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Labrador Cemeteries - Happy Valley

Interdenominal Cemetery
Grenfell Street, Happy Valley

ADAMS Edward      
ADAMS Gladys 10-Jul-59   Born Jan 22, 1949
ADAMS Lindsay C.      
ADAMS Marilyn      
BIRD Thomas      
BRIGHT Peter      
BROOMFIELD Albert 26-Feb-55 65 yrs 11 ˝ mos Husband of Eliza Margaret
BROOMFIELD Braham Alfred 4-Oct-58 80 years  
BROOMFIELD Edward      
BROOMFIELD Theresa      
CHAULK Olin 10-Nov-57 56 ˝ years Husband of Ida / born May 24, 1901
COVE John T. 27-Jun-58 48 years  
EDMONDS Clarice 14-May-61    
EDMONDS Robert Charles 14-Dec-59   Born Aug 30, 1959
FORD Frances C. 27-Feb-62 33 years Wife of George / born Dec 24, 1929
FORD Karen M. 8-Mar-55 04 mos Born Nov 15, 1954
FORD Rosie M. Jan-61 14 mos Born Nov 06, 1959
FORD Thomas A. 1959   Born 1921
HEARD Wynona 14-Apr-60   Wife of John / born Oct 05, 1933
IKEY Belinda      
IKEY Charles, Jr.,   33 years  
JEFFERY Benjamin      
LEMANU Albert 27-Sep-58   Born Jan 26, 1877
LOTECKI Ida (Chaulk) 23-Jan-72 64 years  
LUCY John T      
LUCY Mary      
MACKINNEY Daniel C. 1958   Born 1929
MACKINNEY Paul J. 1958   Born 1891
MICHELIN Floyde Ettie 24-Nov-52   Wife of Alvin / born Sep 26, 1913
MITSUK Abia 29-May-60 59 years  
PARDY Martha      
PARDY Robert      
RENDELL Melvin P.      
SAUNDERS Clayton 8-Oct-55 07 years  
SAUNDERS Isabella 9-Nov-50 09 days Dau of Donald & Una
SHEPPARD Abner Rendall 3-Oct-61   Husband of Anne / born Dec 12, 1897
SILLETT Juliana S. 14-Feb-60   Born Jun 20, 1958
SPURVEY Vincent 1974   Born 1924
TERRIAK Edward 29-Jan-59 03 years Born May 29, 1956
WHITE George W. 13-Oct-61   Born Apr 23, 1939
Submitted by Howard & Elaine Maynard ENorris Point, NF.

This page transcribed by Howard & Elaine Maynard (August 2000)

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