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Greenspond United Church Cemetery
Greenspond, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland

(Partial Records)

On the right side of the road going into Greenspond there is a small United Church cemetery.
On a very cold and rainy July 1, 2001, I visited this cemetery and managed to transcribe all of the
standing headstones and some of the fallen and broken ones. Keep in mind that this was a rushed
visit and therefore there may be errors in this transcription. The grass was waist high in places
and I am sure that there are many more fallen headstones.

Joanna Jane WHITE   died June 27, 1894 age 28 years wife of Wil(?) White
Frederick WHITE born Aug. 23, 1831 died Feb. 21, 1909 age 78 years  
Beatrice Mary WHITE   died Apr. 27, 1895 age 24 years died in Shediac, New Brunswick
Issac BURRY   died Sept. 1918 age 78 years  
Seline BURRY   died Feb. 1924 age 76 years also his wife
Mary BURRY   died Mar. 23, 1898 age 80 years daughter of Benjamin & Jane Burry
Job BURRY   Died Mar. 22, 1929 age 75 years  
Matilda Anne BURRY   died Oct. 1, 1952 age 86 years 5 months  
Sgt. Sidney George BURRY   died July 1, 1916 age 32 years at Beaumont Hamel
Annie WHITE born June 28, 1880 died Sept 1881   ??? of Rev. Solomon Matthews
Benjamin BURRY   died June 19, 1891 age 82 years also his wife Jane
Rebecca BOORNE   Died 1884 age 45 years wife of Edward Boorne
Robert GRANTER   died June 18 18?? (1880?) age 88 years also ?????
John Robert Baxter MacDONALD   died Feb. 14, 1882 age 6 months 9 days  
Mary Leah Elizabeth MacDONALD   died Aug 21, 1885 age 1 year 5 months  
Richard BISHOP   died Oct 17, 1884 age 58 years husband of Jane Bishop
William Button BISHOP   died Jan 20, 1882 age 12 years  
Maria LANG   died Aug 25, 1905     wife of the late William Lang
Elizabeth Jane LANG   died Oct 15, 1905   daughte
Maragaret Lang BOORNE   died Aug 28, 1825 age 70 years wife of Jessie Boorne
Agnes LANG   died Jan 10, 1939 age 79 years daughter of the late William and Maria
William Nevin LANG   died Oct 27, 1924 age 82 years  

This page transcribed by Myron Arnold (July 2001)
Prepared for the Internet by Donna Randell (July 2001)

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