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Cemetery Records
Hickman's Harbor

Hickman's Harbor Salvation Army Cemetery
Joshua Martin (Mary Ellen) d.06-20-1934 age 55
William Martin (Phoebe) d.08-05-1929 age 70
Henry James (Edward & Mary Ann Adey) d.02-11-1899 age 24
Mary Ann Eddy (Edward) d.07-26-1899 age 43
Edward Eddyna d.04-28-1902 age 55
Sarah Bryantna d.02-09-1918 age 73
Gertrude (Uriah & Jane Martin) d.02-09-1917 age 13-10 mos.
Uriah Martin (Jane) d.09-23-1928 age 64
Laura B. Martin (James & Jane) d.05-08-1916 age 18
Bennie Lewis Martin na d.11-13-1887 age 5-10mos
Sisly Martin na d.11-13-1887 age 1-6 mos.
Nellie Martinna d.10-25-1918 age 20 (Jas. & Jane)
Ingham Martinna d.10-27-1930 age 41
Sarah J. Critch (George) d.02-20-1919 age 62
Bina (Edmund & Lily Vardy) d.01-13-1924 age 5-7 mos
James Vardyna d.11-05-1887 age 40
Madeline ?na nana
John Weldon Vardy na d.07-28-1912 age 6
Hazel (Allan & Annie Blundell) d.03-18-1920 age 16-8mos
Eli Blundellna d.05-20-1904 age 3-9 mos
Allam W. Blundell (Annie) d.12-11-1926 age 54
Alfred (Maria Martin) d.07-04-1923 age 59
Hayward W. (Alfred & Maria Martin) d.04-12-1923 age 29
Elisha (Alfred & Maria Martin) d.11-25-1912 age 14
Maggie (James Marsh) d.12-31-1910 age 30
Simeon Matrin (Henrietta) d.02-25-1911 age 59
Catherine (late Benjamin Martin) d.09-11-1907 age 78
Benjamin Martin (Catherine) d.07-18-1897 age 75
Benjamin Martin (Jane) d.09-25-1912 age 58
Rosanna Martinna d.11-15-1899 age 44
William Jr. Martin na d.11-22-1900 age 1-6mos
Susan (David Martin) d.11-22-1916 age 36
Wesley Martin (Marian) d.08-14-1917 age 31
Hattie Amelia Martin d.09-25-1929 age 29
Violet Martin (Ingham & Sarah) d.08-09-1936 age 26
Clara (Benjamin Bryant) d.12-07-1935 age 26-4 mos
H. S. Bryantna d.02-03-1912 age 43
Susannah (Anhel S. Bryant) d.04-29-1911 age 39
Harold (Richard & Marian Avery) d.09-12-1927 age 3

Provided by the late Gerry Balsom of Clarenville.

Posted: OCTOBER 31,1999

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