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Holy Sepulchre RC Cemetery
Mt. Pearl
Section I (Rows 1 - 6)
St. John's West District

KILFOYWilliam TFeb 11, 1921Feb 22, 1993Forever in our hearts.
KILFOYWilliam Thomas19211993Royal Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
OSMONDPeter G19491993Forever in our hearts.
BROWNEBernard FrancisAugust 24, 1949Februry 28, 1993A dear brother and father.
STAPLETONPeter J (Jack)May 1940 Husband.
STAPLETONShirley AnnOct 1940Jan 1995Wife.
WALSHJames J23 Dec 191828 Feb 1993Asleep in the arms of Jesus.
HOWLETTElizabeth AJuly 19, 1939Nov 1, 1994Loving memories last forever.
DINNJames LJuly 9, 1927March 4, 1995I am the resurrection and the life.
VALLISR Marshall (Val)19242001 
VALLISAlive V (Hogan)19171995Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
CORPUSFelipe JJuly 22, 1934July 21, 1986The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
QUILTYWilliam MMarch 8, 1930July 22, 1986A dear husband and father.
DILLONGertrudeDec 6, 1917 Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on her soul. Erected by husband Thomas.
SAMSONLenny July 25, 1986Age 6 years. Accidentally drowned. Darling son of Len & Betty Samson. Lord, we give you our little angel, our precious little boy, because there was a vacancy for an angel in the sky.
BREENMary E Sept 21, 1993 
BREENMuriel M July 21, 1986 
BREENKathleen June 2, 2001 
BREENDermott F Mar 16, 2003 
HEARNGeraldine19131986Ever remembered, ever loved.
ALICATAFrank T1912  
ALICATAElizabth M19341986Loving you always, forgetting ?? never.
MURPHYHoward PAug 24, 1942July 14, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
CONNOLLYCatherineMay 4, 1940June 12, 1998 
CONNOLLYMaryDec 6, 1921July 15, 1986To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
SEWARDJamesOct 14, 1909July 13, 1986Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul.
DAVISRaymond ThomasJuly 4, 1960Aug 4, 1986Rest in peace.
O'LEARYJackJan 30, 1917July 11, 1986Rest in peace. Erected by the family.
SORENSENMichael FrancisSept 24, 1930July 26, 1986Rest in peace.
CASEYEllen T (Nellie)Nov 23, 1911Aug 12, 1994 
CASEYJoseph JFeb 26, 1911July 11, 1986May their souls rest in peace.
O'BRIENKenneth WFeb 25, 1968July 10, 1986Beloved son of Irene (Blyde) Connors.
BUSSEY   Lord take my hand�.Mad? I love you�.
BUSSEYMadeline MJune 25, 1934July 5, 1986And walk with me�.I know, I love you too.
EVANS   Ever remembered.
EVANSMatthew FApril 12, 1914July 5, 1986Ever loved.
KEOUGHTheresa19241986Their memory is enshrined in our hearts.
JOLIFFELorettoNov 6, 1916June 29, 1986She died as she lived, trusting God.
RODGERSJames19261986Rest in peace.
POWERJames N19191986Married Oct 1, 1942.
COADYDonaldJan 1, 1906May 3, 1989Father. Ever remembered.
COADYLorettaFeb 25, 1912June 27, 1986Mother. Ever loved.
MORRISSEYWalter JOct 25, 1937Apr 13, 1985 
KENNYEdwardMay 2, 1912Feb 27, 1985Rest in peace.
HANTONNicholas Joseph19342004Rest in peace.
ASPELLMargaret Ann Feb 4, 1985 
ASPELLCyril May 21, 1991 
CRANEHubertApr 10, 1909May 2, 1991 
CRANEBridgetMar 3, 1911Oct 10, 1984Father, grant thy weary one rest for evermore.
FOWLERConnie ArleneApril 7, 1977June 3, 1986Sadly missed by Mom, Dad & family. RIP.
ENGLISHRichard J19111992 
ENGLISHE Maude19142003We shall meet again.
