIDEOUT   d Oct 17 1913 21 yrs 1st departed Brother & Member of the L.O.Y.E.A. of Indian Burying Place; son of John & Charlotte Mother's maiden name: Charlotte Adams
Emily WHITE   d Jan 21 1918 38 yrs Wife of Arthur White; erected by husband  
Arthur WHITE   d Nov 17 1960 82 yrs, 10 months   Believed to be son of James White Jr & Mary Bowers
Eli STARKS   d Apr 24 1904 47 yrs Son of David & Miriam, of Nippers Harbour Mother's maiden name was Miriam White; husb of Annie NORMAN of Bay Roberts (dau of Edward)
Elvie May ADAMS b Oct 15 1897 d Oct 8 1987   (wife of John Francis Adams) Nee WHELAN
John Francis ADAMS b Sep 11 1894 d Apr 10 1963   (husb of Elvie May Adams) Son of Esau Adams & Bessie Starks
Willis S ADAMS b 1900 d 1988   (husb of Hilda J Adams) Son of Esau Adams & Bessie Starks
Hilda J ADAMS b 1902 d 1959   (wife of Willis S Adams) Dau of Stephen RICHARDS & Louisa Shiner
Esau ADAMS   d Jan 11 1937 73 yrs (husb of Bessie Adams) Son of Francis Adams & Eunice Windsor
Bessie ADAMS   d June 16 1944 69 yrs (wife of Esau Adams) Dau of John STARKS & Amy Ann Pollard; bapt as Bethsheba
James WHITE   d Jan 10 1924 12 yrs Son of Elias & Lydia  
Elias WHITE   d Mar 2 1960 87 yrs   Believed to be son of James White Jr & Mary Bowers
Lydia Alice WHITE   d Oct 30 1964 83 yrs Wife of the late Elias White; erected by her stepson Alan Dau of James & Charlotte BOWERS
Joseph STOODLEY   d Feb 14 1937 63 yrs (husb of Esther Stoodley) Son of Thomas Stoodley & Eliza May
Esther STOODLEY   d May 21 1964 79 yrs (wife of Joseph Stoodley) Dau of John GUY & Catherine Pynn; 1st married to James Payne Jr; born Quirpon
(possibly Anglican Cemetery)
(Partial collection)
Frederick John SNOW b 1894 d 1982   Royal NF Regiment WW1; (husb of Ethel Janet Snow) Son of Albert Edward Snow & Sophia Rideout
Ethel Janet SNOW b 1902 d 1962   Wife of Frederick Snow Dau of Thomas FOSS & Mary White
Ruth STRONG   d Oct 4 1919 65 yrs Wife of Job Strong Dau of George PROLE & Susanna Howell; 1st md to John Apblett of Newport, Devon
Esau BURT   d Sep 2 1955 85 yrs (husband of Priscilla Burt) Son of Esau Burt & Amelia Thompson of Herring Neck
Priscilla BURT   d May 6 1920 ?51 yrs Wife of Esau Burt Married as Priscilla KNIGHT, marital status not given

COLLECTED JULY 2001 by Jill Marshall

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