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St. Paul's
Anglican Cemetery

Fogo District

View of Church View of Cemetery Sign
BAILEY Baxter   Oct 5, 1940 19 years Tis hard to say the one we loved so soon should pass away, to sleep within the silent grave and moulder in the clay.
BAILEY Bernice Eileen   Sept. 28, 1952 1yr
8 mos
Daughter of George & Maud Bailey
God took away our rosebud but we should not repine, for He wears within His bosom a rose that once was mine.
BAILEY Charles   Dec 13, 1978 86 years Rest father rest in quiet sleep while we in sorrow over thee weep
BAILEY Elsie M.   Mar 23, 1972 85 years,
7 mos
She died as she lived, trusting in God
BAILEY George William June 26, 1915 June 10, 1980 65 years Drowned
Erected by wife and family
Not lost to memory or to love but safe in our Father's home above
A memorial of a soul committed to the sea.
BAILEY John Feb 27, 1914 Jan 18, 2006   He died as he lived... trusting in God
BAILEY Lindsay   May 14, 1962 52 1/2 years Gone but not forgotten. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.
Erected by his wife and children
BAILEY Maude Oct 21, 1926 May 30, 1993   Life is not forever but love is.
Remembered by family
BAILEY Susanna   April 2, 1968 82 years I am the Resurrection and the Life
Erected by her husband
BAILEY Violet June 23, 1930 Jan 18, 2005   Life's last gift - Remembrance
BAILEY Llewellyn Nov 30, 1923 Nov 1, 2011    
BARNES Absalom May 15, 1917 June 1, 2001   May you rest in peace.
Erected by his loving family
BARNES Fanny Ann   Oct 11, 1964 82 years O Lamb of God Redeemer Blest grant her Thy eternal rest.
Erected by her sons and daughters.
BARNES Martin   Sept 13, 1958 83 years Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.
Rest in Peace
Erected by his wife and family
BARNES Frances Aug 8, 1925 May 20, 2010   Loving memories last forever
Always remembered, always loved.
BARNES Johanna   Dec 8, 1984 66 years On that bright eternal shore, we shall meet to part no more.
Erected by husband Absalom
BARNES John   Dec 23, 1966 45 years Grant him O Lord eternal rest.
Erected by his brothers and sister
BARNES Lloyd   June 16, 1959 5 years Drowned
Erected by the family
Our loved one sleeps here
BENNETT Phoebe Jane Sept 4, 1904 Aug 27, 1996   Until we meet again
BENNETT Thomas   Nov 6 1976 84 years Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord
COLE John H.   April 29, 1963 56 years On that bright eternal shore, we shall meet to part no more.
COLES Amelia Jane Nov 8, 1909 June 6, 1996   Peacefully sleeping
COLES Christine (Hodder) May 15, 1934 Sept 10, 2011   (Mam) For all of us you did your best.
Another link is broken in our household band but a chain is forming in a better land. The call was sudden, the shock severe, to part with one we loved so dear.
COLES Harvey   April 10, 1942 33 Drowned while seal hunting.
Beloved sons of William Hy. & Pheobe Coles
COLES Sandy   April 10, 1942 28 Farewell in hope and love, in faith and peace and prayer, till He whose home is ours above unite us there
COLES Leonard H.   July 14, 1979 69 years Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.
COLES Martin H.   April 26, 1940 5 months Safe in the arms of Jesus
COLES William Henry   Aug 18, 1948 71 Father grant thy weary ones rest for evermore.
COLES Phoebe   Feb 14, 1951 68 Erected by their children in loving memory
COLES William Frederick May 30, 1926 Mar 4, 2003   I've weathered many storms on sea and on shore. My sailing life is over, stormy seas I sail no more. I've put my anchor down in a peaceful harbour.
Forever with the Lord
FORD Alexander Feb 14, 1902 Mar 13, 1986   Father, grant thy weary one rest for evermore
FORD Ambrose Sept 7, 1937 Feb 2, 1994   Forever in our hearts, Always in our thoughts.
FORD Dora M.   May 21, 1968 65 years On that bright eternal shore, we shall meet to part no more.