BONIAJohn Byron (Hayes)Feb 28, 1934June 2, 1984Son of Mary Ellen Bonia. Forever loved and remembered by Aunt Nora and the Hayes family.
HAYESThomas Anthony (Tommy)June 14, 1942Sept 27, 1997Son of Thomas J Hayes & Noria (Bonia) Hayes. Ever remembered, ever loved by loving mother, four brothers and three sisters.
NASHBridget M19031990 
NASHElizabeth G19031984 
NASHMary M19051985Rest in peace.
O'LEARYMichael FApril 11, 1917June 11, 1996Gone but never forgotten.
McDONALDRita (Stak)April 16, 1924  
McDONALDRaymond JMay 29, 1917Oct 19, 1995Born to die and die to live. To live in the hearts we love is not to die.
McDONALDWilliam K19081991Ever remembered, ever loved.
ANDREWSGeorge JohnAug 24, 1908Apr 8, 1985Sacret? Heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul.
DILLONPatrick GJan 21, 1918Dec 9, 1991 
DILLONGertrude MNov 5, 1914May 11, 1988Their memory is inshrined in our hearts.
KEOUGHSadie4 Aug 19075 June 1988Forever in our hearts.
DILLONMarieMay 10, 1928Aug 10, 2004 
DILLONLeo FMay 19, 1927Feb 14, 1994Ever remembered, ever loved.
SHANNAHANMary CeciliaFeb 3, 1924June 13, 2001Married Nov 4, 1947.
SHANNAHANNicholas JJuly 13,1916Dec 4. 1993In memory, a daily thought. In heart, a silent sorrow.
SOMERSRalph W19321994 
SOMERSRose M1942 Ever remembered, ever loved.
WICKHAMMargaret J18911982Rest in peace.
McCARTHYMary F18961982 
LONGJohannah18971982She lives with us in memory and will for evermore. Rest in peace.
MURPHYWallace JohnFebruary 7, 1911December 20, 1982 
DODDDouglas BJan 6, 1936Nov 13, 1982Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by the family.
HEALEYJohn12 Jul 191129 Jan 1994 
HEALEYLillian24 Sept 191714 Nov 1982Rest in peace.
LAKEWilliam (Dick) Nov 26, 1982Age 31 years. Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by his mother, wife and family. Rest in peace.
MONKWm (Bill)Jan 9, 1963Nov 13, 1982Private, Canadian Armed Forces. Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever.
DOYLECharlieFeb 22, 1921Nov 17, 1982Sir Knight. Love and memories last forever.
DELANEYBernard FJan 20, 1938Dec 2, 1982Ever remembered, ever loved. Erected by the family.
BROWNEMary J18981982To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.
HYNESWavie P Greenham19511982Wife.
HYNESGerard F19451998Husband. Ever remembered, ever loved.
CONNORSVeraAug 19, 1918Dec 7, 1982 
CONNORSAlfredApr 30, 1912Oct 15, 2000Ever remembered, ever loved, Rest in peace.
SHIELDSAnnie Marie19141982Mother.
SHIELDSHugh Stephen19242002Father. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
HEALEYPatrickDec 7, 1912Dec 11, 1982A dear husband and father. Rest in peace.
DUKEDavid J19141982 
DUKEElizabeth19171985On that bright eternal shore, we shall meet to part no more.
WOODSRobert J3 Apr 193616 Dec 1982Wed 1 June 1963
WOODSShirley M31 July 194229 July 1996As we love you, so will we miss you. Eternal sleep in the arms of each other.
BILLARDNanceOct 1, 1914July 27, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
RYANCraig19721991Loving son & brother. Fondly loved, deeply mourned by Mom, Dad, sister Rhonda. Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever.
FITZGERALDMargaret BOct 27, 1920Sept 13, 2001 
FITZGERALDCharles PMar 18, 1915July 30, 1986 
PIKEGerald A19292001 
PIKEStella M19311986Fondly loved and deeply mourned.
WALSHCyriul J, MD19191995 
WALSHMarion J, RN19212003Together always.
MILLERAnn FAug 18, 1901Aug 2, 1986 
CLANCEYRichard FOct 18, 1927Nov 20, 2003 
CLANCEYOlgaNov 3, 1931June 20, 1992We shall meet again.
