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Holy Sepulchre RC Cemetery
Mt. Pearl
Section J (Row 1 - 10)
St. John's West District

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BARTLETTFrancis M19571999 
BARTLETTLinda M19922002Rest in peace.
RYANPatrick J19191999Married Aug 22, 1954. Ever remembered, ever loved.
SPARKESEdgar F19301999Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
TRICCOPaul TJuly 15, 1947Oct 3, 1999Loved, remembered and cherished.
FITZGERALDEugent T1932 Husband. Married June 20, 1958.
FITZGERALDElizabeth T, RN19371999Wife. Ever remembered, ever loved.
CROMWELLAnthony John (Tony)12 Aug 197118 Sept 1999Forever loved and always in our hearts.
CROMWELLCatherine Mary (Penney)24 Mar 19407 Jan 2003Devoted wife. Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us everyday.
CROMWELLKevin BernardMarch 28, 1938March 30, 2005Dad.
CAREYWilfred (Bill)Oct 12, 1932 Dad.
CAREYPaulApr 26, 1957June 26, 2000 
CAREYShirley (Parrell)Oct 25, 1936 Mom. At peace with nature and with God.
DENINEFrank JJan 30, 1931July 28, 2001Ever remembered, ever loved.
O'HANLONMary (English)Jan 21, 1909Feb 2, 2003Ever remembered, ever loved.
LAKENorbert JosephOct 22, 1951Aug 29, 1999"Peace I bequeath to you, my own peace I give to you, A peace the world cannot give, this is my gift to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid." (Jn 14:27)
CHRISTOPHERRichard (Dick)Mar 5, 1950 Son.
CHRISTOPHERMary JMay 22, 1916Sept 3, 1999Mother. Forever in our hearts.
OLIVERBeverley GOct 14, 1960Mar 5, 2005Her friendship was an inspiration, her love a blessing.
SQUIRESWilliamApril 9, 1932Sept 4, 1999Gone but not forgotten.
BRODERICKMary (Molly)Feb 19, 1910Sept 8, 1999Rest in peace.
MOOREElizabeth19111999Mother. Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
TOBINMary J25 Jan 1933  
TOBINFrank J11 Oct 191910 Jun 2000Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
HARDINGJ E (Ted)16 May 1935 Married 30 May 1955
HARDINGMary M26 Nov 19341 Oct 1999 
BYRNEJohn (Gunner)19112001Married July 8, 1942.
BYRNEAgnes (Cahill)19201999Loving memories last forever.
McALLISTERMichael J12 Apr 19404 Sept 1999Ever remembered, ever loved.
CONNORSMary ElizabethAug 8, 1931Sept 7, 1999 
YETMANWilliam J19231999Husband.
ELLIOTTEric MOct 30, 1933Aug 15, 1999Loving memories last forever.
COMERFORDHenry Felix (Harry)May 9, 1923Oct 10, 2001 
COMERFORDGertrude Elizabeth (Bis)June 8, 1920Aug 7, 1999Rest in peace.
EZEKIELJosephineFeb 4, 1916Aug 9, 1999RIP.
POWERJudith A (Judy)12 Jan 1958  
POWERChristopher T (Chris)16 Nov 19784 Aug 1999 
POWERGerald J (Gerry)23 Aug 1957  
MARRIEJoan M19452001Ever remembered, ever loved.
BRADBURYPatrick Joseph Jr24-5-7220-5-01Always remembered, sadly missed. Son - Brother.
HICKEYAnn Margaret (Mason)Aug 20, 1922 Married July 19, 1950.
HICKEYMichael JAug 23, 1917Nov 20, 1999Ever remembered, ever loved.
DOYLERobert Matthew5 Sep 190920 Dec 2001 
DOYLEMildred Louise (Clarke)30 Dec 191524 Sep 1998Erected by the family.
O'RIELLYThomas A19082000Father.
O'RIELLYAlice19151998Mother. Ever remembered, ever loved.
RICHARDSAndrew LApril 2, 1921Nov 24, 2000Father.
RICHARDSMargaret PDec 16, 1924July 1, 1999Mother.
WADEMargaret F28 Aug 1925  
WADEMichael L27 Dec 19163 July 1999Loving memories last forever.
HOWELLCatherine E19492003Mother.
HOWELLDavid J19471999Father. We lived together in happiness, we rest together in peace.
