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Holy Sepulchre RC Cemetery
Section E (Rows 1-8)

Mt. Pearl
St. John's West District

CROCKERCecil JFeb 13, 1930lSept 19, 2001Forever loved and sadly missed.
CUMMINGSFrancis (Sam)19472003 
CUMMINGSJames D (Jim)19702001Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever.
HARLICKJohn (Jack)January 3, 1924September 8, 2001Ever remembered, ever loved.
CLANCEYGerald P19352001 
CLANCEYHelen T1936 Together forever.
MURPHYJohn J19342001Father. We lived together in happiness, we rest together in peace.
SLANEYJoseph AApril 22, 1930Aug 21, 2001Sir Knight. Married Sept 5, 1959
RYAN-McKEOWNCatherine Aileen CathyAug 28, 1965June 2, 2003Forever in our hearts.
LAINGCecil R Jan 25, 1992 
LAINGMary M June 7, 2004We love you Mom and Dad.
KAVANAGHFrancis J19352004 
KAVANAGHJoan B1935 Rest in peace.
CAREYGenevieve E19372004May her soul rest in peace.
HAMILTONMargaretSept 9, 1918June 18, 2004Forevr loved and forever remembered, from here to eternity.
HOLDENJohn JosephJuly 22, 1926June 25, 2004Sadly missed, ever remembered
WAKEHAMPatrick JJuly 2, 1942July 20, 2004Your quiet strength, fearless hope, youthful spirit and easy smill will live on in our hearts forever.
GALWAYMary TDec 21, 1930Nov 26, 2004Into thy arms O Lord, I comment my spirit.
BYRNEHelen BridgetNov 15, 1925Aug 11, 2004Helen means bright one. Mom matched her name perfectly.
DOYLEMaxwell (Mac)September 30, 1940 January 17, 2005Forever in our hearts.
WILLIAMSRichard CharlesJune 10, 1929Dec 21, 2004Until we meet again.
WESTCOTTMary TheresaMay 5, 1921November 18, 2004Forever with the Lord and in our hearts always.
WALSHJamesMarch 5, 1913April 13, 2004 
DEVINECarol LouiseOct 14, 1950Feb 25, 2004The true fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance. Against such there is no law. Gal 5:22.23
EDWARDSPatricia MaryJan 28, 1942Feb 13, 2004Never be forgotten, ever loved.
MARTINDonald TAug 27, 1946Feb 10, 2004Married July 23, 1971. Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
COLLINSThomas JOct 22, 1937Feb 2, 2004R I P.
OWENSScott JeromeAug 9, 1982July 21, 2001Beloved son & brother.
HOSKINSGeorge Samuel19192001God be with you till we meet again.
HEPDITCHFelix JosephSeptember 11, 1945July 26, 2001Born: Clattice Hr. NW, PB, NF. Died: Toronto, Ont. My life was full, I savoured much, Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch.
OTTENHEIMERSenator Gerald RJune 4, 1934Jan 18, 1998 
POWERRonald JMay 4, 1936 Father.
POWERHelen PJan 13, 1930July 28, 2001Mother. Life is not forever, but love is.
DRAYAnthony M9 Mar 19487 Aug 2001Born, Little Bona. "Long before your time.
WOODFORDAiden JSept 4, 1921Aug 16, 2001Loved and never forgotten.
KENNEDYShirley19382001Forever in our hearts.
MARTINHarry F19232002 
MARTINShirley A1929  
MARTINFrankie (Joe)19592001 
HANRAHANJohh JosephFeb 20, 1932Jan 26, 2005Resting with those he loved.
LOCKEDavid FJune 20, 1932  
LOCKEAnnie MFeb 11, 1933Mar 28, 2004Forever in our hearts.
BROWNEVeronica MDec 2, 1931July 6, 2001Loving memories last forever.
DUNNJean MadonnaJune 13, 1931 Mother.
DUNNDonald JosephJan 16, 1929June 30, 2001Father. Eternar reast grant unto them.
ROWLANDSLeonardJune 8, 1921 Husband.
ROWLANDSBridget (Bride)Nov 16, 1916June 29, 2001Wife.
COFFEEIrene M1947 Wife. Married Dec 9, 1965.
COFFEELeo J19322001Husband. At home in heaven.
KEEFEGracieMay 18, 1923June 23, 2001Sunshine fades, shadows fall, Sweet remembrance outlasts all.
BRENNANFlorence Annie MOct 26, 1942 Mom ~ Nanny.
