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Holy Sepulchre RC Cemetery
Mt. Pearl
Section V (Row 1 - 11)
St. John's West District

RYANAngela JJuly 7, 1912March 18, 1992Rest in peace.
MEANEYMary J 17 March 1992Ever remembered, ever loved.
WINSORTheresa MApril 17, 1933March 15, 1992Ever remembered, ever loved.
McCONKEYThomas19081992Husband. Co. Longford, Eire. Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.
NEARYPaula ElizabethJan 16, 1969March 13, 1992Rest in peace.
GABRIELMary28 May 191313 March 1992Beloved wife of Reginald.
KIMMINSPhilip LeeFeb 18, 1958Feb 28, 1992Forever loved.
HELMAlice J18991992Forever with the Lord.
WADDENFrederick J10 December 192126 February 1992To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
PRICEJoseph D19291992 
PRICEClara M1928 To live in hearts of those we love is not to die.
HEALEYMichael19091992Husband. Together forever.
DUNNEKathleen MaryNov 9, 1920Feb 18, 1992A gentle woman, forever remembered.
LACEYMary JOct 14, 1923March 25, 1994To know her was to love her.
O'TOOLEJohn VincentMay 15, 1914Nov 15, 1995 
O'TOOLEMary Sarah (nee Lane)Nov 1, 1914Nov 2, 1995Ever remembered, ever loved.
PREDHAMJames JOct 27, 1932Feb 8, 1992Though death divides. Erected by the family.
JAMESFrancis L19161992Eternal rest.
WALSHAugustine A19141992Royal Artillery, WW 2. Lest we forget.
WISEMANShawn Dewane19601992Our loved one sleeps here.
HOYLESMargaret A19161992Ever remembered, ever loved.
AYLWARDIrene E19101992 
HOLMESDavidMay 13, 1947Feb 18, 1992 
DENIEFEdward WNov 7, 1944 Together forever.
DENIEFHilda MAug 9, 1946Feb 17, 1992In memory, a daily thought. In heart, a silent sorrow.
COOMBESMary GAug 28, 1912Sept 23, 2003 
COOMBESPatrick JOct 20, 1909Feb 24, 1992Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on our souls.
HAYNESElizabeth19461992Dearly loved, sadly missed. Husband Rober, wife, mother & friend. There is no pain in heaven.
YOUDENM Ann19041992God be with you till we meet again.
HANLONMary F19212003 
HANLONLawrence H19231992Gone but not forgotten.
HANLONLawrence Francis19231992Royal Artillery, WW 2. Lest we forget.
TILLEYAlexanderAug 3, 1926Jan 9, 2005 
TILLEYMarcellaOct 10, 1933Mar 2, 1992Together forever.
PHELANMary FJan 12, 1943Mar 6, 1992 
FOWLER   Mlther. Ever remembered.
FOWLERJames F30 April 192413 March 1992Father. Ever loved.
GOSSEElizabeth10 June 193023 May 1997Asleep in the arms of Jesus.
CLENCHMary DesalesAug 15, 1928Apr 4, 1992Mother.
CLENCHErnest DudleyOct 28,1919Jan30, 1992Father. Love and happy memories last forever.
CLENCHErnest Dudley19191992Able Seaman, Royal Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
KAVANAGHWilliam J (Bill)19261992Sir Knight.
KAVANAGHJean Lush1929 His beloved wife. Forever in our hearts.
PAYTONWalter CMay 1, 1922May 21, 1995 
PAYTONMary ASept 17, 1919Jan 24, 1992Together forever. Loving memories.
WICKENSRose EJune 23, 1922July 20, 1992 
WICKENSWilliam J SrApr 7, 1921Jan 23, 1992Ever remembered, ever loved.
WARFORDJohn F28 June 195019 Jan 1992 
GEISSERMargaret nee Murphy19141992 
HANNGerald19131999Husband. Of Petite Forte.
HANNMarguerite19231992Wife. Rest in peace.
TOBINAlbert J19091997Father.
TOBINAlive F19121992Mother. Forever loved, forever missed.
BAILEYRichard C19221992 
BROWNEEmma Mary (Wadden)20 May 18958 Jan 1992Daughter Emmie. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy.
FLEETGeorge F1917  
FLEETMary F19121991Until we meet again.
KELLYHelen J19191996Life is not forever, but love is.
HOLDENJosephMar 19, 1927July 1, 2005Brother.
HOLDENMaryAug 17, 1907Nov 24, 1991Sister. Sacred Heart of Jesus.
HOLDENChristinaMar 26, 1922Jan 18, 2004 
NEWELLEric S19451993Husband.
NEWELLAlbert E19101991Father. Ever remembered, ever loved.
RYANCatherineSept 8, 1906June 4, 1993 
RYANGarrettJan 1, 1919Nov 29, 1991Love makes memory eternal.
MULLALYHoward J19311991Husband. Together forever.
PARKERCarol A1944  
PARKERJohn A19281991Ever remembered, ever loved.
McCARTHYPatrick J19401991Gone but will never be forgotten.
