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Holy Sepulchre RC Cemetery
Mt. Pearl
Section N (Rows 1 - 5)
St. John's West District

PRICERobert JJune 17, 1943Mar 20, 1995Ever remembered by brothers & sisters - Regina, Margie, Gertrude, Peter, Sandra, David, Ed, Gerard.
WHELANJames P19491992Rest in peace.
DELANEYMaryFeb 1, 1904July 29, 1989A dear mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Rest in peace. Erected by her family.
O'RIELLYMichael P19631989We loved thee well but Jesus loved thee best.
McDONALDDermot TJune 4, 1926July 13, 1989Ever remembered, ever loved.
BRAGGFred19101989Rest in peace.
WARDReginald J19221989We love and miss you.
STEPHENSONWilliam J31 May 191123 May 1989What we keep in memory remains unchanged forever.
CAREWJennie19041992Rest in peace.
CAREWThomas J19251989Rest in peace.
LYNCHIsabellaOct 21, 1908May 11, 1990Rest in peace.
LYNCHStan JDec 21, 1912Apr 28, 1989Rest in peace.
DOOLEYMichael JMay 9, 1924Apr 26, 1989To live in the hearts we love is not to die.
PARRELLElizabethJuly 1903April 1989Grandmother.
EVERARDAlice May 24, 1989Age 89 years. Widow of late James Everard.
FURLONGSarah MaryDec 1, 1903Apr 23, 1989Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord. Erected by the family.
DRODGEGordon J EJan 4, 1974April 23, 1989Ours for a little while, With Jesus forever.
JANESIrene Mary19171993Remembered.
JANESJ N 1994(carved into above stone)
McGRORYMary C19191989Rest is thine, sweet memory ours.
KINGEdward CJune 21, 1949Apr 22, 1989Our loved one sleeps here. Erected by the family.
KINGJulia EOct 27, 1924Feb 24, 1995While you, precious mother, rest and sleep; Your memory we shall always keep.
KINGTerrance (Ted) April 18, 98Age 40. Ever remember, ever love. Family and friends.
TRAVERSEThomas JosephOct 4, 1902April 22, 1989RIP.
LINDSTROMGerald L19482005 
LINDSTROMFred W19411994Brother. They touched the lives of many.
McGRATHRose19121999Rest in peace.
POWERNorbert RJune 6, 1923April 17, 1989Ever remembered, ever loved.
POWERNorbert (Dick)19592005He touched the lives of many with love and kindness.
KENNEDYEugene G19101989Rest in peace.
YETMANGertrude FApr 5, 1912Apr 25, 1995 
YETMANBernard GDec 13, 1916Apr 14, 1989Though death divides, fon memory clings.
MARTINEdward 13 April 1989JX208987. Able Seaman. Royal Navy, WW 2. Age 68.
COADYJohn JOct 1918April 1989 
COADYGenevieveJan 1924Oct 1994On the wings of a dove.
SNOWAllisonAug 15, 1973Apr 11, 1989Now I lay nme down to sleep.
UPSHALLFrankJune 9, 1929April 30, 1989Rest in peace. Erected by his loving wife Madge.
HICKEYRichard M19131989Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away. Peace, perfect peace.
WHITTENDonald MDec 10, 1961Apr 3, 1989Beloved son & brother. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
DeBOURKEMarion J13 July 190821 November 1991Rest in peace.
O'KEEFEJohn JosephFeb 2, 1916Dec 11, 1991Remembered by Robert, David and John.
KANESheila (Mahoney)19251991Rest in peace.
HEARNJames J19051991Ever remembered.
BUTLERRobert PMar 6, 1940Apr 23, 1994A dear brother and uncle.
HURLEYLorraine AApr 17, 1949Apr 14, 1994She lives with us in memory and will forever more. Daughter Lisa, Sons Rodney & Brian, mother, sister and brothers.
DOYLEJohn F19261992 
DOYLEFrances M19291997Everything is beautiful.
DRUKENGerald FSept 20, 1957Nov 16, 1991If teardrops were a stairway and memories were a lane; We'd walk all the way to heaven to bring you home again. Erected by Cathy, mom? & family.
KINSELLARichard Nov 11th 1991Age 67 yrs. RIP.
PERRANWalter G19241991 
PERRANRose P1925 The rose of love blooms forever.
COLEJohn19071988Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.
McNIVENMary M (nee Power)19161999 
McNIVENRichard E19141988Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
ESCOTTGeorge J19121988 
ESCOTTDorothy J19261999Ever remembered, ever loved.
