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Holy Sepulchre RC Cemetery
Mt. Pearl
Section U (Row 1 - 9)
St. John's West District

SECTION U, ROW 1, 5505 - 5542    
WARFORDJames B24 July 19417 June 1997Your smiling face and music will last forever.
KAVANAGHWilliamAug 17, 1933Oct 22, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
MURPHYJames AJune 12, 1904Oct 20, 1987Rest in peace.
GRIFFITHSHubert BNov 26, 1915Nov 7, 1997 
GRIFFITHSFrances LOct 10, 1917Oct 20, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
SULLIVANWilliam 19 Oct 1987Age 68. 970183, Gunner, Royal Artillery, WW 2.
SULLIVANBeatriceJan 1, 1916April 1, 2001Ever remembered, ever loved.
DOWNSMary MApr 13, 1930Oct 16, 1987Not lost to memory or to love, But safe in our Father's home above.
GORDONLawrence D (Buster)November 1931October 1987Yesterday, and today, and forever, my friend!
GORDONJohn (Scottie)19061992Father.
GORDONKathleen19131993Mother. Together forever.
EVOYPatricia Oct 21/87Age 73.
RYANJohn M Oct 8, 1987Age 18 years. The joys you missed on life's highway, may you find in God's garden of rest. Erected by family.
JACKSONEmilyDec 16, 1904Nov 4, 1987Peace, perfect peace. Erected by special friend James Dalton.
EVANSJames P19251991 
EVANSEileen M19221987 
KELLYMary E19301992 
KELLYWilliam D19311987Ever remembered, ever loved.
TOBINRaymond J19281987Though death divides, fond memories cling.
BENNETTMichaelAug 15, 1893Oct 1, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
DWYERRita EMay 5, 1940Sept 29, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by husband Mike and son Scott.
DWYERDennis S MDec 2, 1986Feb 13, 1990Darling son of Andrea and Stephen. We shall meet again.
BRAGGEileen19261987Rest in peace.
RAYNESGeorge HMay 23, 1917Jan 8, 1992 
RAYNESEleanor GAug 13, 1920Sept 25, 1987 
O'CONNELLJohn PMay 17, 1930Sept 25, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
CHRISTOPHERJohn F19031987Gone but not forgotten.
HALEYJennieDec 24, 1900Sept 16, 1987She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
NIELSONHarold B19241987Rest in peace. Erected by sister Dorothy.
Surname BlockedVincent TApr 25, 1921Sept 16, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
ST GEORGEEllen19102003 
ST GEORGEEric J19111987Rest in peace.
SULLIVANMary L19071998 
SULLIVANJohn J19101993Rest in peace.
SULLIVANCraig N19431995 
FARRELLJohn JosephJuly 12, 1908Apr 4, 1995 
FARRELLCatherine Mary (Egan)May 4, 1912Sept 2, 1994Forever in our hearts.
PENNEYMary Isabel19201992May her soul rest in peace.
GOOBIEWilliam J19111993Rest in peace.
NELSONGeorge William30 November 19152 April 1990D/JX 191494 - RN
NELSONJanet Elizabeth (Aitken)17 August 192426 March 2000W/138569 - ATS. Until we meet again.
NELSONGregory William6 July 1947 Beloved son. Love's (Best?) gift, remembrance.
ROCHEHelen (Nelson)19481987Our loved one sleeps here.
MULROONEYJoseph EMay 2, 1905Dec 23, 1989 
MULROONEYMae HJan 29, 1920Oct 25, 1987 
RONANThomas P19281987 
LONGSaraNov 4, 1920Nov 27, 1990 
LONGJamesOct 6, 1915Oct 30, 1987The Lord shall give thee rest.
LONGMuriel19051978We shall meet again.
BUGDENRita DominicaAug 4, 1932Mar 28, 1995 
BUGDENMunroe StephenJuly 24, 1925Nov 7, 1987Rest in peace.
PARRELLDaisy19191987Evr remembered, ever loved.
MURRINMargaret M19141993 
MURRINJoseph M19141987To live in the hearts we love is not to die.
DWYERRebecca14 Oct 190429 Nov 1987Born in England. Remembered by sone Bill and Randy.
DWYERWilliam A11-12-2719-03-98 
MEALEYJames J19141987JX230149, Royal Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
O'BRIENStanMar 30, 1941Nov 16, 1987Fondly loved, deeply mourned. Erected by mother and family.
