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United Church Cemetery

Bonavista Bay District

ALP??? Charles   Dec 25, 1928    
BARROW Job 1859 1934   This is Job and Sarah Wells Barrow and their son Daniel. - Roderick Brentnall - 2015)
BARROW Sarah 1861 1940    
BARROW Daniel 1891 1916   Killed in Action in France
BLACKWOOD Ebenezer 1908 1981   Married: Sept 23, 1947
BLACKWOOD Eleanor 1916 2011   On that bright eternal shore
We shall meet to part no more
BLACKWOOD Ebenezer July 1883 Nov 1974    
BLACKWOOD Susanna Oct 1882 Feb 1949    
BLACKWOOD Susie Mar 1942 May 1942    
BLACKWOOD George K.   May 19, 1973 47 On that bright eternal shore
We shall meet to part no more
BOORNE Arthur   Feb 7th 1917 39  
BOORNE Edward   Mar 7th 1909 76 On Christ the solid rock I stand
BOORNE Jessie Feb 19th 1871 (?) Mar 26th 1940    
BURRY Aaron   Feb 28th 1928 61 Beloved Husband of Dora Burry
Breathe on me breath of God
So shall I never die
But live with thee the perfect life
Through all Eternity
BURRY Ada White June 27, 1887 March 11, 1944   Jesus said:
I am the resurrection
and the Life. St. John 11:25
BURRY Alexander   July 15, 1916 1 Year
8 Months
Darling Child of Lewis & Maud Burry
BURRY Anna Blanche July 28, 1895 June 18, 1986 90 Years
11 Months
She lives with us in memory
And will for evermore
BURRY Annie Eliza Oct 15, 1897 Feb 18, 1992    
BURRY Arthur   Oct 24th 1972 86  
BURRY Baby Eldon Nov 9, 1946 Nov 21, 1946   Parents: Mary & Eldon Burry
BURRY Baxter   Dec 7, 1971 80 Beloved Husband of Annie Burry
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning we shall
Remember him
BURRY Chesley J 1911 1992    
BURRY Annie M 1916 1994    
BURRY Dora   Nov 21st 1958 85 Beloved Wife of Aaron Burry
Just away where no shadows fall
In perfect peace awaiting all
Longing perhaps in her love to say
I am not dead. I am just away
BURRY Elizabeth   Nov 28, 1936 75 Not lost to memory Nor to Love
But safe in our Father's home above
BURRY Frank   July 9th 1959 34 Accidentally Killed.
Beloved son of Baxter and Annie Burry
BURRY Garfield 1887 1938    
BURRY Bertha 1896 1975    
BURRY Herbert 1919 1958    
BURRY Harvey 1930 1930    
BURRY George 1830 1911   And when my task
on Earth is done
When by thy Grace
The victory's won
Even death's cold wave
Shall not flee
BURRY Sarah 1840 1927    
BURRY Harold 1907 1983    
BURRY Job April 12, 1851 June 14, 1924    
BURRY Frederick W. Feb 6th 1978 Jan 19th 1965    
BURRY Mary Ann   July 21st 1924 43 Years
8 Months
Beloved Wife of Frederick Burry
Lo! where the silent marble weeps
A friend, A wife, A mother Sleeps
A heart within whose sacred cell
The peaceful virtues loved to dwell
BURRY John   Sept 21, 1919 71 We cannot tell who next may fall
Beneath the chastening rod
One must be first but let us all
Prepare to meet our God
BURRY Julia Ann   May 6th 1921 63 Years
9 Months
Beloved wife of Robert Burry
BURRY Alexander George   Mar 13th 1922 46 Years
7 Months
Also their Son who was accidentally killed in Canada
BURRY Mary Amelia Wicks April 6, 1886 May 23, 1979    
BURRY Rebecca   Sept 10, 1917 59 Years
7 Months
Beloved Wife of Job Burry
BURRY Susan   March 29, 1984 67  
BURRY Thomas Martin Oct 24, 1923 July 23, 1926   Darling Children of Arthur & Anna Burry
BURRY Edna Jean Aug 5, 1929 Sept 8, 1932    
BURRY Zacchaeus 1864 1953    
BURRY Johanna 1868 1955    
BURTON Annie M.   April 7, 1985 79 Beloved Wife of William Burton
She lives with us in momory
And will for evermore
BURTON Arthur Eldon   Aug 4th 1952 20 Years
9 Months
Son of Annie & William Burton
No one can tell how deep the wound
That throbs afresh each day
No one can fill your vacant place
Since God took you away
BURTON Deborah   Oct 7th 1915 35 Beloved Wife of John Burton
BURTON Ellen Feb 5th 1895 July 13th 1963   Beloved Wife of Kenneth Burton
We little knew when we woke that morn
The sorrow the day would bring
For the call was sudden, the shock severe
To part with the one we loved so dear
BURTON Jane   April 27th 1935 88 Beloved Wife of William Burton
We do not need a special day
To bring you to our minds
For the days we do not think of you
Are very hard to find.