BRENNANPhilip JosephNov 7, 1937June 17, 2001Dad ~ Poppy.
FAHEYEdward PMay 29, 1937June 11, 2001Peace perfect peace.
McLOUGHLANClare JAug 12, 1933July 5, 2001 
McLOUGHLANWilliam JMar 19, 1932June 2, 2001Together forever.
DOYLEPatrick KDec 20, 1939  
DOYLEBrenda MMay 16, 1937May 23, 2001Ever remembered, ever loved.
HOLDENLeo P19382001To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
WHIFFENThomas19182001Peace perfect peace.
WALSHRaymond JJuly 25, 1914May 5, 2001 
LAYDENGeorge W1922 Father. Married March 2, 1943
LAYDENKathleen M19262001Mother. Forever in our hearts.
JACKMANMary GioAug 30, 1933 Married Nov 28, 1957
JACKMANBrian AFeb 24, 1930March 29, 2001Every mans life is a plan of God.
MILLSCyril PJan 29, 1947Apr 3, 2001What we keep in memory, is ours unchanged forever.
MORRISSEYFerdinand W (Ferd)19472001 
LINEHANJames F19382001Save in the arms of Jesus.
POWERDiane B3 Dec 194423 Mar 2991 
HANLONAdrianMar 18, 1933Mar 19, 2001Father, husband, friend.
GALLAGHERFrancis VApril 2, 1929March 11, 2001 
HANLONCarol Frances19512001Thy will be done.
GREENAnne J19282001A tender mother. Let her works praise her at the gates. She touched everyone with love and kindness.
JARVISFrances Mary (nee Corcoran)Oct 29, 1938April 8, 2001Our loving mother. Lift up your hearts and share my glee; God wanted me now, He set me free.
DUFFJames JAugut 22, 1913April 9, 2001 
HEARNJames PatrickMar 10, 1939Apr 23, 2001Forever in our hearts.
REARDONJohn JSept 7, 1942April 28, 2001Rest in peace.
FITZGERALDPatrick J19212001Royal Artillery, WW II.
FITZGERALDMary E19312005Gone but not forgotten.
DOOLEYSheilaDecember 21, 1931May 13, 2001Loved and remembered.
OLIVERRichardDec 21, 1965May 21, 2001Ever remembered.
O'GRADYAugustus VFeb 14, 1927May 24, 2001Rest in peace.
HEALEYEdward PMar 22, 1927June 8, 2001Ever remembered, ever loved.
WALSHDiane HJan 15, 1955Dec 6, 2001Life is not forever, but love is.
CORBETTRonald 19252000  
CORBETTPauline  Rest in peace.
LUSHMichael J19352000Though death divides, fond memory clings.
O'NEILLFrank JJuly 19, 1939Jan 4, 2001Wind beneath our wings.
SPENCERElizabeth N19432001Ever remembered, ever loved.
HEALEYMichael JJune 29, 1935Jan 15, 2001Life is not forever, but love is.
O'TOOLEAiden J (Jim)24 Jan 195218 Jan 2001Ever loved by Jennifer & Jillian.
FOLLETTIsabel J29 Oct 1934 Wife. Wed 21 Nov 1960.
FOLLETTJames J5 Mar 193220 Jan 2001Husband. Forever remembered, sadly missed.
ENNISCyril RSept 9, 1933Jan 22, 2001Ever remembered, ever loved.
McLEODNeil ChristopherApril 13, 1961January 23, 2001Life is not forever, but love is.
WHITEBrendan JamesNov 16, 1931Jan 31, 2001 
WALSHDavid PMay 3, 1953Feb 1, 2001Loving son, brother & father. Peace, perfect peace.
PENNEYFrances (Young)19142001They died as they lived, trusting in God. Erected by son Alexander & Maureen. Ever remembered by six sons and three daughters.
FITZPAGRICKAustin Joseph19342001 
YETMANLauraNov 21, 1906Feb 12, 2001Sweet Jesus, pray f???
CROCKERMary H19352001 
CROCKERCyril M1936  
WILLIAMSHerbert (Herb)July 7, 1926Feb 19, 2001To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
COOPERMarkApril 6, 1918Feb 26, 2001 
NURSEMarie E12 Dec 192628 Feb 2001Mother of William, Mary, Richard, Joseph & Gerald. Remember me with smiles and laughter.
HOLDENJames VAug 21, 1925  
HOLDENDerrick James  Son. Age 25. Lost at sea, Ocean Ranger Disaster, Feb 15, 1982. Precious are the memories.