HURLEYEllen (Nee O'Donnell)Feb 9, 1920Jan 21, 1995Gone home.
HURLEYFrancis J 9 August 1986Age 69. 970772. Sergeant, Royal Artillery, WW 2.
WEBBERMariettaJuly 5, 1906April 11, 1999 
WEBBERLamont GJuly 9, 1908July 17, 1990Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls.
CHAFEBarbara AnnSept 28, 1940April 18, 1998 
CHAFEBrian JudeOct 7, 1940Aug 7, 1986Loving you always, forgetting you never.
DWYERMichael 21 June 1987Age 88. Seaman, Merchang Navy, WW 1.
WALSHMary BJuly 31, 1901Aug 10, 1986Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
BERRIGANEdward JJune 30, 1919Aug 11, 1986 
RODGERSAnnie19231987Sister. May they rest in peace.
O'BRIENGertrude EMay 21, 1914Apr 10, 2001 
O'BRIENErnest JOct 13, 1908Aug 15, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
CONWAYAnne MarieSeptember 9, 1934August 17, 1986Rest in peace.
McDONALDMadeline19171986Forever with the Lord.
HALLERANLeonardJune 7, 1934Sept 1, 1986God be with you, till we meet again.
UPSHALLViolet JosephineAug 1, 1927Sept 5, 1986Always in our hearts.
DOYLEMargaretApril 2, 1936Aug 21, 1986She lives with us in memory and will for evermore.
CHAFEMargaret Nee Brophy19161986Rest in peace.
THOMSONCharles B 4 October 1986Age 66. KX99870, Chief Petty Officer, Royal Navy.
HEFFERNANMary (Minnie)18871986Beloved wife of
HEFFERNANMichael J18861956Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls.
BARRYJohnApril 23, 1928Oct 2, 1986Loving you always, forgetting you never.
FAGANGerald F2 June 195030 Sept 1986 
McDONALDJohn T19081986He died as he lived, trusting God. Erected by his brother Charles.
GARDNERLaura M19161998 
GARDNERAmbrose M19091986Ever remembered, ever loved.
BURKEThomas B19091986 
McCARTHYMarie A19131987Mother. Our loved ones sleep here.
McCARTHYWilliam F19131986Father. Gone but not forgotten.
CONNORSJosephine Marie19011986 
JONESColleen Nicole (Nicki)Dec 20, 1974Sept 10, 1986Sadly missed and forever loved.
DOBERAlphonsusFeb 28, 1897Feb 20, 1988 
DOBERBridget MAug 12, 1906Sept 10, 1986Life is changed, not ended.
McCORMACKMary19151986To live in the hearts we love is not to die.
MERCERJane C nee SellarsOct 25, 1925Sept 10, 1986 
FLYNNMary (Gover)Oct 13, 1913Sept 24, 1986She lives with us in memory and will for evermore.
OLIVERThomas JosephOct 27, 1908Sept 7, 1986His memory is enshrined in our hearts.
CULLENMaurice J 19 September 1986Age 69. 970813, Gunner, Royal Artillery, WW 2.
SHORTALLMary FMay 27, 1905July 28, 1993 
SHORTALLJohn JMay 16, 1907Sept 1, 1986Rest in peace.
DWYERMary19371986Loving memories last forever.
BURSEYWilliam B18 December 192816 January 1990Ever remembered, ever loved.
GROUCHYRobert JFeb 16, 1915Mar 4, 1998 
GROUCHYMargaret AOct 20, 1913Aug 29, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
MAHERMary B19152003 
MAHERJohn J19081986Rest in peace.
O'HALLIGANWilliam DFeb 9, 1935Aug 26, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
O'NEILLPatrick JOctober 24, 1919Sept 16, 2002 
O'NEILLElizabeth MOctober 10, 1919August 18, 2002Ever remembered, ever loved.
HEALEYJoan Adams19282001 
HEALEYMichael F19131982Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
COUGHLANGerardApril 5, 1906Nov 5, 1982Rest in peace.