BURTON Jeffrey   Nov 24th 1971 2 Years
7 Months
Darling Son of George & Edna Burton
Accidentally Drowned
There is a friend for little children
Above the bright blue sky
BURTON Lillian   Nov 24th 1971 3 Years
8 Months
Darling Daughter of George & Edna Burton
Accidentally Drowned
There is a friend for little children
Above the bright blue sky
BURTON Josephine   Oct 15th 1939 27 Wife of Garland Burton
We cannot think of her as dead
Who walks with us no more
Along the path of life we thread
She has but gone before
BURTON Kenneth May 11, 1898 Aug 29, 1990    
BURTON Laura M. Wheeler June 10, 1992 June 10, 1992    
BURTON Maggie L July 31, 1964 April 23, 1992    
BURTON Bramwell O June 17, 1965 Nov 21, 1965    
BURTON Robert 1942 1992    
BURTON ??th Sophia       Broken Headstone.
This is Elizabeth Burton (1863 - 1928) who was married to James Burton
(Roderick Brentnall - 2015)
BURTON Steven Obediah 1985 1992   Son of Florence & Obediah
BURTON William Oct 11, 1910 April 9, 2003   Though deathy divides, fond memories linger
BUTLER Samuel 1867 1954    
BUTLER Deborah 1868 1943    
CARTER Edward   Sept 30th 1959 81 Beloved Husband of Gertrude Carter
His toil is past, His work is done
He fought the fight, The victory won
CARTER Gertude   Dec 7, 1953 71 Beloved Wife of Edward Carter
CHAYTOR Charles 1854 1929    
CHAYTOR Jane 1856 1935    
CHAYTOR Walter   Oct 27th 1933 40 Beloved Husband of Susie Chaytor
CHEATER James   May 2nd 1917 24 Accidentally killed at Grand Falls
CHEATER James   July 13th 1913 23 This is James Cheater, Son of John & Elizabeth Allen Cheater - (Roderick Brentnall - 2015)
CHEATER John Charles       Note: Headstone mostly buried in the ground.