DUKE FAMILYUncle Michael19241987 
SULLIVANFrederick J19261987Ever remembered by wife, children & grandchildren.
LUNDRIGANVirtue MDec 23, 1924Mar 30, 2004 
LUNDRIGANJohn JSept 9, 1921Nov 22, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
LEEPatrick J19221994R C N V R, WW 2. Lest we forget.
LEEEllenJune 6, 1923Nov 24, 1987Rest in peace. Erected by the family.
PUTTDarryl GJune 5, 1966Nov 26, 1987Life is not forever but love is.
FIFIELDMatthew FDec 23, 1922Apr 24, 1997 
FIFIELDMargaret MJuly 8, 1927Nov 27, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
ANTHONYElizabeth25 May 193214 June 1990Until we meet again.
ANTHONYLeo Patrick3 March 192629 November 1987Life's work well done.
CHAFEJohn19051987Good parents are God's greatest blessing. We have been blessed.
SHALLOWKatieJuly 24, 1982November 30, 1987Sleep in heavenly peace.
KENNEDYBernard JosephFeb 15, 1909Dec 8, 1987 
KENNEDYMargaret JeanSept 17, 1919Aug 21, 1995 
POWERThomasAug 7, 1906Mar 4, 1995 
POWERMarjorieSept 12, 1910Dec 12, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
MURPHYElizabethOct 28, 1922Dec 15, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
SILVERCharlotte SadieMay 21, 1913July 8, 1990May perpetual light shine upon her.
SILVERFrancisMay 26, 1904Dec 19, 1987Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
RYANAugustus PatrickOctober 16, 1911December 18, 1987 
FOLLETTNoraApr 26, 1925Apr 4, 1988 
FOLLETTPeterJan 13, 1905Dec 20, 1987On that bright eternal shore, we shall meet to part no more
CHAFEJohn JOct 8, 1940July 3, 1996In memory, a daily thought. In heart, a silent sorrow.
PARRELLMichael19 July 193413 Dec 1993Ever remembered.
COLLIERKathleen Patricia19121994Ever remembered and loved.
COLLIERJohn Charles19331988Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
PARRELLLawrence ESept 17, 1932March 1, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
CONNORSAnselm J19321988Ever remembered, ever loved.
WALSHMary Ellen19162000 
WALSHMaurice J19151988 
MARCUSWillis ClarkFeb 24, 1934Jan 30, 1988US Air Force, Korea.
SCOTTThomas PAug 1, 1924Jan 29, 1988Brother. Erected by the Scott family. Ed & Jack Scott.
TRASKStephen WilliamSept 29, 1955Jan 21, 1993He lives with us in memory and will for evermore.
KINSELLABernardAug 27, 1913Jan 23, 1988Gone but not forgotten. Erected by the family.
GRANTClement 16 January 1988Age 76. NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit, WW 2.
GRANTM Elizabeth (nee Youden)19122000Love unending.
PERRYMargaret19171988To live in the hearts we love is not to die.
WALSHMargaretDec 24, 1913Jan 11, 1988She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
WALSHVincentMay 8, 1917Aug 12, 1995He lives with us in memory and will forever more.
DOYLEBernadette I (Nash)Mar 22, 1922Apr 2, 1991Beloved wife and mother.
DOYLEBennett JAug 4, 1920Jan 9, 1988Gunner - 970919. Royal Art, WW 2. Loved and remembered by their family.
HILLEthel MadonnaJune 8, 1923Jan 7, 1988 
HILLHugh JamesMarch 11, 1918Oct 2, 2003What we keep in memory is ours, unchanged forever.
SHEAEllen JosephineMar 21, 1914Jan 5, 1988May she rest in peace.
McDONALDIsabel18981988Ever remembered by son John and Rosemary.
MORRISSEYLeo JosephApril 23, 1930June 9, 1994 
REDDYLeo J19091990 
REDDYB Isabelle19121988Loving memories last forever.
BARRONJohn J19341988Ever remembered, ever loved.
MORRISSEYWilliam F19291987Life is changed, not ended.
POWERFrederick J19301987Till we meet again, Evelyn.
BREWERGailDec 20, 1967Jan 27, 1988Safe in the arms of Jesus.
