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Salvation Army Cemetery

Trinity Bay District,

MARCH Stephen 1881 1933   Father.
MARCH Gertrude 1884 1931   Mother. They live with us in memory and will forevr more. Erected by the family.
WHITE Dorcas 1893 1954   Grand Mother.
WHITE Ernest 1891 1958   Grand Father. Ver remembered by Wilson & Rita.
MARCH James G 1912 1971    
MARCH Clara 1915     They live with us in memory and will forever more. Their children, Marilyn & Elias.
COOPER George W 1898 1985    
COOPER Ida 1901 1941   The Lord is my shepherd.
COOPER Jessie Louise 1860 1949   Erected by sons Victor & George.
HOWELL George G 1886 1951   Ever remembered by Gerald, Rita & Wilson.
HOWELL???? Margaret Marilyn       Baby sister. Remembered by Gerald & Rita.
HOWELL???? Elizabeth Lorraine       Baby sister. Remembered by Gerald & Rita.
MARCH David 1904 1991   Father. God has you in His keeping; We have you in our hearts. Ever loved and remembered by daughter Evelyn and family.
MARCH Elizabeth 1909 1969   Step-mother. Gone but not forgotten. Ever love and remembered by step daughter Evelyn and family.
MARCH Annie Sept 1917 Aug 1941   Ever remembered by Wilson & Rita.
MARCH Mary 1909 1939   Mother. Greatly missed along life's way, Quietly remembered every day. Ever loved and rememmbered by daughter Evelyn and family.
ROWE William James   Oct 28, 1934 72 years Beloved husband of Annie Elizabeth Rowe. Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, From which none ever wakes to weep; A calm and undisturbed repose; Unbroken by the last of foes.
BAKER Lucy   March 29th 1955 77 years Y.P.S.M. of Harrys Hr, G.B., Yes we part but not foreverl joyful hopes our bosoms swell; They who love the Saviour never know; A long and last farewell. Blissful unions lie beyond this parting vale. Ever remembered by her daughters Elsie, Dorothy and son Hardy.
BURT Cecilia 1872 1955   Beyond the sunset.
BURT Ebenezer 1869 1949   Erected by family.
MARCH Ephraim   May 14th 1949 43 years Beloved husband of Sophie March. A precious one from us is gone; The voice we loved is stilled; A place is vacant in our home; That never can be filled.
MARCH Sophia Oct 17, 1907 Sept 26, 1997   Ever remembered, ever loved.
MARCH Gladys 1904 1993    
MARCH William H 1895 1965   On that bright immortal shore; We shall meet to part no more.
MARCH William H   18 Sept 1965 69 years Private, Royal NFLD Regiment.
BURT Henry George   July 24th 1932 2 months Beloved son of Selby and Tryphena Burt. A little flower to love; That blossomed but to die; Transplanted now above; To bloom with God on high.
BURT Selby   May 27th 1969 68 years Beloved husband of Tryphena Burt. He left us quickly, his thoughts unknown; But left a memory we are proud to own; To treasure him Lord in your garden of rest; For when he was on earth he was one of the best.
BURT Tryphena 1904 1994   The Lord shall give thee rest.
MARCH Herbert   Feb 11, 1978 94 years Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away. Erected by his wife Vickie.
BRACE Hayward 1891 1965    
BRACE Pricilla 1893 1986   Ever remembered, ever loved.
HIGDON Infant Son   July 20, 1940   Infant son of Elsie & Ralph Higdon. Gone but not forgotten.
PITCHER John C 1921 1989   Our loved ones sleep here.
PITCHER Bertha R 1924     Never selfish, always kind; These are memories left behind.
PITCHER Shirley G 1950 1951   Safe in the arms of Jesus. Always remembered by Mom & family.
UNKNOWN         An area of graves with 10 white cross markers.
CRANN Alma Merib   Dec 17th 1940 3 years Asleep in Jesus, blesed sleep. Erected by Father, Mother & family.
UNKNOWN         White wooden cross with gray marker bearing initials WRC.
CROCKER? ????eb??? (Heber)        
CROCKER Jessie   Nov 30, 1969 65 years, 11 mons Beloved wife of Heber Crocker. And while she lies in peaceful sleep; Her memory we shall always keep. Erected by her Husband and family.
CROCKER Unknown       white wooden cross
UNKNOWN         white wooden cross
COOPER Weldon Samuel Ross   Nov 9th 1949 6 months  
COOPER Hazel   July 15th 1941 3 days Darling children of Henry H & Beatrice Cooper.
COOPER Sherry Lee Sept 17, 1966 Oct 15, 1966   Daughter of Gerald & Doris. Loved by Mom, Dad & family.
UNKNOWN         White wooden cross.
WHITE Baby Angela Aug 21, 19161 Aug 21, 1961   Ever remembered by Dan & Mom, Wilson & Rita.
GREEN Cephas   Jan 4th 1957 72 years, 5 months Beloved husband of Sarah Elizabeth Green. Another link is broken; In our household band; But a chain is forming; In a better land.
GREEN Sarah Elizabeth   Aug 18, 1988 102 years 9 months She lives with us in memory and will for evermore. She died as she lived, trusting in God.
COOPER Charles 1896 1964   Our loved one sleeps here. Erected by wife and family.
COOPER Emma Jane 1910 1980   She died as she lived, trusting in God. Erected by family.
UNKNOWN         White wooden cross.
HARNUM Neil Ross Jan 4th 1964 July 24th 1965   Son of Enos & Georgina Harnum. Ever lovingly remembered by his brother.
HARNUM Willis   Feb 22nd 1949 86 years Father.
HARNUM Eliza Jane   Aug 15th 1949 83 years Mother. Erectd by their children.
HARNUM Maggie 1912 1987   She died as she lived, trusting in God. Erected by husband Heber.
HARNUM Heber 1907 1990   The Lord is my shepherd.
UNKNOWN         White wooden cross.
UNKNOWN         two white wooden crosses.
SMITH Raymond W Nov 6, 1934 Dec 22, 1988   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
SMITH John A May 16, 1902 Feb 10, 1969    
SMITH Bertha D Nov 6, 1910 Nov 6, 1954   Ever remembered, ever loved by the family.
SMITH Infant son        
PITCHER Leslie Gordon Mar 1950 Nov 1950   Safe in the arms of Jesus.
PITCHER Caleb 1884 1956    
PITCHER Minnie 1884 1949   Peace, perfect peace.
UNKNOWN         Four white wooden crosses.
HOWELL Selby 1920 1959   NFLD Overseas Forestry Unit, WW 2. Lest we forget.
GILBERT Eliza 1877 1959 82 years He giveth His beloved sleep.
BISHOP Gloria Cavell Sept 20, 1961 Nov 13, 1963   She lives with us in memory, And will for evermore.
BURT Bertha Mildred (Hillier) April 30, 1909 Sept 21, 2005 95 years Wife of Lotriph.
BURT Lotriph   Jan 22, 1973 65 years  
GREEN Herbert? Martin 1908? 1977    
GREEN Jessie? Mary 1912 1982    
GREEN Bradley?       Woodsman, remaining inscription unreadable.

Transcribed by: Mary Rawlinsonm
From photographs taken by Don Tate and Craig Peterman

Page Last Modified: March 22, 2013 (Don Tate)

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