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Unknown Denomination

Burgeo & LaPoile District

View of Cemetery Gate View of Cemetery

Dedication Cross          
FARRELL Nina (GREEN) Sept 29, 1911 March 24, 1995    
GREEN Edith Caroline (PORTER) 1868 1929    
GREEN Amelia 1902 1964    
GREEN Henry   Oct 5th 1923 55 Beloved Husband of Edith Green
GREEN Roland 1927 1983   Beloved Husband of Dorothy
HANN Anne Elizabeth   Dec 20th 1956 73 Beloved Wife of John C Hann
HANN Garland Clarence April 23, 1910 March 21, 1968   Beloved Husband of Catherine Hann
HANN George William   July 14th 1938 10 Months Darling Child of Garland & Catherine Hann
HANN John Charles   May 19th 1966 85 Beloved Husband of Annie E. Hann
HANN Lloyd   Aug 2nd 1950 2 Years
7 Months
Child of Garland & Catherine Hann
INGRAM George B. 1887 1963    
INGRAM Ann E. 1890 1964    
MacDONALD Garland May 1, 1939 Nov 10, 1994    
MacDONALD Hannah J. 1899 1987    
MacDONALD Hezikah        
MacDONALD Mary Elizabeth   Jan 29th 1945 47 Wife of Hezekiah
MacDONALD Ronald Keith   Oct 1935 6 Years  
MacDONALD Walter Edward   Nov 24, 1971 75 Beloved Husband of Hannah Jane MacDonald
PORTER Mary   Oct 1943    
PORTER Simeon   Aug 30, 1969 59  
PORTER The Porter Family        
SIMMS Edgar H 1913 1959    
SIMMS Edith   July 14th 1967 87 Beloved Wife of Robert Simms
SIMMS Robert   Sept 1, 1968 92 Beloved Husband of Edith Simms
STRICKLAND Annie S.   Dec 10, 1973 98  
STRICKLAND John       Note: The first name may be John but has missing letters.
STRICKLAND Baby Larry Feb 23, 1962 Feb 23, 1962   Son of Walter & Mary Strickland
STRICKLAND Mary   June 29, 1966 43 Beloved Wife of Walter Strickland
STRICKLAND Rodney   Aug 3rd 1955 3 Years
4 Months
Darling son of Walter & Mary Strickland
STRICKLAND Rodney Thomas Jan 14, 1957 April 25, 1988    
STRICKLAND Sarah Elizabeth       Daughter of Maria Strickland
STRICKLAND Walter S. April 25, 1910 Jan 20, 1989    
STICKLAND William   March 29th 1929 62  
STICKLAND Mary   May 14th 1931 67  
UNKNOWN Mary Ann       No other information
VATCHER Aubrey   Feb 20, 1926 1 Year
8 Months
Infant Son of Sandy & Elizabeth Vatcher
WARREN Russell       Son of Norman and Lillian Russell
STRICKLAND Irene       Daughter of Henry & Eva Strickland
Died in the arms of her sister (Very Young)

Transcribed by: Don Tate
Photographed and Copyrighted by Brenda Alverson (2013)

Page Last Modified: Sunday February 17, 2019 (Don Tate)

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