RINGJames MJuly 20, 1912Dec 29, 1987 
RINGKathleen MJune 7, 1915June 26, 2005Our loved ones sleep here.
RINGSkipper Jim 9:12:04 
FURLONGPeter WMay 26, 1914Dec 28, 1987 
JOYMargaret BMar 23, 1908Apr30, 2001 
JOYJames A GAug 10, 1902Dec 25, 1987Ever remembered, ever loved.
FOLEYCatherine ASept 19, 1934Dec 23, 1987Not lost to memory or to love, But safe in our Father's home above. God be with you till we meet again.
MURPHYMary T19182001 
MURPHYJohn J19171994Married Nov 8, 1935.
MORRISSEYJohn J19171989Loving memories last forever.
BURTONGeraldineMay 17, 1922May 14, 2003Our loved one sleeps here.
WHIFFENAndrew19141993Merchant Navy, WW 2, Lest we forget.
McKINLAYAnn F19081998May her soul rest in peace.
ENGLISHGertrude M1917  
ENGLISHJames J19171989Rest in peace.
NELSONMary Margaret19301999 
NELSONThomas J19191989Ever remembered, ever loved.
WHIFFENMary E19271988RIP. Erected by husband Andrew.
FITZGERALDMauriceMay 21, 1934Feb 8, 1988 
NOFTALLElizabethJuly 23, 1937  
NOFTALLCatherineMar 6, 1909Feb 11, 1988Rest in peace.
O'RIELLYMichael F19241988Asleep in Jesus.
BREWERMadonnaJuly 16, 1929Feb 27, 1988She died as she lived, trusting God.
HEADDoreen Feb 18, 1988Age 44 years. Always remembered.
WALSHCatherine19251988Love and remembrance last forever.
WHITELillianNov 11, 1911Feb 24, 1988 
WHITEJosephApr 21, 1908Mar 27, 1988 
REDDYMary I (Maisie)19331997Loving memories last forever.
DALEYThomas JSept 26, 1941Feb 25, 1988Rest in peace.
COADYJohnOct 26, 1900Sept 1, 1994 
COADYJuliaMar 17, 1905Feb 17, 1988Our loved ones sleep here.
ENGLISHMabel19211988Peace, perfect peace.
CLANCEYWilliam BApr 16, 1932Mar 3, 1988Forevr in our hearts.
FAHEYAndrew P19181989Ever remembered, ever loved.
FAHEYEllen J19221988She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
COWLEYJohn JJune 18, 1941March 15, 1988 
DILLONFrank T 6 March 1988Age 64. R300733. SMN, Rescue Tug Service.
RYALLMary FFeb 24, 1921Mar 7, 1988RIP.
FRAMPTONLouise nee RalphJune 10, 1931March 19, 1988 
FROSTMercedes ASept 24, 1904March 6, 1988Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on her soul.
RUTLEDGEMary Victoria19472003 
FAGANEstelle19331988He shall gather the lambs in his arms.
EAGANOrren E19281988Retired USAF. Til the day breaks and the shadows flee away.
JACKMANMaryFebruary 26, 1904April 2?, 1988Remembered by Kevin. RIP.
JARDINECapt Cyril B19151988 
LUBYC Leonard19321988 
LUBYMargaret T Moore1934 his wife.
KENNEDYRobert JJune 20, 1919Nov 6, 1997 
KENNEDYTheresa FFeb 12, 1922Mar 11, 1988Rest in peace.
PENNEYMichael F19191988Father.
PENNEYMary J19121999Mother. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
LUBYAnne MJuly 15, 1959August 14, 1992At rest - Hail Mary, full of grace.
HIGGINSMary B (Hunt)Dec 11, 1908May 21, 1988 
BRENNANWilliam  Husband. They live with us in memory and will forever more.
WOOLRIDGEMargaret19211997Beloved mother. Eternal rest grand unto them O Lord.
WOOLRIDGEJack19171988Beloved husband. God be with you till we meet again.
BAILEYPeter T19131997 
BAILEYMary L19111988Ever remembered, ever loved.
BRAGGJohn PMar 18, 1919May 18, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by the family.
MERCERJosephine A   
O'BRIENJames JosephJune 7, 1908May 10, 1988Erected by wife Cecilia.
O'BRIENM CeciliaJuly 24, 1911May 12, 1989Erected by family.