BRUCEJerry JSept 6, 1928July 17, 1999They live with us in memory and will forever more.
PAPAILStephen A19831999Forever in our hearts.
KAVANAGHEdward PatrickFebruary 17, 1926July 31, 1999The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
MURPHYMargaret AJan 22, 1931  
MURPHYMichael EJune 17, 1926Aug 4, 1999 
HARDINGHarold FrancisMay 15, 1921Aug 3, 2000 
HARDINGMary BridgetJuly 10, 1921  
DONOVANJohnOct 31, 1925Aug 10, 2002Father.
DONOVANMarilynFeb 20, 1964Dec 27, 1998Daughter. Loved, remembered, cherished.
HARDINGKevin M JAug 5, 1953July 21, 1999Forever young.
CHAFEDanielle KimberleyMarch 19, 1995Nov 3, 2001Daughter of Heather & Robert.
BEWHEYEdith MaryFeb 25, 1917July 5, 1999Forever in our hearts.
OWENSMarjorie CMar 29, 1939May 2, 2003 
OWENSRoderick MJune 15, 1937July 3, 1999Forever with the Lord.
TULKDorothy19291999To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
KUZMANOVICElaine E19551998Together forever.
POWERFred J1942199856 years. Ever remembered, ever loved.
DAVISMichael Joseph19321998Dearly loved, sadly missed.
BLAIRNorval RMay 26, 1931  
BLAIREleanor JJuly 31, 1931June 12, 2000Deeply loved & remembered forever.
SHARPEWilliam DuncanOct 13, 1932Aug 23, 1998Rest in peace.
MORRISEmmett J19051997Father.
MORRISMary A19142002Mother. Loving memories last forever.
KERRIVANMarySept 8, 1932March 12, 1997Our dear mother. If tear drops were a stairway and memories were a lane, Mom, we'd walk all the way to heaven to bring you home again.
FARRELLPatrick19161997Rescue Tug Service, WW 2. Lest we forget.
TIZZARDMary Catherine19461997Ever remembered, ever loved.
FLEMINGEileen HNov 9, 1925Jan 18, 2001 
FLEMINGGordon FJan 3, 1926Feb 12, 1998Life is not forever, but love is.
BARRETTAliceNovember 17, 1904August 21, 1998Ever remembered, ever loved.
DOWNEYRonald PDec 10, 1922Aug 28, 1998 
MAHERMargaretJan 10, 1923Nov 6, 2001 
MAHERBridgetFeb 1, 1909Aug 17, 1999Ever rmembered, ever loved.
BROWNJerry J17 Jan 195503 Sep 1998Precious memories, silent courage, Generous spirit. Forever in our hearts.
RYANAidan FAug 6, 1947Sept 11, 1998Precious memories of days past will never be forgotten.
ALLENThomas CAug 8, 1925June 9, 2000Married May 25, 1952. Life is not forever, but love is.
LANEJason BradleyMay 30, 1970Sept 18, 1993His memory is our keepsake, With which we'll never part, God has him in his keeping, We have him in our hearts. "His Beat Goes On"
FORRISTALHarry19271977Loving you always and forgetting you never.
McLENNANDaniel L19021977 
McLENNANAnnie19021001Ever remembered, ever loved.
CONNORSMary V19112002 
CONNORSStanley J19121977Forever in our hearts.
CALLANANMary KeoughApril 24, 1915March 26, 1999 
CALLANANGeorge ASept 8, 1908Sept 23, 1977Rest in peace.
MURPHYDominic19111977Rest father, rest in quiet sleep, While we in sorrow o'er thee weep. Erected by the family.
WAKEHAMThomasJune 27, 1908May 3, 1996Married May 27, 1940.
WAKEHAMEllenNov 27, 1912Sept 27, 1977Forever with the Lord.
KINSELLADavid J 9 March 1984Age 65. Gunner, Royal Artillery, WW 2.
DAWEGeorge B19151977Ever remembered and always loved by his family.
PUDDICOMBEAlbert TAug 29, 1935Oct 1, 1977Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for him. Rest in peace. Erected by his wife and children.
BROWNEJames H 2 Oct 1977Age 55. Petty Officer, Royal Navy.
DAWEMargaret AnnOct 12, 1913Sept 39, 1987Mother and grangmother. Rest in peace.
KEARNEYJohn C 24 August 1986J94519. Pilot Officer, RCAF. Age 74.