COWARD Hannah Elizabeth   Oct 14th 1948 68  
COWARD Arthur   May 22nd 1930 52  
COWARD John Charles   May 21st 1920 1 Month  
COWARD Flossie May   June 13th 1942 20 Years  
COWARD Henry        
COWARD Joshua Allan   May 12, 1973 85 Years
9 Months
Grant unto him O Lord eternal rest with the spirits of the blest
COWARD Gertrude   Oct 28, 1977 90 Years
1 Month
Grant unto him O Lord eternal rest with the spirits of the blest
COWARD Minnie Mildred   Dec 23rd 1952 30  
COWARD Herbert Allan   Jan 29h 1937 7 Months  
COWARD Mildred   Oct 9th 1948   Note: Broken headstone
COWARD Samuel 1918 1971   The pearloy gates were open
Agentle voice said come
And with farewells unspoken
He gently entered home
DOMINY James A.   Jan 6th 1921 42 1/2 Drowned
DOWNER Clara Meadus Feb 20, 1890 July 11, 1969    
DYKE Frederick E. 1878 1951    
DYKE Rosetta L. 1877 1935    
EASTON Johanna Norris   July 22, 1952 84 You are not forgotten dear mother
Nor shall you be
As long as life and memory last
We will remember thee
EASTON Richard   May 14, 1941 74 Dear Father thou art from us gone to the region far above
I to thee erect this stone as a token of my love
EASTON Lucillia   Aug 19th 1906 39 Beloved Wife of George Easton
Thou art gone to the grave we no longer behold thee
Nor tread through path of the world by thy side
But the wide arms of mercy are spread to enfold thee
GRANTER Robert   Dec 8th 1929 87  
GRANTER Hanhnah   Mar 3rd 1928 76  
GREEN Sylvester   July 28, 1915 75 Husband of Mary ELizabeth Meadus Green
HARDING Edgar   Dec 15th 1918 35 Years
5 Months
Beloved Husband of Eliza Harding
HARDING Effie Burgess   Jan 18th 1922 30 Years
9 Months
Beloved Wife of Joseph W. Harding
HARDING Sarah   Feb ??, 1910   Beloved Wife of Edward Harding
HAWKINS Claretta 1893 1982   Wife of John Hawkins
HAWKINS Edward John   March 4th 1953 80 Years
10 Months
Husband of Clara Hawkins
Another link is broken in our household band
But a chain is forming in a better land
HAWKINS Rev Edward Roland 1922 1960   Father in thy gracious keeping
Leave me now thy servant sleeping
HODDINOTT Lewis   March 19th 1961 86 A day of duty done, A day of rest begun
HOUSE Sarah   Aug 29th 19?? 48 Wife of John House
Note: Aged and broken headstone
HOWSE George E.   Jan 18, 1913 4 Months Darling Children of Gilbert & Esther Howse
Note: Broken head stone
HOWSE Myra   Jan 15, 1911 1 Year Note: Possibly age of 1 Year & 7 Months
HOWSE Kenneth M.C. 1877 1951   Until we meet again, Love's last gift, rememberance
HOWSE Eliza J 1887 1963   His Wife
HOWSE Greta M 1923 1932   Son
HOWSE Kenneth M. C. 1927 1977   Daughter
JERRETT Lavinia   Oct 7, 1972 82 Wonerful memories of one so dear
Treasured still with a love sincere
In our hearts she is living yet
We loved her too dearly to forget
JERRETT William 1890 1984   To those whom we love go out of sight
But never out of mind
They are cherished in the hearts
Of those they leave behind
KELLOWAY Hubert 1904 1946    
KELLOWAY Cluney 1945 1947    
KELLOWAY Eunice J. 1913 1979    
LOVELACE Cyril   Dec 28th 1912 3 1/2 Years Darling Child of Edwin & Margaret Lovelace