BAIRDMichael G19221991Father. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
CANNINGPatrick J19151991 
CANNINGHelen M19132001May you rest in peace.
CANNINGPatrick Joseph19151991Royal Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
COLERonald ANov 29, 1942Dec 31, 1991Age 49 years. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul. Erected by mother Mary and brother Bill.
BAIRDSamuel J19051992Father.
HYNESGraceOct 2, 1936May 15, 1996Mother and grandmother. Well loved and never forgotten.
WILLIAMSHarry26 November 194330 April 1992 
BAMBRICKMartin19301991Forever in our hearts.
ANGELThomas RSept 28, 1910Nov 20, 1991Ever remembered, ever loved.
WILLIAMSMaud B Noel26 July 191931 Dec 1994 
WILLIAMSJohn Joseph8 June 192013 Nov 1991Married 1 January 1942
MADDENMartin JNov 23, 1909Nov 13, 1991 
WHELANAlan J19181991Ever remembered, ever loved.
WHELANAlan Joseph19181991Royal Artillery, WW 2, Lest we forget.
MARTINMary J19152004 
MARTINBrendan19081991Gone but not forgotten.
WALSHGrace W19202001 
WALSHGordon J19141991Forever in our hearts.
FORDHAMGerald19161991Ever remembered, ever loved.
NORMANJames Patrick19291991Age 62.
PENNEYEdward J, LL B19561991Ever loved, deeply mourned.
COADYEdward F Oct 20, 1991Age 86 years. Ever remembered, ever loved by wife and family.
DUKECatherine M12 Nov 193125 Oct 1991Ever remembered, ever loved.
SPRAGUEWilliamJuly 2, 1928Feb 28, 1996Together forever.
MILLERHerbert J19211991 
MILLERWinnifred R (Smith)19251991 
MAHERAnna ReynoldsJune 5, 1908June 25, 1991Ever remembered, ever loved.
FLYNNPatrick Joseph19111991Gunner, Royal Artillery, WW 2, Lest we forget.
CROWLEYEdward J19161991Ever remembered, ever loved.
CROWLEYEdward Joseph19161991Royal Artillery, WW 2. Lest we forget.
HOLLETTHarold W19241992Father.
HOLLETTAgnes M19231991Mother. Together forever.
KIELLEYFrancis J - KipFeb 12, 1921July 21, 1991Rest in peace.
LEFFLERGeorge19141991Together forever.
STANFORDStephen P19241991Rest in peace.
SEARSJessie M19082001 
SEARSAugustine19071991Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
BENOITEileen M1941  
BENOITTimothy R19361991Married Aug 1, 1964.
PRICEWilliam J19361991Married June 24, 1959.
McDONALDLena19271994Mother. I am the resurrection and the life.
BENNETTKevin Patrick (Riley)June 30, 1931August 27, 1997A dear brother. He lives with us in Memory and will forever in our hearts.
DOYLERobert CMar 13, 1949Nov 13, 1991 
DOYLEHenry JAug 5, 1919Oct 12, 1991 
DOYLEMeta EMay 5, 1924Feb 5, 2002Forever living in our hearts.
JANESBertha MMar 17, 1931Apr 5, 2001 
JANESJames FJuly 27, 1932Sept 23, 1991Safe in the arms of Jesus.
O'RAFFERTYSean Patrick19321991Rest in peace.
DUNNEPatrick JJan 24, 1934July 25, 1991Ever remembered, ever loved.
McDONALDMichael ThomasMay 16, 1953July 11, 1991Husband & father.
LEWISStellaJuly 10, 1917June 26, 2005 
LEWISWilsonMay 30, 1918July 11, 1991Ever remembered, ever loved.
O'DEAJames Eugene19141991Roayl Artillery, WW 2, Lest we forget.
PHELANHerbert P19311991Loving memories last forever.
MULLETTTheresaJune 20, 1892Mar 7, 1991Ever remembered, ever loved.
LANNIGANKevin FOct 31, 1936March 5, 1991To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
KEARNEYRaymond T19231991Rest in peace.
YOUNGLena MAug 14, 1911Mar 6, 1991In God's care. Ever remembered, ever loved.
MURPHYMichael J19701991He lives with us in memory and will forever more. Beloved son of James and Phyllis.
WHITERonald J19151991Not lost to memory or tolove, but safe in our Father's home above. From son Tony.
WHITEMabel H19211993Precious are the memories forever in our hearts.
KIRKLANDGeorge WJuly 3, 1921Feb 4, 1991Rest in the peace and ???????????? Lord.
RICEEllen JMar 16, 1910Feb 7, 1991On that bright eternal shore, we shall meet to part no more.
CAMPBELLDale BOct 1, 1952Feb 8, 1991RIP. Lovingly remembered by wife Jackie & son Lee. His memory is our keepsake, With which we'll never part. God has him in His keeping, We have him in our hearts.
MYERSCarla LynnJuly 30, 1975Feb 11, 1991She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
McCARTHYMaureen C19321991Daughter.
McCARTHYElizabeth E19131997Mother.
McCARTHYJames P19132002Father. May their souls rest in peace.