HOGANAlice19191988What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.
RYALLGerald P19232000 
FORANAnne MaudMar 14, 1903Jan 5, 1989Rest in peace.
DWYERPatrick JAug 8, 1909Aug 3, 1991 
DWYERAnn M C (nee Brake)Jan 12, 1911Jan 6, 1989Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
MENCHINTONMargaret MSept 30, 1917Dec 31, 1994 
MENCHINTONAlex JMay 26, 1914Jan 9, 1989Rest in peace.
ENGLANDAgnes M19091998 
ENGLANDJ Robert19161989Ever remembered, ever loved.
COCHRANEAnn B19182003 
COCHRANERobert Dd19181989Ever remembered, ever loved.
WILLIAMSRichard JMar 23, 1916Jan 15, 1989 
SEARSPeter Michael19011989We shall meet again.
PHILPOTTNicholas J19061989 
PHILPOTTMary E19101991Grant them eternal rest.
PHILPOTTFrank19342000Son of Nicholas & Mary.
CARTERElizabeth J May 1, 2002 
CARTERFrancis C Nov 15, 1988Peace.
CARNELLMargaret 1993 
LAMBEMarie19121989She died as she lived, trusting in God.
COULTASAngus (Gus)Mar 7, 1912Sept 21, 1999 
COULTASIris May (nee Tandy)Dec 17, 1922Jan 23, 1989Your love and devotion to each of us will stay with us always.
SELLARSAlice M19291995 
SELLARSLeonard J19131989Gone but not forgotten.
SELLARSLeonard 29 January 1989970338. Gunner, Royal Artillery, WW 2. Age 76.
MARTINMargaret J19251994 
MARTINRonald F19191989 
WHEELERNellieSept 29, 1908Aug 15, 1989He who is mighty has done great things to me and holy is His name. Erected by Joan Barbara & Randy.
BRENNANAlice (Kavanagh) May 16, 1989Age 87 years. Rest in peace.
WOODFORDGordon FDec 5, 1927May 21, 1989 
WOODFORDMary TApr 10, 1929Dec 16, 1998My memories of love will be of you.
HARTERYPatrick J19271994Always loved.
HARTERYElsie19331989Always loved.
PETERSONGarry M19101989 
PETERSONMargaret M19231998Ever remembered, ever loved.
GROUCHYWilliam E K19161989Rest in peace.
McCARTHYMonica M19091989Rest in peace.
FURLONGW FrankFeb 11, 1932Apr 2, 1997What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever.
SQUIRESDouglas G (Toby)Mar 16, 1942July 6, 1989Rest in peace.
MYRONEdith N19101989Until we meet again.
MERCERRitaOct 7, 1930July 20, 1989A dear mother. May her soul rest in peace.
HUTCHINGSRendell G1 6 191621 5 41??? 
MALONEYLeo James19192001Father. Married July 19, 1942
MALONEYMari Sheila19161990Mother.
SHEAWilliam JJan 7, 1953April 10, 1992Beloved husband, father & grandfather.
WOOLRIDGEGillian AJan 25, 1987June 29, 1989Our darling daughter. Jesus said "Let the little children come to me, the Kingdom of God belongs to them.
POUNDWilliam M19141989Husband of
POUNDFrances M19271990 
TOBINLeander (Lee)19581989Died in life saving accident at Cambridge, Ontario, June 17, 1989. Ever remembered by twin brother Larry.
McCARTHYMary MFeb 11, 1920June 14, 1989Though death divides, fond memory clings.
MURPHYAlbert A19071988Rest in peace. Erected by Philip, Laura and family.
KENNEDYGerard PDec 5, 1928June 14, 2004 
KENNEDYLaura MJuly 29, 1931Jan 31, 2000To the world they were but one; To us they were the world
WHALENCharles LFeb 13, 1931May 6, 1999Rest in peace.
HAYWARDLillian19111988To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
CAHILLMary MorrisseyApr 8, 1914Apr 17, 2005 
CAHILLCharlesJuly 20, 1904Dec 22, 1988Lovingly remembred by family.
MORRISSEYWalter19282000Rest in peace.
SULLIVANRhonda19551988Rest in peace.
THORBURNJames Paul19101988Rest in peace.