SQUIRESJohn Edward19291988 
SQUIRESCatherine Josephine1935 To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
JACKMANArthur TOct 21, 1935May 1, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved by sister Lorraine.
WALSHJames Joseph19191988COMS NFLD Regiment, WW 2. Lest we forget.
WALSHBridget Oct 23, 2000Age 83. Rest in peace.
McDONALDJack JOct 10, 1926Apr 27, 1988Sir Knight. Ever remembered, ever loved.
MEANEYMichael MAug 16, 1917Apr 22, 1988971606. 59th R A, WW 2. He will raise you up on eagle's wings.
BOWMANWilliam F19161988 
BAILEYDorothy MariaApril 24, 1904April 10, 1988Rest in peace.
JONESAlbert PJune 4, 1945May 9, 1988Husband of Judy and father of their five children.
LEEMyles PatrickJan 31, 1940Apr 9, 1988Forever in our hearts.
CHANTALEdward19131988Private, Canadian Army, WW 2. Lest we forget.
O'BRIENB C (Neil) 3 April 1988Age 65. F45125. Major, Canadian Army, WW 2.
SINNOTTPatrick J19231988At peace with nature and with God.
FITZGERALDRonald Patrick15 Oct 194225 Mar 1988You are the wind beneath my wings.
PEARCEGeorge19211988We shall meet again.
BROWNEJames WMay 14, 1930Mar 22, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
POWERMary L27 Nov 192816 Oct 1988Mother.
POWERJames P15 Jan 195920 Mar 1988Son.
POWERElizabeth (Betty) Andrson19 Jan 195719 Jun 2000Daughter. Ever remembered, ever loved.
COADYHugh FApr 11, 1932June 17, 1989 
COADYLoisNov 19, 1932Mar 20, 1986Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
POWERGordon FJan 28, 1932Jan 27, 1997Beloved brother & son. Ever remembered, ever loved.
COADYJohn JOct 12, 1903Mar 21, 1988Son of Francis and Susanna Coady, Spanish Room, Marystown. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on his soul.
COADYAnnie Marie25 July 1921 Wife. Married Nov 2, 1946.
COADYFergus Francis24 June 191214 Mar 1997Husband. Rest in peace.
HEFFERNANJohn F19351988Husband. RIP. Married Sept 12, 1964.
GOSSEJames19231988Ever remembered, ever loved.
KINGSTONMaryApr 30, 1925Aug 27, 1989Beloved wife of Gerald. Rest in peace.
ADAMSBrian G, MDSept 8, 1956March 17, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
MANNINGMary BFeb 1, 1912May 25, 1991 
MANNINGPatrick JOct 5, 1913Mar 17, 1988Forever in our hearts. Until we meet again. Erected by the family.
REYNOLDSCyril Chesley27 Apr 192229 May 1988 
REYNOLDSMany Ann McDonald26 Apr 192221 Apr 2002To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
HUSKLeonard19131988Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace.
CHURCHILLEldred C19251988Ever remembered, ever loved.
SHERRENCharles PrestonJune 9, 1939June 2, 1988Love is eternal.
HEFFERNANPatrick J19121988Wed Feb 22, 1932. Not lost to memory or to love, But safe in our Father's home above.
MAKINGDarryl Craig10 Mar 196720 June 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
BESTThomas 7 June 1988Age 86. Seaman, Merchant Navy, WW 2.
WALSHTheresa (Ahey)Oct 23, 1912June 16, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
PEDDIGREWAnne R Bursey19801988Mother.
PEDDIGREWBrendan L19211998Father. God go with you.
LEECeciliaNov 25, 1912Sept 3, 2001 
LEEHaroldSept 9, 1910June 19, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
MacDONALDJohn (Daniel)19451988Unable to read´┐Ż..blocked by flowers.
CROWLEYJosephJuly 22, 1921March 2, 1988Rest in peace.
CROWLEYKathleen FrancesJan 11, 1960June 27, 1988Rest in peace.
WHITTLEJohnJan 20, 1919July 13, 1988At home in heaven.
BOURDEAUSerge ESept 29, 1938June 28, 1988Rest in peace.
CARROLLJoseph R (Joe)195111988To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. Erected by his wife Debbie and son Stephen.