COUGHLINAlbert George22nd Oct 194214th Mar 2001Age 58. Dearly loved and sadly missed by his family.
OSBORNEEileen M19061986Mother.
OSBORNEWilliam E19031982Father. Rest in peace.
ROCHEFrank CNovember 5, 1943November 1, 1982Sir Knight.
MORRISRandolph GApril 23, 1931November 6, 1982RIP.
FEEHANCatherine19371982Forever remembered, husband Kevin.
MILLERChaterine19112001Ever remembered, ever loved.
COLLINSPearl K1942 Married Feb 11, 1961.
COLLINSJoseph P19331982 
BURTONFrancis M19111995Ever remembered, ever loved.
BURTONJosephine19091982Erected by the family.
MELEEWilliam F19141990Age 76.
MELEEMary F19171982Age 65. Love's last gift, remembrance.
CALLAHANJames19161982Love's last gift - family.
MERNERPatrick Michael19261982May his soul rest in peace.
MERNERDennis J19581990Forever young.
HEFFERNANMercedesMar 9, 1902Oct 9, 1983 
HEFFERNANMartin JJune 24, 1893Oct 26, 1982Rest in peace.
MURPHYJ RandolphJune 16, 1916Oct 24, 1982Sir Knight. Ever remembered, ever loved.
O'BRIENJohn J18931982Erected by brother and sister.
SHEARSRalph 27 Oct 1982Age 83. Roodsman, NFLD Forrestry, WW 2.
SULLEYWilliam A19411982Ever remembered, ever loved.
DALEYMary T19291982 
FITZPATRICKJoseph J1 Sept 192321 Aug 1995Ever remembered.
FITZPATRICKThomasine M25 May 192213 Apr 1995Ever loved.
McKINNONWilfred ANov 22, 1921Mar 9, 2005WW II Veteran. Forever in our hearts.
McKINNONStephen John19521982To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
WALKERHarry J19271982He lives with us in memory and will forever more.
REDDYPeter C (Lindy)19281999 
REDDYCarmel Theresa19291982Peacefully sleeping.
WILSONEdward W 22 Sept 1982Age 68. Woodsman, NFLD Forestry, WW 2.
PUTTCyril JOct 3, 1931Oct 2, 1982In memory a daily thought, in heart a silent sorrow. Erected by wife Helen and children.
VIHOSIreneNov 17, 1947Sept 25, 1982Born in Milos, Grece.
VIHOSGeorge SMarch 15, 1941 Born in Milos, Grece.
POWERMary J19111992Wife.
POWERJohn J19101982Husband.
HORWOODFrank RJune 23, 1931Sept 28, 1982Love and remembrance last forever.
BUCKLEYMarion B1930 Wife.
BUCKLEYRaymolnd J19271982Husband. In God's holy keeping.
COLLINSMargaret M19081995 
COLLINSJohn J18961982Rest in peace.
CONGDONJohn P19141982Veteran of WW II. No more pain.
GI?UEElle? 19??Damaged wooden cross.
EDNEYAlbert J19171982Rest in peace.
NORMANMildred (Connolly)Jan 5, 1915Oct 15, 1982She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
UNKNOWN   enclosure matches NORMAN (above).
FURLONGAlice M19151982Beloved wife of William J Furlong. Ever remembered, ever loved.
WYSEMagdalen MMay 9, 1918Oct 22, 1982Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in thee.
KENNYA Gus19411982 
KELLYJames18971982Love's last give, remembrance.
OAKLEYMabel19081996Rest in peace.
FACEYMary AliceMay 7, 1912Feb 23, 2003 
FACEYJohn M CNov 18, 1914Feb 3, 2000 
BOWDRINGMarie June 11, 2001Rest in peace.
BOWDRINGPearl M October 10, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
GREENLeo JosephJune 1, 1902Oct 13, 1986 
GREENRose MarySept 29, 1906Oct 22, 1997 
KENNYJamesMar 3, 1958Oct 13, 1986Not lost to memory or to love but safe in our Father's home above. Erected by wife Merley, children Christina, James Jr, Mom, Dad & family.