MAYNARDPhilip CAug 19, 1922Apr 1, 2004 
MAYNARDJane MNov 25, 1919Dec 28, 2003Ever remembered, ever loved.
DUNNElizabeth A1948  
DUNNWayne J19472003Forever and always.
FINCHMabel19182004Loving memories last forever.
HUMBYGerald (Dick)Nov 29, 1952Jan 5, 2004 
O'NEILLDaniel JOct 20, 1937Jan 28, 2004Love is a bond that can never be broken.
LILLYJane22 Apr 191619 Jan 2004 
LILLYAugustus23 Jul 191710 Jan 2004 
WELLSAlfredJuly 29, 1928 Married May 18, 1957
WELLSMary RApr 17, 1926Jan 24, 2004Ever remembered, ever loved.
KELLYYvonne BSept 27, 1948Jan 31, 2004??????, always loved.
GREENINGKallie BrettAugust 22, 1989November 11, 2004God, for an Angel, she was the right choice.
CORBETTJohn EFeb 28, 1922Jan 7, 2005Ever remembered, ever loved.
HOLLOHANThomas P (Tom)June 3, 1940Apr 28, 2004 
DUNNEJudith A28 Mar 194430 Mar 2004 
DUNNEGordon J3 Apr 1943 Too well loved to ever be forgotten.
WILLIAMSJoan CJuly 24, 1938  
WILLIAMSDr John PNov 17, 1931Jan 6, 2004Ever remembered, ever loved.
WALSHRonald WalterApril 12, 1939December 26, 2003 
RYANJoseph S1 May 191425 Dec 2003 
MYERSRaymond J19562003Father. In God's care. Ever remembered, ever loved.
MEALEYRobert J (Bob)Aug 28, 1920Dec 19, 2003Forever in our hearts.
WHITELeonardFeb 23, 1930Dec 13, 2003Married June 29, 1957. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
MURPHYRobert JJan 30, 1941 Married Mar 14, 1964
MURPHYTheresa MMar 10, 1943Dec 13, 2003Now faith, hope and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.
EDISONAlice M1922  
EDISONLeonard J19202003To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
O'NEILLLeo TJune 10, 1919Oct 23, 2003Father. Life is not forever, love is; Rest in peace.
HARTLEYVincente CarhuapomaFeb 1951Dec 2003Peru, SA. Descanso en paz.
HURLEYWhilimena  We miss you. We love you. Ben & Corey & Lisa.
MURRAYMaryAug 13, 1923  
MURRAYJohnMar 10, 1913Nov 6, 2003Forever in our hearts.
FLOODWanda NApr 13, 1955Nov 21, 2003Forever loved. You will be in our hearts forever.
O'KEEFEFrankOct 19, 1936Nov 24, 2003Married May 24, 1958. Ever remembered, ever loved. "Music and friends".
CLEARYThomas JMar 28, 1930Nov 28, 2003Ever remembered, ever loved.
MALONEYSheila M (Dwyer)19442003 
TAYLORAllanFebruary 4, 1920February 25, 2004Rest in peace.
BROOKINGSEric Joseph  Married Dec 19, 1970
BROOKINGSElizabeth Agnes (Murphy)19402004Together forever.
CROFTNellieOct 9, 1924Nov 15, 2004Forever in our hearts.
BEARNSRich Francis6 Sept 195910 Jan 2005Father. Forever in our hearts.
MARTINMaryMay 19, 1949May 05, 2005Always remembered by family, friends and special grandchildren, Michael & Kelly. RIP.
McINTYREMadeline M (O'Brien)19222004Love to all.
SPURRELLRonApr 27, 1940  
SPURRELLHelen MJuly 5, 1941May 17, 2004Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
SEAWARDClara I1932 Married Nov 10, 1953.
SEAWARDGerald J19272004Ever loved and deeply mourned.
REIDDonna (Mooney)Dec 7, 1959Feb 19, 2004Apart for awhile, together again.
HARRISFrankJuly 15, 1945Jan 5, 1004Remembered in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.
ANTHONYJ CharlesNov 21, 1949Oct 16, 2003Ever remembered, ever loved.
MANNINGLeonard  Father.
MANNINGCrystal N19822003Daughter. In memory, my daily thought. In heart, my silent sorrow.
BUCKLEAngus J24 Sept 1938  
BUCKLEJean M8 Sept 19395 Nov 2003We lived to gether in happiness. We rest together in peace.
FIELDStephen R19572003Precious memories last forever.