CAMPBELLAustin19171988Veteran, Royal Navy, WW 2. Resting with Jesus in that beautiful home above.
CONNORSCarmelaMar 31, 1937Aug 18, 1988Well done, good and faithful servant.
HOLMESGerald July 15, 1988Age 52. RIP.
WHITTYTheresaJuly 25, 1938July 29, 1988We shall meet again. Erected by Barbara & Pat.
SQUIRESJacqueline Mary19591988Ever remembered by Chris, Denny, Mom, Dad and family.
TOBINJosephine (Irene)July 5, 1909Sept 4, 1988Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord.
GRIFFITHSMaureen Anne1943?1988She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
CAREWJohn J Aug 2, 1988Age 64 years. Father. Peacefully sleeping.
WHITTENJoan M BarryDec 15, 1944Dec 06, 2000 
BARRYMichael PJuly 15, 1937July 15, 1988Gone, yet not forgotten. Rest in peace.
POWERAnnie18951988She died as she lived, trusting God.
JACKMANMichael FJuly 20, 1959July 18, 1988Beloved son of Micahel and Marjorie.
SIMMONSFlorence MMay 20, 1914Aug 8, 1995 
SIMMONSWilliam JJan 13, 1913July 20, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
FRENCHMargaretFeb 1, 1919  
FRENCHBazil VDec 10, 1910July 21, 1988 
ROYLEMary A19351988 
McALLISTERWilliam JDec 29, 1905Dec 16, 1989 
McALLISTEREllen JJan 11, 1905July 24, 1988Rest in peace.
KINGMichael Francis19261988Erected by his loving wife Mercedes and children.
WHITEGerald JAug 26, 1948May 5, 1989May he rest in peace. Erected by his wife & children.
HANNAFORDJames 4 October 1988Age 80. Gunner, Royal Artillery, WW 2.
HANNAFORDMary Feb 4, 1989Age 84 years. Rest in peace.
BLYDEMichael John (Jack)Aug 4th 2943Oct 3rd 1988May his soul rest in peace.
HOSKINSMargaret R19192004 
HOSKINSThomas L19001988Ever remembered, ever loved.
WOODFINEJoan L Sept 23, 1988Age 39 years. She lives with us in memory and will for evermore. Dearly missed by her children.
SHORTMary Ellen (Nellie)February 10, 1921April 28, 2003Mother. Ever remembered, ever loved.
KEARSEYJulia TheresaAug 8, 1917Sept 20, 1988My beloved wife. Julia lost the battle but won a crown with her Saviour and his Blessed Mother. Erected by Husband Larry.
KENNEDYElizabeth MJan 1, 1930April 30, 1991 
KENNEDYDermot EMay 16, 1926Sept 16, 1988 
KENNEDYE PatrickMar 14, 1952Dec 30, 2002 
MURPHYEllen F19201988Ever remembered, ever loved.
KEARNSTimothy Francis19611988 
WATSONGrahamJune 22, 1964Sept 15, 1988 
COOPERGene19301988Rest in peace.
COOPERMarjorie TOct 14, 1931Sept 2, 1998A beloved mother and grandmother.
JARVISPatrick JOct 27, 1894Sept 17, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by family.
CLARKEWilliam PMar 7, 1928Oct 17, 1988Always loved & never forgotten.
KENNEDYLeo C18981988 
VINNICOMBEJames J19 Oct 19078 Sept 1988 
VINNICOMBELucy A15 Nov 19044 Nov 2001His wife. Unitl we meet again.
FUDGEHeather MasonDec 6, 1956Sept 3, 1988In memory, a daily thought. In heart, a silent sorrow.
MASONGerald19261992Parents of Heather.
BUTLERMichael JAug 16, 1971Sept 10, 1988Forever with the Lord. Erected by the family.
LYNCHJ Gordon19061988 
POWERLeo Patrick19091995A dear husband and father.
POWEREllen Mary19121099A dear wife and mother. Loving memories last forever.
SHUTELorraine FrancesAug 23, 1950Oct 10, 1988Not lost to memory or to love, but safe in our Father's home above.
TIZZARDMadeline19301988Ever remembered, ever loved.
FITZGERALDA Jean19211991 
FITZGERALDEdward M19181988Ever remembered, ever loved.
FITZPATRICKEllen R June 14, 1999Age 65 years. To live in the hearts we love, is not to die.
