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Island Cove, Newfoundland
Trinity Bay District

SMITH, EMMA   Oct 18th 1957 87 years Beloved wife of Lorenzo Smith. Dearest mother thou hast left us, Never will your memory fade; Loving hearts will always linger, 'Round the grave where you are laid.
SMITH, LORENZO   June 14th 1936 73yrs,4mos Beloved husband of Emma Ann Smith. On that happy Easter morning, All the graves their dead restore, Father, Sister, Child and Mother, Meet once more.
SMITH, AMELIA   June 25th 1965 64yrs,9mos Another link is broken, In our household band, But a chain is forming, In a better land.
SMITH, ALBERT   Nov 30th 1939 16yrs,3mos Beloved son of George & Amelia Smith. To you the child was only lent, While mortal it was thine, The child, though dead, is yet alive, And lives forever mine.
SMITH, PEHOBE(PHOEBE) 1865 1938   A dear mother. There is a link death connot sever, Love and remembrance last forever. Erected by William, George and Tom.
SMITH, EMMA Sept 23,1929 Oct 18,1930   "And He took them up in His Arms, put His hands upon them, and Blessed them". Erected by brothers & sisters.
SMITH, EMMA   Dec 11th 1940 63yrs,2mos Beloved wife of Jacob Smith. Dearest Mother how we loved you, Of't we've kissed your loving brow, Thus today our hearts are aching, For we have no Mother now. Erected by her husband.
SMITH, JACOB   Aug 22nd 1961 83 years Father. Beloved husband of Emma Smith. Sleep on dear father your work is o'er, Your willing hands will toil no more, But oh how kind you were and true, No friend on earth we'll find like you. Erected by his son and daughters.
SMITH, MARIA   Oct 9,1954 81 years Beloved wife of Simon Smith. We loved thee well but Jesus loved thee best.
SMITH, ISAAC   Jan 22,1954 56 years Seaman. Royal Naval Reserve.
SMITH, EUGENE   Nov 16th 1939 23yrs,3mos Son of Simon & Maria Smith. Lift up your weeping eyes, Break of the daily bread, God has taken and God can keep, Safely your dear loved dead, Walk with your hand in his, ??? shall be comforted. Remainder unreadable.
SMITH, SIMON   June 30th 1947 84yrs,7mos Calm and peaceful he is sleeping, Sweetest rest that follows pain, We who loved him sadly miss him, But trust in God to meet again. Erected by his wife Maria.
SMITH, ISAAC 1884 1957   His toil is past, His work is done, He fought the fight, The victory won.
SMITH, ARTHUR WILLIAM   Aug 4th 1960 73 years Father. Beloved husband of Eliza Jane Smith & Family. No one knows how much we miss you, No one knows what bitter pain, We have suffered since you left us, Life has never been the same.

Originally transcribed by Eric Stringer (July 2000)

Updated by: Mary Rawlinson (2005)

Update information contributed by Judy Oldfield

Page Last Modified: Friday March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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