ALLWOODCarl RobertFeb 21, 1971July 2, 1991Beloved son & brother. Good person, good friend.
CONNOLLYDavid F19341991Ever remembered by his wife & family.
MANDIGOCatherine Dobbin19121991 
AUSTINKathleenOct 27, 1911Oct 1, 1991In memory a daily thought; in heart a silent sorrow.
MADDENTerenceMay 5, 1921March 17, 1998Royal Navy, WW II. Ever remembered, ever loved.
MADDENRobert JJune 28, 1946Nov 1, 1991Rest is thine, sweet memory ours.
GULLIVERJohn A (Paddy)Feb 24, 1922Aur 13, 1990Ever remembered, ever loved.
POWERMary VJuly 29, 1925  
POWERJames MJan 31, 1918Oct 23, 1990We shall meet again.
BISHOPAdelaideJune 27, 1928Oct 30, 1990Ever remembered, ever loved.
RYANMichael F19051991 
RYANMary B19061990Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
MAHONEYWalter JohnJan 22, 1921Feb 10, 1993 
MAHONEYEva BridgetAug 28, 1922Jan 21, 2004Ever remembered, ever loved.
BARTLETTThomas R19222001 
BARTLETTVincent J19521993Ever remembered, ever loved.
GALWAYMichael FApril 26, 1940March 30, 1993He died as he lived, trusting in God.
HURLEYRobert T (Bobby)Oct 10, 1913June 26, 1996 
HURLEYMary B (nee Bailey)May 9, 1918 Sleep in peace.
HURLEYHil (Hilda)Oct 4, 1917Apr 7, 1993Our sister & aunt. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on her soul.
KIRBYHelen L10132000 
KIRBYJ Patrick19071993Rest in peace.
HANNBonita JudyMar 15, 1992Jan 14, 1994Darling daughter of Judy & Wm. Walk softly, Baby Bonita sleeps here.
POIRIERArmandAug 3, 1917  
POIRIERElaineJan 21, 1923Dec 2, 1999Ever remembered, ever loved.
WILLIAMSJohn J1939 Last flight.
WILLIAMSDoreen V19421997Fly, fly, precious one.
ENGLISHFrank1960 Husband.
OSMONDNicholas Mc1926  
OSMONDCecile M19252000 CWAC, WW 2. Together forever.
OSMONDNicholas C19502002Married Jan 15, 1973. Forever loved, sadly missed.
COLBERTMichaelNov 16, 1912Mar 22, 1995 
COLBERTAnnieMay 30, 1913Jan 4, 1991We love thee well but Jesus loved thee best.
WHITEThomas GNov 8, 1910Jan 5, 1991Forever loved.
WHITEThomas19101991NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit, WW 2. Lest we forget.
JAMIESONMary E1929 Wife.
JAMIESONAlexander J19201991Husband. God grant eternal rest.
FITZPATRICKLeoJuly 24, 1907Jan 11, 1991Forever in our hearts.
WHELANRichardSept 20, 1914Jan 15, 1991RIP.
PITTMANJohn CJuly 19, 1925Jan 20, 1991Rest in peace. Erected by wife Carina.
FLYNNJames FMar 2, 1923Jan 15, 1991To live in the hearts we love is not to die.
MURPHYBrian19211991Rest in peace.
WHITTENMarjorieMar 2, 1913Jan 21, 1990Our mother. She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
MURPHYAustin JApr 28, 1936July 2, 1993Patient, persistent, loyal. RCN Sports Award, Boxing, Golden Glove.
HENLEYE P (Ted)19172002 
HENLEYMargaret M19161991Rest in peace.
BENNETTJohn P19291991Our loved one sleeps here.
STANSBURYWinston D19421992 
STANSBURYSandra E1942 Married Oct 26, 1962.
DENINEJohn JAug 16, 1932Apr 20, 1997Married Feb 10, 1954. Life is not forever, but love is.
O'NEILLPeter (Buss)May 9, 1931Oct 31, 2000Brother.
O'NEILLAnn JMar 2, 1922Mar 31, 1997Sister. Ever remembered, ever loved.
FLYNNJohn BNov 7, 1916  
FLYNNIsabelle MFeb 19, 1916Feb 10, 2001Loving memories last forever.
MURPHYThomas GApril 29, 1921Nov 5, 2004Father. Married April 12, 1942.
MURPHYMary JApril 21, 1921Feb 22, 2001Mother. Loving memories last forever.
WHITEEdward19181999Life is not forever but love is.
MALONEWilliam P (Billy)Aug 11, 1942Feb 20, 1996Love and memories last forever.
FITZGERALDDaniel L (Danny)Mar 28, 1874Jan 24, 1996Beloved son & brother. His gentle heart and warm sweet smile, the joy and light of our life.
WARFORDJulia J5 July 1919? Jan 1996Wife.
RIDGELEYDouglas JSept 5, 1918May 18, 2004The Lord is my shepherd.
RIDGLEYJames (Jim)1910  
RIDGLEYMary Ann (Mollie)19121998Home at last.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2012)

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