FITZPATRICKRobert P Aug 11, 1988Age 55 years. Ever remembered, ever loved.
FLEMINGDavid P19451988Gone but not forgotten. Erected by son David and family.
FLEMINGGerald  970720. Gunner, Royal Artillery, WW 2.
SOUTHCOTTRaymond WJune 26, 1895August 1, 1988Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul.
SOUTHCOTTGeraldine19031997Rest in the Lord.
TOBINMargaret (Prideaux)19161988 
TOBINPatrick M1916 Forever and ever.
GRIFFITHSDiane19442004With grandson Jack.
GRIFFITHSRonald 19652004Santa Maria, oro pgo nobis.
KENNEDYDaniel J25 Mar 19518 Jan 1998Ever remembered, ever loved. Sadly missed by children ???
KENNEDYCarol Ann  Married 27 Sept 1980.
UNKNOWN   White, wooden cross.
MURPHYAlice B19172000 
MURPHYEdmund M19171988 
CANDOWPatricia Ann19371994 
RHYNOLDMatthew ChristopherMar 29, 1994May 24, 1994Darling son of Blair & Glennis. Forever in our hearts.
GRANTFrederick J30 Jan 192825 Nov 2003 
GRANTMarjorie H17 Sept 192922 Mar 2005 
GRANTWayne F30 Apr 195817 Oct 1988Ever remembered by family and friends.
REIDGertrude14 Feb 1926  
REIDJohn10 Jan 192621 Oct 1988Together forever.
STAMPThomas J19201988I am the resurrection and the life.
LAYMANJudy A19531988To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
RYANJohn JApr 12, 1913Oct 28, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
JOYJohn Joseph19091988Ever remembered, ever loved.
JANESDermott19221988To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
WALSHDaniel A19241988 
FRIZZELLCamille M Dec 14, 1986Age 88 years. Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by the family.
FRIZELLMarie M19282003Beloved daughter, sister & aunt. Ever remembered, ever loved.
FRIZZELLWilliam 10 November 1988Age 93. 3279, Royal NFLD Regt, WW 1.
WALSHSebastianMay 13, 1913Nov 12, 1988Ever loved.
MORRISSYRonald J19341988Love and remembrance last forever.
COADYTheresaJuly 18, 1898Nov 17, 1988Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord.
GLADNEYHonora1929 1991 
GLADNEYJohn DouglasAug 31, 1948Jan 30, 2002Ever remembered, ever loved.
GULLIVERJohn A (Paddy)Feb 24, 1922Aur 13, 1990Ever remembered, ever loved.
POWERMary VJuly 29, 1925  
POWERJames MJan 31, 1918Oct 23, 1990We shall meet again.
BISHOPAdelaideJune 27, 1928Oct 30, 1990Ever remembered, ever loved.
RYANMichael F19051991 
RYANMary B19061990Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
MAHONEYWalter JohnJan 22, 1921Feb 10, 1993 
MAHONEYEva BridgetAug 28, 1922Jan 21, 2004Ever remembered, ever loved.
BARTLETTThomas R19222001 
BARTLETTVincent J19521993Ever remembered, ever loved.
GALWAYMichael FApril 26, 1940March 30, 1993He died as he lived, trusting in God.
HURLEYRobert T (Bobby)Oct 10, 1913June 26, 1996 
HURLEYMary B (nee Bailey)May 9, 1918 Sleep in peace.
HURLEYHil (Hilda)Oct 4, 1917Apr 7, 1993Our sister & aunt. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on her soul.
KIRBYHelen L10132000 
KIRBYJ Patrick19071993Rest in peace.
HANNBonita JudyMar 15, 1992Jan 14, 1994Darling daughter of Judy & Wm. Walk softly, Baby Bonita sleeps here.
POIRIERArmandAug 3, 1917  
POIRIERElaineJan 21, 1923Dec 2, 1999Ever remembered, ever loved.
WILLIAMSJohn J1939 Last flight.
WILLIAMSDoreen V19421997Fly, fly, precious one.
ENGLISHFrank1960 Husband.
OSMONDNicholas Mc1926  
OSMONDCecile M19252000 CWAC, WW 2. Together forever.
OSMONDNicholas C19502002Married Jan 15, 1973. Forever loved, sadly missed.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2012)

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