LUSH Hannah   March 2nd 1917 44 Beloved Wife of George Lush
Thy virtue and thy worth shall fond remerfance cheer
And ease the aching heart that drops the falling tear
LUSH Henry Thomas   July 15th 1933 79  
LUSH Sarah   Feb 26th 1937 83  
MAIDMENT Rhoda   Feb 16th 1951 69  
MAIDMENT Alphaeus   Dec 31st 1954 69  
MEADUS Douglas 1928 2006    
MEADUS Clarence 1922 2006    
MEADUS Edmund   June 24th 1897 47 Now the labourer's task is over
Now the battle may be past
Now upon the farther shore
Lands the voyagers at last
MEADUS Isabella   Jan 4th 1940 88  
MEADUS Emily   Nov 5th 1913 43 Wife of Edward Meadus
MEADUS Frederick George   Sep 1, 1930 20 Years
10 Months
Died in Worcester, Mass USA
MEADUS Martin   June 3rd 1932 45  
MEADUS Johanna   May 15th 1899 27  
MEADUS Malachi     71 Until the day break and the shadows flee away
MEADUS Jane     89  
MEADUS Mary Frances   Feb 4, 1971 82 Years
9 Months
She lives with us in memory and will forever more
MEADUS Reginald Chaytor
R. A.
1918 1995    
MEADUS Sylvester G.   March 16th 1962 82 Beloved Husband of Frances M. Meadus
Jesus saviour pilot me over life's tempestuous sea
Unknown waves before me roll hiding rock and treagherous shoal
Chart and compass come from thee
Jesue Saviour, pilot me
MEADUS William R 1875 1965   This is William Robert Meadus and his wife Amelia Keziah Hawkins - (Roderick Brentnall - 2015)
MEADUS Amelia K       Note: Dates only showed once. Not sure how they were referenced to each person.
NOBLE Roland J. 1894 1980    
NOBLE Gertrude 1894 1996    
OAKLEY George Hubert   March 2nd 1909 6 Weeks For the life so young and fair. Now has passed from earthly  ???
God himself the soul will keep Giving his beloved sleep.
OSMOND Charles   July 1982 94 Husband of Emma Osmond
OSMOND Emma   May 9, 1970 81 Wife of Charles Osmond
OSMOND Julia Annette   April 4, 1934 58 Beloved wife of Walter G. Osmond
OSMOND Walter G   Feb 2nd 1943 70 Until the day break and the shadows flee away
PARSONS John   June 13th 1956 81 Beloved Husband of Clemintine Parsons
PARSONS George   June 11th 1935 32  
PARSONS Joseph Oct 2nd 1877 April 15th 1959    
PARSONS Lucy Jane Nov 15th 1880 March 15th 1961    
PARSONS Sarah Elizabeth   Feb 6th 1912 46 We shall meet again sweet mother
In a brighter clime than this
Where the anguish of the world of ours
Is lost in deathless bliss
SAUNDERS John 1889 1944    
SAUNDERS Emma (BELBIN) 1886 1932    
SAUNDERS Sophie (BURRY) 1867 1960    
STRATTEN Joseph   Dec 5, 1921 28 Years
10 Months
Drowned on schooner
STRATTEN Edith Maud   April 16, 1922 17 Years
7 Months
Brother and Sister they have ??? from the world of toil care. But in heaven we hope to meet them there. His love and joy to share.
STRATTON Stephen   March 5th 1916 77  
STRATTON Sarah Mary   Dec 28th 1914 77  
UNKNOWN #1     ??? 14th 1910    
UNKNOWN James Bu??   Nov 25th 19?? 65  
UNKNOWN Plaques-1        


WAY Agnes Florence   Feb 15, 1922 8 1/2 Years Darling child of Edgar & Clara Way
WAY Edgar Oct 20, 1885 Feb 17, 1950    
WAY Clara June 13, 1887 July 14, 1952    
WHITE Albert J. 1892 1978    
WHITE Daisy Barbara   January 1954 50  
WHITE Darius E.   Jan 5, 1973 83 A wonderful father gone to rest
For me, I know he did his best
His love was true His heart was kind
A better father none could find
WHITE Eunice   ?? 27th 1942 ? Years
9 months
Headstone broken with parts missing.