Ever remembered by husband & family
FORD Elam   May 10, 1969 52 years
7 Months
His toil is past, his work is done. He fought the fight, the victory won.
Erected by sister Gladys
FORD Emma Mary Aug. 11, 1922 June. 27, 2003   How sweet to sleep where all is peace, and pain is lulled to rest.
Ever loved and remembered by her family
FORD Gladys M. Feb 18, 1934 Sept 9. 1995   The Lord is my Shepherd Erected by the Ford family
FORD Gordon   Oct 30, 1986 70 yrs
3 Months
Safe in the arms of Jesus Erected by wife and family
FORD Harvey Dec 10, 1943 Aug 17, 2012   He died as he lived, trusting in God. And the hunter is home from the hill.
Ever remembered by wife Priscilla and family
FORD Henry Sept 29, 1923 April 17, 1996   To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die
FORD Jacob   June 8, 1947 61 years They died as they lived, Trusting in God.
FORD Lily   Mar 21, 1969 70 years In loving memory of mother and father
Erected by the family
FORD Kenneth   Feb 10, 1969 79 years Rest father, rest in quiet sleep while we in sorrow o'er thee weep
Erected by the family
FORD Maxwell Mar 29, 1952 Jan 22, 2003   A loving husband and father, tender and kind, what a beautiful memory you left behind.
FORD Olive Jan 13, 1911 Mar 31, 2003   Not lost to memory! Not lost to love! But gone to Our Father's House above!
In God's care.
FORD Pauline V. May 17, 1956 July 2, 1913   Beloved wife, mother & grandmother, sister & friend.
She lives with us in memory and will for evermore
FORD Susanna   Mar 3, 1949   Wooden cross
FORD Wallace   Dec 21, 1962 54 years In memory, a daily thought. In heart, a silent sorrow.
Erected by wife and family.
HART Harvey Calvin   Aug 30, 1942 8 1/2 years In silence he suffered, in patience he bore, till God called him home to suffer no more.
Son of Roland & Leah Hart
HART Leah Mary (Bath) May 16, 1902 Jan 21, 1991   She died as she lived, trusting in God
HART "Oney" Viona Janet Mar 15, 1945 Oct 23, 2011   If love could have cured you, you would have lived forever.
HART Roland   Mar 10, 1979 82 years Private,
Royal Nfld. Regiment
HART Thomas W.   Dec. 19, 1958 40 years He is gone but not forgotten. As it dawns another year in my lonely hours of thinking thoughts of him are always near.
Erected by his wife.
HART Walter G. June 27, 1910 June 20, 1997   The rose of love blooms forever
HART Sadie P. Nov 30, 1925 Mar 18, 2006    
HEAD Faith Bailey Apr. 1, 1922 June 29, 2006   She passed through Glory's morning gate and walked in Paradise.
Ever loved by five daughters and their families
HEATH Brian N. 1938 1990   On that bright eternal shore, we shall meet to part no more.
HEATH Charles C. Feb 12, 1908 Aug 12, 1995   Married Jan. 5, 1938
HEATH Leah V. July 16, 1919 June 8, 1996   They died as they lived, trusting in God
HEATH Harvey Jan 10, 1942 Mar 7, 1942   Safe in the arms of Jesus
HEATH Eric Sept 12, 1940 Aug 2?, 194?    
HEATH Jonas W. June 18, 1950 Oct 28, 1997   Beloved husband & father
Ever remembered, ever loved
HEATH Kenneth   April 15,1947 30 years Loving son of Alfred & Bertha Heath.
A loving one from us is gone, the voice we love is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, which never will be filled.
HEATH Rebecca   May 19, 1955 72 years
5 Month
Beloved wife of Jonas Heath
HEATH Simeon 1915 1994   Nfld Overseas Forestry Unit WW2
Lest We Forget
LUDLOW Edith Jane July 16, 1902 May 27, 1964 62 years We shall meet again
NICHOL Carolyn Jane Oct 22, 1966 Oct 28, 2002   In silence she suffered with patience she bore, till God called her Home to suffer no more.
Forever to be remembered by family and friends
NICHOL Donald Charles   Dec. 23, 1980 16 1/2 years At home with Jesus
NICHOL Gwen P. Feb 2, 1968 April 16, 1988   At home with Jesus

Transcribed by: Trishe Willis
Photographed and Copyrighted by Trishe Willis

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