CLEARYPatrickNov 6, 1918Dec 20, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
TRACEYWilliam P19341998 
TRACEYM Florence19051988 
GIBBONSGenevieve M19091999 
GIBBONSValentine M19091988The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
KENNEDYKarl MDec 28, 1965June 13, 1989Born Bell Island. Died Sudbury, Ont. Forever in our hearts
KENNEDYEdward JJan 9, 1931Dec 7, 1988Born Bell Island. Died St John's. Forever in our hearts.
DALTONJack G19211988Ever remembered, ever loved.
MURPHYMaryDec 8, 1910Dec 2, 1988Rest in peace.
CLARKEAliceDec 29, 1908Dec 12, 1988Aged 79 years. Rest in peace.
COLBERTRita JMar 3, 1922Feb 26, 1996She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
COLBERTMichael FOct 3, 1918Dec 3, 1988He lives with us in memory and will forever more.
TURNERMary Ann (Neary)Sept 14, 1900July 14, 1999 
TURNERT RaymondJan 13, 1901Nov 30, 1988We shall meet again.
WILLIAMSArthur J 1 December 1988Age 65. JX230119. Able Seaman. Royal Navy, WW 2. A dear husband, father and grandfather.
MARTINMaryMay 30, 1914Nov 29, 1988A dear wife. RIP.
MARTINWilliam JamesApril 23, 1913July 12, 1995 
SIMMSAlbert J19221991Ever remembered.
SIMMSPaula Mary19201988Ever loved.
FARRELLWinnifred A19101998 
FARRELLVincent J19061988I am the resurrection and the life.
PEDDLEPatricia17 Mar 193429 Oct 1996Mother.
PEDDLERonald2 Dec 193126 Oct 1991Father. Grant them eternal rest.
DUNNEGregory19041991Grant him eternal rest, O Lord.
FITZPATRICKRichard FrancisAug 1, 19115Nov 2, 1991Rest in peace.
MOAKLERLeo PatrickJan 14, 1910Aug 4, 1992 
CONNOLLYKevin P30 Mar 195230 Mar 1994Ever remembered, ever loved by Christopher & Kimberley.
POWERCyrilNov 8, 1926Apr 21, 1994Erected by his widow Olga.
POWERCharles RoganAugust 14, 1977August 9, 1992 
HOGANAgathaJuly 26, 1918March 19, 1998May the angels welcome you to paradise.
GROUCHYMary Isabella18911991In memory, a daily thought; In heart, a silent sorrow. Rest in peace.
WHELANJames HOct 16, 1914Oct 21, 1991Age 77 years. Rest in peace.
NEVILLEHarry Joseph19421991A courageous & loving man.
CASEYEdward (Tush)Nov 16, 1930Oct 2, 1991Ever remembered, ever loved.
GREENEHelen M Oct 21, 1994 
GREENEJohanna19011991Thy will be done.
DAVISMargaraet M19111996 
DAVISFerdinand A19161993Rest in peace.
MURPHYWilliam JApril 20, 1930Dec 12, 1993 
MURPHYHelenJune 16, 1934May 18, 1989Peace, perfect peace.
BOLANDJamesOct 31, 1926Feb 10, 2002 
BOLANDMary M (Ryall)Feb 9, 1926Dec 21, 1992I am the resurrection and the life.
BUTLERMichael A19181997 
BUTLERMargaret19112000His wife.
PADDYRoxanneJan 12, 1969July 7, 1989 
POWERAdamJan 21, 1972July 7, 1989Ever remembered, ever loved.
MOOREGail 'Sissy'19711993 
YANN 19721998 
DUNNEllen (Nellie)19221990 
DUNNJohn (Dunnie)19191989 
FINNKellyannDec 30, 1972June 7, 1998Ever remembred, ever loved.
LAKEJosephAug 3, 1911June 30, 1992We shall meet again.
BROWNWilliamJan 19, 1924Aug 3, 1989Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul. Erected by the family.
LaCOURDenise T15 Nov 193423 Apr 1995Ever remembered, ever loved.
LeGROWBill (William) Jan 16, 1993Aged 65. Our loved one sleeps here.
KEANJosephine (Mullowney)11 March 191021 April 1993To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
BOKORForenceJan 22, 1915Aug 4, 1989Peace, perfect peace.
NOSEWORTHYJoanNov 5, 1924  
NOSEWORTHYClifford WApr 29, 1925Aug 9, 1989Life is not forever but love is.
TRAINORFrances OraSept 19, 1915Jan 14, 1993 
CROKEEdward F19151993Until we meet again.