ENNISNellie M Jan 31, 1995Age 77 years.
ENNISHenry A Oct 20, 1986Age 72 years. Ever remembered, ever loved.
CLANCEYPatrick JMar 16, 1917Oct 20, 1986 
DAYMadeline19231989Sister. Ever remembered, ever loved.
MARSHALLMercedes M19101986 
REIDTheresa19261986Ever remembered, ever loved.
O'BRIENMary EJuly 27, 1920  
O'BRIENCyril JSept 22, 1920Oct 28, 1986In memory, a daily thought; In heart, a silent sorrow.
DUNNJames (Jim)Sept 15, 1936Oct 29, 1986Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
MOREYJoseph KMar 19, 1917Nov 4, 1986 
BISHOPDouglasMar 31, 1928Nov 8, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
KENNEDYJohn FNov 26, 1925Nov 8, 1986In memory a daily thought, In heart a silent sorrow.
LYNCHJohn J19081986Rest in peace.
PURCELLHugh P19251986Ever remembered, ever loved.
DOYLEWilliamJan 27, 1922Dec 26, 1998 
DOYLECeciliaJune 6, 1922Nov 14, 1986Sadely? Missed, forever remembered.
KEARNEYPatrick 14 November 1986PKX110583. Able Seaman, Royal Navy, WW 2.
HEFFERNANMartin J19181994 
HEFFERNANMargaret19161986Gone but not forgotten.
O'BRIENKevin MDec 6, 1931  
O'BRIENVeronicaOct 28, 1935Nov 15, 1986 
WILSONHenry MichaelFeb 8, 1919Nov 16, 1986 
MASONHubert18991987Compassionate Lord Jesus, grant them eternal rest.
MURPHYMary Ann Cooke19021986 
MURPHYMartin Augustine19041993Ever remembered, ever loved.
MURPHYMartin19041993Merchant Navy Veteran, WW 2. Lest we forget.
BURTRonaldSept 2, 1916Dec 1, 1986Sir Knight. Rest in peace.
CLARKESgt Ernest JApr 30, 1926Nov 29, 1986C O C A F. We shall meet again. Erected by the family.
CLARKEErnest John19261986Sergeant. R C A S C, WW 2, Korea. Lest we forget.
MURPHYMary AOct 2, 1909July 29, 1995 
MURPHYJ;oseph PDec 22, 1910Nov 28, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
VALLISGail AnnMarch 29, 1957Nov 27, 1986She lives with us in memory and will forever more.
BISHOPDeborah AJuly 26, 1958Aug 1, 1991Our loved one sleeps here. Erected by Mom and family
ENNISJames JMar 4, 1917Nov 27, 1986A quiet man, A gentle man, A good man.
CAMERONArthur P19241991Father.
DEVINEAlphonsusNov 15, 1915Nov 26, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
WILLIAMSJoseph19101992Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord.
LAIDLEYStella JApril 16, 1924  
LAIDLEYThomas JJuly 18, 1921Jan 27, 1994Ever remembered, ever loved.
BERNIQUEZHenri JMay 4, 1928Nov 23, 1986Till we meet again.
NEARYStephen GeorgeNov 16, 1933Dec ?, 1986A dear brother. Always remembered by his family. Rest in peace.
MALONENicholas (Ken)Mar 12, 1913Nov 24, 1986Ever remembered, ever loved.
DAVISJohn19271986To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
EDSTROMJames TJan 23, 1933Nov 18, 1986Forever with the Lord. Erected by the family.
McCART??William (Bill)   
McGORYGordon Nov 14, 1986Age 61 years. Ever remembered.
FITZGERALDEdward P19081987 
FITZGERALDTheresa (Tess)19041996 
LACEYAlice Louisa19251986Always remembered. May she rest in peace.
CRITCHScott October 19, 1986Age 16 years. Accidentally killed. Fondly loved, deeply mourned by Mom, Dad, brothers and best friend Neil. Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever.
DODDRonald1942 Together forever again.
DODDWm (Billy) J19711999Loved forever.