KENTLinda LJune 23, 1960 Married Mar 27, 2001
KENTEdward JMay 15, 1943Oct 2, 2003United in love.
GORDONJohn Douglas (Dewey)19332003Private, 3RCHA
MARCHEMargaret M (Bonia)Oct 15, 1930Sept 14, 2003They died as they lived, trusting in God.
NORMANMercedes MJan 4, 1925Feb 21, 2001In Ainm an athar, Agus an mhic. Agus an spioraid naoimh aimein.
CAULFlorence M19332001 
ANDREWSMary A1914  
ANDREWSFrank B19212001Safe in the arms of Jesus.
WHITEMary P  Rest in peace.
DINNAustin FrancisJuly 24, 1934Jan 31, 2001Live is not forever but love is.
TRASKMaureen JoanJune 8, 1928Jan 18, 2001Always remembered, ever loved.
KINGJohn JSept 13, 1931Jan 13, 2001Until we meet again.
MORGANRaymond John  Father.
MORGANMary Margaret5 Apr 19445 Jan 2001Mother. Together we walk hand in hand.
LACEYGeorge EFeb 19, 1922Nov 11, 2004Married Dec 7, 1941. Ever remembered, ever loved.
SEARSKrista Lynn23 Jan 197527 Nov 2000Age 25 years. Step softly, an angel lies beneath.
GEORGECindy MJan 20, 1971 Mother.
GEORGEJessice LFeb 15, 1991Nov 23, 2000Sleep our beautiful angel.
GEORGENeal FSept 6, 1964  
TULKGerard Majella1944 United for life Nov 27, 1965.
TULKJeanette Loretta19452000 
TOBINGeorgeMay 1, 1933Nov 7, 2000George, we will always love and miss you. Deep in our hearts, you're still with us.
UNKNOWN   Marker with angel.
HOGANKevin James19292000Rest in peace.
JACKMANCatherine MAug 1, 1920 Mother. Married June 6, 1945.
JACKMANFrancis MFeb 17, 1921Sept 18, 2000They gave their today for our tomorrow.
FISHEREmma MFeb 23, 1923Aug 28, 2004Married July 29, 1944.
FISHERErnest JJan 6, 1922May 1, 2004Ever remembered, ever loved.
RYANWilliam JAug 29, 1939Oct 16, 2000What we keep in memory is ours, unchanged forever
BRAZILAugustine B19222000Husband. Married Sept 18, 1952. Life is nor forever, love is. Always in our hearts.
TOBINMary J29 Jul 1924 Wife.
TOBINWilliam J20 Feb 19229 Nov 2000Husband. Not lost to memory or to love, but safe in our Father's home above.
McCORMACKGloria T (O'Brien)Dec 29, 1933 Married Aug 17, 1957.
McCORMACKPatrick JosephNov 15, 1929Nov 24, 2000Sleep my beloved, sleep.
GREERJohn KMar 30, 1941Dec 1, 200021492 Sergeant. Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
HAYESLeonardMay 22nd 1965December 7th 2000Lead kindly light, lead Thou me on.
WALLA WilliamMar 22, 1934  
WALLJean VJuly 22, 1936Dec 10, 2000Married June 9, 1956.
BROPHYLorraine19442000Married July 3, 1965.
HATFIELDAndrewFeb 21, 1975Dec 13, 2000 
HATFIELDLawrenceOct 31, 1943Apr 9, 2002 
CAULMargaret (nee Stone)Dec 13, 1945Dec 17, 2000At peace, at last.
TAPPERHarold G19252001Married Sept 5, 1953.
RODGERSAlbertAug 4, 1927Feb 12, 2001Brother.
RODGERSMaryFeb 17, 1925Jan 3, 2001Sister. Rest in peace.
RODGERSGenevieveOct 14, 1932June 17, 2004Rest in peace.
HAMILTONPatrick LJune 15, 1936Jan 8, 2001Forever in our hearts.
BIRMINGHAMAnne MJune 14, 1934 Married Sept 2, 1963.
BIRMINGHAMJames ADec 10, 1931Jan 10, 2001To live in the hearts we love, is not to die.
RYANJames19272000Ever remembered, ever loved.
CHAFEDouglas G9 Apr 193216 Jul 2003 
CHAFECatherine M27 Oct 1937 What we keep in memory is ours, unchanged forever.
LOHNESMary T July 14, 2003Age 80 years. Rest in peace.
POWERSheila M19452003Ever remembered, ever loved.