WHITE George   Mar 20, 1929 67 Years
10 Months
Beloved Husband of Lydia White
Wife and children farewell
The voyage of life is at an end
The mortal afflction is past
The age that in heaven they spend
Forever and ever will last
WHITE Llewellyn 1909 1985   Until the day break and the shadows flee away
WHITE Louisa 1910 1977   A few more steps along life's way
Perhaps a few more years
Thereby God's grace
We'll meet again
Beyond this veil of tears
WHITE Rebecca   Jan 6th 1907 69 Years
8 Months
Beloved Wife of Wm White
WHITE Stephen   Sep 4, 1921 60 Beloved Husband of Mary Ann White
WHITE Olive   April 15, 1905 1 Year
5 Months
His Daughter
WHITE Susie   March 31st 1953 58 Beloved Wife of Albert White
WICKS Alpheaus   May 18, 1925 38 Beloved Husband of Mary Amelia Wicks
I can picture happy gatherings
Round the fireside long ago
And I think of tearful partings
When he left me here below
Will the circle of unbroken bye and bye
There's a better home awaiting in the sky
WICKS Ethel 1912 1994    
WICKS Frederick   18th June 1918 24 5502 Private Royal Nfld Regiment
Died in Military Hospital in St. John's, Nfld
WICKS Mary Amelia (BURRY) April 6, 1886 May 23, 1979    
WICKS Samuel Gordon 1912 1974    
WICKS Stanley   Aug 15, 1946 69 Beloved Husband of Susanna Wicks
WOODLAND Edward C.   July 19th 1933 80  
WOODLAND Caroline   June 19th 1936 83  
WOODLAND Priscilla   May 12, 1959 70 Dearest mother thou has left us
And you loss is deeply felt
But it is God who has bereft us
He will all our sorrows heal
WOODLAND Peggy Duncan   Nov 24, 1952 64 A precious one from us is gone
A voice we loved is still
A place is vacant in our home
That can never be filled
WOODLAND Norman James June 10, 1932 Aug 29, 2000    
WOODLAND Raymond Arthur Nov 17, 1914 Aug 25, 1916    
WOODLAND Ada Maud Aug 20, 1929 Mar 10, 1930    
WOODLAND Percy D. 1922 2007   Married June 19, 1944
WOODLAND Ruth 1923 2004    
WOODLAND Raymond Arthur 1924 1987    
WOODLAND Dorothy Jean 1923 1994    
WOODLAND Samuel L 1917 1988    
WORNELL Annie   Sept 7, 1932 45 Beloved Wife of Walter Wornell
The vacant chamber is still and wide
You listen in vain for breath
And the pale sleepers lie side by side
In the cold moonlight of death
WORNELL Edgar   Sept 8, 1926 7 1/2 Years  
WORNELL Willie   May 15, 1908 2 Years
9 Months
WORNELL Sherin   May 14, 1908 6 Months  
WORNELL Grace Darling   Nov 5, 1908 9 Months Beloved Infant Daughter of Edmund and Jessie Wornell
WORNELL Leah   Oct 22, 1915 58 Beloved Wife of Peter Wornell
WORNELL Lydia   Feb 25th 1932 53 Beloved Wife of Job Brenton Wornell
WORNELL Mary Ann   Feb 13, 1927 52 1/2 Beloved Wife of Abel Wornell
WORNELL Peter James   June 4, 1932 74 Years
7 Months
WORNELL Walter   Nov 15, 1968 84 Beloved Husband of Annie & May Wornell
There is no parting form those
we love. No distance can divide
For today in memories garden
We still walk side by side
WRIGHT Albert G. July 10, 1907 March 7, 1997   Merchant Navy WW 2
WRIGHT Florence Aug 21, 1909 Dec 15, 1982    
WRIGHT Geoge William 1873 1945    
WRIGHT Eunice 1877 1925    
WRIGHT Ralph 1893 1970    
WRIGHT Robert J   Nov 28, 1942 74 Father
WRIGHT Emily   Jan 18, 1957 94 Mother
WRIGHT Madge   April 9, 1932 43 Sister

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and by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (July 2000)

Updated by: Don Tate from photographs by Wanda Whelan (2015)
Photographed and Copyrighted by Wanda Whelan (2015

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