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Hermitage (New) Cemetery, Hermitage Bay

Surname Given Name Relation Born Died Age / Remarks
ABBOTT Gordon E. H/O Vera 1940 1993  
ABBOTT Lillian W/O William   Mar.2,1981 72 Yrs.
ABBOTT William H/O Lillian   Sept.22,1984 74 Yrs.
BANDFIELD Myrtle W/O Benjamin   Apr.24,1978 68 Yrs.
BILLARD Sarah R.   1902 1987  
BISHOP Berkley Launce   July 14,1965 Dec.26,1978  
BOBBETT William Robert   1924 1993  
BOBBETT George   1906 1988  
BOBBETT Ralph H/O Olive 1917 1987  
BOUZANE Barbara Catherine W/O Jim 1962 1984  
COX Arthur H/O Susannah   Sept.9,1979 80 Yrs.
CREWE Gordon W.   June 3,1927 Oct.15,1988  
CREWE Chesley H/O Annie   July 13,1977 71 Yrs.
DOUGLAS Jack H/O Laura   Nov.3,1977 57 Yrs.
ENGRAM Harry H/O Nina   Sept.26,1978 60 Yrs.
ENGRAM Mary Ann     June 4,1987 94 Yrs.
FUDGE Jeremiah H/O Elizabeth 1907 1990  
FUDGE Elizabeth W/O Jeremiah 1915 1990  
FUDGE Gilbert J.     May 27,1976 3 1/2 MO.
GARLAND Cyril   1951 1979  
GARLAND John Thomas   1956 1979  
HARRIS Alice C. W/O Fred 1906 1992  
HATCHER Charles Raymond   1919 1988  
HERRITT Maxwell H/O Rita Dec.26,1911 Apr.4,1984  
HERRITT Rita W/O Maxwell Jan.13,1915 Jan.25,1993  
HILL Frances A. W/O Warren Nov.4,1908 Dec.27,1980  
HILL Warren E. H/O Frances Jan.25,1909 Nov.4,1986  
HOLLETT John Samuel H/O Hannah 1919 1987  
HOLLETT Hannah W/O John Samuel 1917 1988  
LOVELESS Alma W/O Cyril 1916 1989  
MacDONALD John A. H/O Meta June 28,1947 Sept.11,1993  
MEADE Ralph     Mar.7,1978 75 Yrs.
MEADE Charlotte     Aug.13,1981 96 Yrs.
MEADE Martha Ann Rose   Nov.13,1886 July 31,1980  
MEADE Bella        
MEADE Harry H/O Bella   Feb.25,1978 71 Yrs.
MORRIS Ronald C.   1949 1989  
MORRIS Albert H/O Mary   Nov.22,1983 76 Yrs.
MULLINS John William H/O Margaret July 12,1891 Mar.23,1982 92 Y.
MULLINS Margaret Louisa W/O John Wm. June 9,1893 Oct.15,1989  
PARSONS John B.   928 1990  
PARSONS Marjorie   1934 1987  
PETERS William   1916 1989  
PIERCEY Rita W/O Charles J. 1937 1992  
PIERCEY Ronald     June 12,1993 61 Yrs.
PIERCEY Charles H/O Rita 1935 1970  
PIERCEY Frederick Robert   Mar.21,1899 May 8,1986  
PIERCEY George R. H/O Martha E. 1905 1989  
PIERCEY Martha E. W/O George R. 1901 1968  
PIERCEY Matthew George   1890 1978  
PIERCEY Mary A   1892 1981  
PIERCEY Abraham J.   1898 1976  
RIDEOUT Frederick H/O Violet B. 1914 1991  
ROBERTS Stanley H. H/O Gertrude 1907 1991  
ROBERTS Mary Jane W/O Charles June 30,1885 Dec.8,1976  
ROBERTS Gertrude P. W/O Stanley H. 1904 1987  
ROBERTS Herman H/O Elsie 1912 1984  
ROBERTS Martha W/O Thomas   Oct.2,1982 68 Yrs.
ROBERTS John O. H/O Violet June 24,1914 Nov.6,1985  
ROBERTS G.        
ROBERTS Violet W/O Otto   Mar.22,1981 62 Yrs.
ROBERTS James Otto S/O Wm.& Deborah Oct.25,1969 Oct.10,1979  
ROBERTS Mary W/O Edwin   Oct.24,1988 91 Yrs.
ROBERTS Edwin H/O Mary   Mar.25,1984 90 Yrs.
ROBERTS Larry S/O Horace & Elizabeth 1960 1978  
ROBERTS Horace Wm.   Apr.16,1916 Nov.10,1988  
ROSE Arthur   1910 1989  
ROSE Alexander H/O Mildred   July 29,1984 58 Yrs.
ROSE Reginald T. H/O Emily   1992  
ROSE John W. H/O Dasie M. 1912 1990  
ROSE James     June 14,1987 89 Yrs.
ROSE Clyde S. H/O Belinda   Sept.27,1987 79 Yrs.
ROSE Annie W/O James   Dec.10,1977 81 Yrs.
ROSE William Thomas H/O Olive May 2,1903 Mar.8,1989  
ROSE Minnie     May 8,1980 88 Yrs.
ROSE Olive W/O Thomas   Mar.12,1977 66 Yrs.
ROSE James T. H/O Una Rose   Jan.31,1981 56 Yrs.
ROSE Everett J.G. H/O Mary   Aug.6,1976 57 Yrs.
ROSE Lester H/O Eva   Oct.8,1982 68 Yrs.
ROSE Clarence J. H/O Francis   Nov.6,1986 45 Yrs.
ROSE Leonard H/O Phyllis 1927 1989  
SHORT Peter N. S/O Hettie 1958 1981  
SIMMS Wilfred H/O Annie 1932 1994  
SIMMS Ralph H/O Mary Nov.8,1930 Apr.3,1993  
SIMMS Minnie E. W/O Morgan Dec.30,1908 Aug.11,1993  
SIMMS Morgan H/O Minnie Aug.11,1905 July 1,1983  
SIMMS Sarah J.   1879 1975  
SIMMS Lillie Ellen   1903 1987  
SIMMS Matthew J. H/O Eliza 1906 1986  
SIMMS Eliza W/O Matthew 1904 1981  
SIMMS Arthur R. H/O Nettie M. 1905 1986  
SIMMS Irene W/O Gerald Aug.4,1915 Jan.20,1993  
SIMMS Gerald H/O Irene   Apr.18,1979 62 Yrs.
SIMMS Hayward   Sept.27,1931 Sept.20,1976  
SKINNER Wilfred J.   1909 1992  
SKINNER Everest M.   Aug.17,1978 Dec.6,1990  
SKINNER Maxwell   1918 1984  
SPENCER Berthina   1889 1976  
TOUCHINGS John H/O Hannah   July 2,1983 89 Yrs.
TOUCHINGS Hannah W/O John   Oct.7,1977 81 Yrs.
WELLS Martha Pearl   1913 1993  
WELLS Eric John   Jan.4,1926 Jan.12,1994  
WELLS John A.   1900 1993  
WELLS Harvey Charles H/O Susannah Emily 1913 1994  
WELLS Cecil Robert   Jan.29,1907 Jan.6,1981  
WELLS Martin G.   1914 1983  
WELLS Wallace Matthew H/O Annie   Dec.15,1980 76 Yrs.
WELLS Melita W/O Earl   Apr.28,1977 38 Yrs.

Recorded in 1994 by George Lee, Milltown, Bay D'Espoir, NF

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