PUDDICOMBEEllen MSept 28, 1913Feb 6, 1993 
PUDDICOMBERobert FSept 23, 1911May 8, 1990Ever remembered, ever loved.
BESTRenee LSept 23, 1965Aug 17, 2000Loving memories last forever.
MULLETTElizabeth18921977God be with you till we meet again. In God's holy keeping. At rest.
MYRICKJoseph P19311977Peace, perfect peace. Erected by his wife Mary.
WOODROWJames PatrickJan 29, 1911Jan 15, 1985 
WOODROWFrances AnneOct 7, 1911Aug 20, 1977A life devoted to God and family.
WALSHGordon, CaptainDecember 23, 1924August 18, 1977 
WALSHMary CarmelOctober 22, 1917November 2, 2002 
ROBERTSF/SGT Paul RFebruary 29, 1972February 15, 1991Beloved son and grandson. To live in the hearts of thos we love is not to die. Rest in peace.
BENOITJohn 1977 
KINGPeter JApr 20, 1910Aug 29, 1977Beloved husband of Gertrude M Price. Ever remembered.
DILLONHarold PatrickFeb 28, 1933Aug 12, 1977 
WALSHPatrick J 10 Aug 1977Age 68. Seaman, Royal Navy.
MAHERWayne July 28, 1977Age 18 years.
McDONALDGertrude18991977Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on her soul. Erected by her family.
DODDMargaretJune 11, 1928July 26, 1977Rest in peace.
CAREYCatherine19011977Rest in peace.
BENNETTGordon19251977In memory, a daily thought. In heart, a silent sorrow. Together forever. Marie.
HEALEYJ Vincent19151977 
HEALEYMary Margaret19171996 
HANNAFOREEdward F19351975He lives with us in memory and will forever more. Erected by his wife and children.
O'BRIENHelen F19141977Ever remembered, ever loved by the family.
CROCKERWilliam F19041977Ever remembered, ever loved.
RYALLJames F19251994Husband.
RYALLMargaret M19251977Wife. Together forever.
WHITTLECatherine19081977Rest in peace.
GREENEAlbert GMar 20, 1916July 6, 1977 
GREENEAlice LJan 24, 1892May 3, 1988Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord.
TUCKERPhilip E19231977Ex P O, R N, 1939 - 45. Our loved one sleeps here.
FLEMINGGerald19151977His life was filled with work, love and devotion to his family.
POWERAnneApr 26, 1926Jan 19, 2005Married Sept 14, 1949.
POWERGeorgeJan 28, 1917July 14, 1977Their memory is enshrined in our hearts.
SCURRYDavid F19451977To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
KEARNEYRuth H19141977 
KINNEYMary HannahJan 31, 18193July 20, 1977May her soul rest in peace.
ANTLEPatrick J19091977 
ANTLEMary M19091985 
BENNETTMary MMarch 26, 1913Sept 29, 2002 
BENNETTCharles EOct 23, 1908July 22, 1977Rest in peace.
BUTLERRaymond J1946 Husband. Married July 11, 1981.
BUTLERMary A (Davis)19531999Wife. We lived together in happiness, we rest together in peace.
GREENEJames J19331977Rest in peace.
TOBINMichael19551977Always loved and ever remembered. Ercted by the family.
CLARKEMichael J19071983 
CLARKERose A19071977Ever remembered, ever loved.
PEARCEMona J19321991 
PEARCEJohn C19241977Ever remembered, ever loved.
HUNTBridget M (Muds)19111999Mother.
HUNTPatrick J19041975Father. Let perpetual light shine upon them.
POWERJohn J19351975Erected by mother and sister.
PADDONJohn AMay 8, 1927October 24, 1977 
BURKEMargaret RMar 31, 1951Jul 24, 1975Erected by her loving husband and son.
HAYESPauline19491975May her soul rest in peace. Ever remembered by her dear mother and family.
HAYESPaulineJan 26, 1901Jan 20, 1993Our precious mother. Into thy hands I commend my spirit. O my Jesus, receive my soul. May she rest in peace.
HAYESGeorge July 24, 1975Age 48 years. Erected by his children, mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.
HAYESJames Oct 13, 1977Age 79 years. Rest in peace. Erected by his wife and family.
RYALLMarie19471975Always remembered by Jim, Ricky & Hayes family.
McGRATHJames M F19021975 
McGRATHAnita Kearney19091980 

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2012)

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