BARTLETTWilliam FJune 15, 1926Aug 5, 2003 
MORRISSidneyJuly 22, 1926  
MORRISGeraldineMay 8, 1926Sept 26, 2003Gentle woman.
MORIARTYPatrick JJune 7, 1938August 15, 2003To live in the hearts we love is not to die.
WALSHKeith HMar 26, 1954Sept 4, 2003Our lives forever blessed with beautiful memories
MORRISRichard J P19582004 
PYESusan1962 We live on in each other.
HALLWilliam J19212003Step softly. A dread lies buried here.
WALSHW Gabriel (Gabe)Dec 7, 1931Sept 15, 2003Ever remembered, ever loved.
WALSHRichard F19352003Beloved husband of
WALSHAlice F1935 Ever loved & ever remembered by son, Rick.
ANDREEVDmitri07, 04, '7009, 29, '03 
WALSHJames PApril 26, 1924  
WALSHGertrude M (Casey)Aug 4, 1930Feb 12, 2004 
HOLDENKenneth V19502004Together forever.
HOLDENIsabel S1953 Loving memories last forever.
BRENNANDenis JosephOct 15, 1927Jan 24, 2005Ever remembered.
WHALENDoris MJan 14, 1932Jan 6, 2005Mother. Married Feb 4, 1952. Forever in our hearts.
JONESBlanche MMar 8, 1915Oct 30, 2004Beyond the sunset.
ROBSONRobert P19552004 
KEOUGHRosemarie A19522004Loved, remembered, cherished.
WARRENMadeline ElizabethOct 23, 1939Feb 29, 2004Married June 25, 1960.
REIDMargaret19132003Beloved Mother. Ever remembered, ever loved.
MURPHYJohn F19412003Ever remembered, ever loved.
HOLDENMaureen (Mo)Jan 1, 1932 Daughter.
HOLDENMargaret (Holy)Jan 27, 1906Sept 10, 2003I am the resurrection and the life".
BRUCEMichael FrancisJuly 9, 1915July 22, 2003RIP
UNKNOWN   White, wooden cross marker (small).
BURKEKevin Joseph (Dolly)June 15, 1929June 26, 2003Ever remembered, ever loved.
HAYWARDFrancis (Frank)Nov 1, 1917June 1, 2003His music and stories will be sadly missed.
ST CROIXAugustine W19312003Always in our hearts.
LETHBRIDGEMaureen E1946  
LETHBRIDGEAllen E19432003Forever in our hearts.
LEWISKathleen PMar 12, 1941May 18, 2003She touched everyone with love and kindness.
WILSONAnn Mary19292003Ever loved.
WILSONWilliam J19342003Loving memories last forever.
BRAGGJames J19262003At peace with nature and God.
KELLYAlonzo JAug 1, 1938Feb 11, 2003 
SMARTAnnie FFeb 22, 1932Nov 9, 2000Married Aug 16, 1951.
O'BRIENDarlene FOct 30, 1960 Married Oct 26, 1985
O'BRIENJames MFeb 8, 1957Nov 4, 2000On that bright eternal shore, we shall meet to part no more.
WALSHMary JSept 24, 1922 Married June 7, 1944
WALSHThomas AMay 10, 1917Oct 31, 2002?Together forever. Ever remembered, ever loved.
LIVINGSTONEHughAug 24, 1932Mar 2, 2002 
DAWECyril JosephApril 14, 1924October 28, 2000Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
CALLAHANGary P19422002Life is not forever, but love is.
CHEESEMANAdam Robert ArthurJune 15, 1979Oct 23, 2000Of tender heart and generous spirit. Always in our hearts.
WALSHMary CJan 6, 1926Oct 18, 2000 
DINNAnna MarieJuly 27, 1932Oct 12, 2000Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
NOSEWORTHYHubert NMay 10, 1926Sept 15, 2000Forever loved, sadly missed.
HORLICKEmmie MNov 5, 1923June 7, 2004 
HORLICKMartin JApr 4, 1926Sept 14, 2000We lived together in happiness, we rest together in peace.
DUNNESheila F (Rogers)April 16, 1951August 30, 2000Living is a temporary state, love is forever.
SQUIRESJohn (Jack)19352000 
O'NEILLWilliam JSept 30, 1943Aug 5, 2000Forever in our hearts.
BRODERICKEdwardSept 2, 1947 Husband. Married Dec 20, 1967.
BRODERICKJoanNov 2, 1949July 9, 2000Wife. Life is not forever, but love is.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinson (2011)

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