CROKEEdith C19151989Forever in our hearts.
CROKEEdward Francis19151993Merchant Navy Veteran, WW 2. Lest we forget.
CROKEBill17 Mar 194010 Aug 1999May the wind be always at your back.
FOWLERDarren MichaelJune 8, 1970Aug 15, 1989Ever remembered, ever loved.
SMITHMary COct 7, 1911July 24, 1990 
SMITHHenry TSept 24, 1910Sept 9, 1988 
MAYOWilliamMarch 28, 1918August 18, 1989Always in our hearts.
MURPHYJosephMar 22, 1918Aug 2, 1992 
MURPHYAnastasiaJuly 13, 1915Aug 21, 1989Rest in peace.
WOODROWMary J29272998Wife.
WOODROWJohn M19151993Husband. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
HUTCHINGSBeatrice L19132003 
HUTCHINGSWilliam G19071991Ever remembered, ever loved.
HYNESJoseph JSept 25, 1919Feb 17, 2004 
HYNESDorothy FOct 29, 1919 To well loved to ever be forgotten.
HYNESRobert Columba191461990 
HYNESPaul Onesime19482002 
SCOTTAngela FrancesOct 25, 1983Oct 2, 1990 
BLAIRJohn D19271991Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
DRUKENDerekFeb 15, 1963Nov 20, 1996Forever loved. Erected by mom, dad and family.
KINGIsabelApr 30, 1919June 14, 1992Mother of Michael & Kevin. Rest in peace.
DENINEEileenMay 30th 1946Jan 5th 1991Age 44. A dear sister. RIP.
SCAPLENGordon J19181991Father.
SCAPLENEllen J1922 Mother. Forever in our hearts.
KELLYJosephOct 11, 1952Dec 25, 1991Forever in our hearts.
HOLWELLWilliam G (Bill)Dec 4, 1921June 14, 1996 
HOLWELLLaura (Mary Loretta)Apr 1, 1917May 4, 1989Married Oct 14, 1940.
BOLANDCyril19201989We shall meet again.
GILBERTBrenda19481989At home in heaven.
HEARNWilliam (Bill)Aug 25, 1929May 16, 1989Ever remembered, ever loved by Beth and Will.
SOMERTONNathMar 11, 1920May 19, 1989Our loved one sleeps here.
McCORMACKJohn P19422001He loved, he lived, he lost, he loved, he lived again.
McCORMACKPatricia A19431989She died as she lived, trusting God.
SINNOTTEllen JMar 11, 1894July 12, 1989May her soul rest in peace.
LINDSTROMHenry J May 25, 1989Age 75 yrs. Peace, perfect peace.
WOODJack T, Capt.19291997 
WOODClare19211989Ever remembered, ever loved.
KNIGHTJames FMay 3, 1924June 4, 1989Rest in peace.
TOBINBrenda EMarch 23, 1957June 5, 1989Thy will be done.
REDDYPatrick J19091989Forever in our hearts.
McGRATHMichael JMay 9, 1930 Husband.
McGRATHFrances MOct 13, 1935June 25, 1989Ever remembered, ever loved.
HICKEYGeraldMay 8, 1926Dec 20, 1989 
HICKEYAgnesSept 5, 1925June 28, 1989Together again, forever with God.
RICEJohn (Chic)19271989Always in our hearts. We shall meet again.
JOHNSONFrederick JDec 13, 1912July 10, 1989Husband of
JOHNSONMary JSwept 28, 1916May 8, 1995At home in heaven.
DODDTeresa EJuly 2, 1914Jan 18, 1996 
DODDEdward JJuly 8, 1911July 13, 1989Gone but not forgotten.
FURLONGWalter Francis18211989 
FURLONGMary Theresa19332003 
MURPHYWilliam S19141989Rest in peace.
KENNEDYMichael FOct 10, 1916Aug 9, 1989Rest in peace.
WHELANHelen Frances (Ebbs)August 31, 1929July 20, 1989And grace will follow me home.
MORRELLJohannah (Joan)July 21, 1923Jan 16, 2003Forever in our hearts.
MORRELLEdward 23 July 1989SSX30966. Yeoman/Signalman. Royal Navy, WW 2. Age 70.
MURPHYTerence JamesApr 4, 1924July 26, 1989A dear husband and father. His loving wife Florence and family.
RICERita19081989Rest in peace.
MURRINGerald Francis15 May 194622 Mar 1995Lovingly remembered by sister Rose.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2012)

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