CALLAHANBeatrice Dunn19211982Beloved wife of
COLLINSGerald SJune 28, 1938July 11, 1982Ever remembered, ever loved.
FIFIELDAlice G19271982We shall meet again.
MOAKLERFlorence19251982Rest in peace. Erected by the family.
MANNINGJames19181982Erected by Manning family.
WHELANWilliam J19111985We shall meet again.
WHELANMary Violet19101982Gone but not forgotten.
O'ROURKEMichael J September 10, 1982Age 46
PALFREYTheresa MJan 23, 1912  
PALFREYWilliamJune 28, 1982Apr 29, 1993Ever remembered, ever loved.
CASEYElizabeth (Betty) Aug 10, 1982Age 45 years. Rest in peace. Erected by the family.
CARNEYEdward Joseph August 1982Age 81. Private, Canadian Army, WW 2.
KINSELLAJohn Patrick19031982 
KINSELLAMary Margaret19061996Rest in peace.
RENOUFHenry Thomas Moore19121982 
MERDSOYDeane Renouf19501993 
O'KEEFEMary Esther July 11, 1982Age 55. Wife and mother. May her soul rest in peace. Erected by her husband and family.
O'KEEFEBernardSept 4, 1921July 28, 1993Husband, father & grandfather. May his soul rest in peace. Erected by his family.
DUNPHYEdward19201982Merchant Navy, WW 2. Lest we forget.
HEARNGale Sept 20, 1982Age 20 years. She lives with us in memory and will forever more. Erected by the family.
ANDREWSElizabeth Mary (Madeline)19111982Wife of
ANDREWSAlbert Edward19061987 
BRENNANLoe19141982Little Paradise.
SLANEYJohnNov 30, 1929July 17, 1982 
COOKCatherine F MSept 5, 1943Aug 22, 1988 
COOKArmand F RJune 21, 1936July 2, 1986Rest in peace.
LEELaura AJuly 13, 1917Feb 5, 2003 
LEEJohn CAug 3, 1907June 30, 1982Loving memories last forever.
MURPHYHilda MaryApril 27, 1930  
MURPHYJohn F (Jack)June 17, 1931Oct 2, 1997Memories are like threads of gold, They never tarnish or grow old. Rest in peace.
MURPHYFrank (Farmer)Oct 25, 1933June 15, 1997Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
CONNOLLYMolly (Mary)June 16, 1909May 25, 1995Eternal joy be thine.
RIGGSPhyllisJuly 25, 1922July 9, 1988Dear mother and best friend. Erected by beloved son Neil and daughter Heather.
DURDLEEdmund F19141992Ever remembered, ever loved.
HOLDENElizabethAug 26, 1915Feb 12, 1999 
HOLDENPatrick JNov 29, 1919Mar 1, 1988Ever remembered, ever loved.
HOLDENMichaelAug 21, 1942Dec 4, 1986In memory, a daily thought. In heart, a silent sorrow.
POWERJohn PNov 29, 1902Jan 21, 1994 
POWERFlorenceAug 4, 1903Dec 6, 1986Love and rememberance last forever.
DUNNEMary D19261996Daughter.
DUNNEMary F19051986Wife.
DUNNEHugh P19051989Husband, Ever remembered, ever loved.
BURTCyril J19221986Ever remembered, ever loved. The family.
SMITHAloysiusOct 9, 1911Dec 8, 1986Pacem Spero. Erected by wife Annie, son Adrian.
FITZGERALDAgnes M26 Oct 191317 Apr 1987Ever remembered by loved ones.
EVANSCharles194319817Loving memories last forever.
RICEMary T1930 Mother. Married July 12, 1955.
RICEThomas M19301997Father. Our love goes with you and our souls wait to ????. Sons Robert, Greg and our families.
HENNESSEYGertrudeDec 15, 1906Aug 31, 1997 
HENNESSEYFrancisSept 3, 1914May 22, `987Rest in peace.
OSMONDMonicaMar 27, 1917Apr 29, 1995 
OSMONDWilliam (Arch)Sept 5, 1915June 10, 1987Sir Knight. Rest in peace.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2012)

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