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Gooseberry Island South
(Warn's Point)

Possibly Anglican Cemetery

Bonavistta Bay District



Several burying sites exist on South Gooseberry Island . Initially the cemeteries were identified as Anglican, at "Burnt Point", Methodist/United Church, scattered on the central part of the island, and Salvation Army. They have since reverted to commons after the Island was vacated between 1946 - '48. Scores of people are buried on South Gooseberry Island, with unmarked grave sites during its life span of one hundred fifty years as a fishing community. Many gravesites are now overgrown with grass or bushes and no fences or headstones mark their actual location. One small enclosure, maintained by The Wells family of Hare Bay, surrounds the headstones marking the burial sites of Gertrude Amelia (Wells) Parsons and her grand-parents, James and Lydia (Payne) Wells, who were early day Salvationists on Gooseberry Islands. I have listed the headstones from four or five different sites, beginning at "Burnt Point", on the north-eastern end of the Island, and moving towards the south-western end of the South Gooseberry Island. "Burnt Point" was the original Anglican cemetery with gravestones date back to 1820s. Names there are Hayward, House/Howse, and Sweetapple. Until recently the three headstones of the "Sweetapple" family were resting flat on rocky, barren ground. Relatives from Glovertown have since restored and placed them on a concrete base, and repainted the inscriptions. Burnt Point cemetery is very exposed and has deteriorated through erosion by fire , wind, rain, frost and snow. Stones have fallen and lie broken. Many are no longer legible. Human bones have been exposed and have been swept over the barren edge into the gulch below. "House" and "Howse" are variant spellings for the same family name. e.g. James "Howse", is the youngest son of John "House" . The Anglican Church Register of Baptisms, records James and Anne House as children of John House, baptised on June 14, 1815 and June 3, 1818 respectively. James married Catherine Feltham, and Anne House married Joseph Hayward. (See their headstones listed below. )

Domino Howse

Surname First or Given Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age at Death Relationship / Comments
SWEETAPPLE William   Dec 16, 1858 78 years Of Christchurch, Hants. The gravesite is eroded and the headstone is laid flat. Husband of Sarah.
SWEETAPPLE Jane   June 7, 1880 53 yrs. Wife of John . The stone is laid flat on the ground
SWEETAPPLE Edward   June 20, 1889 70 yrs. Son of Wm. & Sarah.
HAYWARD Eli   Nov 3, 1881 40 yrs. Son of Joseph & Anne (House) Hayward
HOUSE John       An old stone, eroded and illegible.
HOUSE John   Mar 10, 1824 25 yrs. Presumably son of John Sr. above.
HOWSE Joseph   Nov 21, 1881 69 yrs Husband of Mary (Taylor)
HOWSE Mary   1885 64yrs Baptised 1830 at age 9 yrs.
HOWSE Mary (Sweetapple)   May 12, 1883 32 yrs. Wife of Albert Howse
HOWSE James   June 25, 1876 63 yrs.  
HOWSE Catherine (Feltham)   Dec. 22, 1891 67 yrs. Wife of James
HOWSE Susanna   April 22, 1870 56 yrs "Relict of the late Charles Howse"
HOWSE George   Sept 7, 1891 55 yrs. Son of Charles & Susanna
HOWSE Thomas   April 4, 1897 54 yrs. Husband of Rosanna (Burton)
HOWSE Naomi   12-Sep-09 23 yrs Wife of Avalon Howse
AVERY Elizabeth A. Nov 11, 1875 Mar 10, 1879   Child of A. & Sarah Jane
JACOBS Alfred   2-Nov-32 73 yrs. 7 mo. Husband of Lucy
JACOBS Lucy   Nov 15 1939 72 yrs Wife of Alfred
JACOBS Frances   Oct 20 1887 1 month Infant child of Alfred & Lucy
JACOBS William   April 14 1909 83 years From Dorset, England
JACOBS Frances (Wells)   30-Apr-00 68 yrs. Wife of William
JACOBS Alfred*1   Jan 23, 1880 24 yrs. 6 mo. Son of William & Frances
OAKE Myrtle May   17-Jan-17 21 months Child of Raymond & Mildred Oake
SAMSON Adelaide   Mar 29 1925 6 mo. Child of James & Carrie Samson
SAMSON Clara Hallett   22-Oct-35 4 yr. 6 mo. Child of James & Carrie Samson
PARSONS Gertrude Amelia   10-Apr-17 28 yrs. 6 mo. Wife of Benjamin Parsons
PPERRY Matthew   May 10, 1867 27 yrs. Son of Noah & Mary Perry
SAUNDERS Charlotte   Sept 26, 1862 9 yrs Child of Andrew & Mary
WARREN Abraham   30-Sep-23 40 yrs Husband of Hannah
WARREN David   11-Jul-22 27 yrs 10 mo. Husband of Sarah
WARREN Mary Ann   10-Jan-34 74 yrs. 5 mo. Wife of Jonas
WARREN William Garfield   2-Sep-30 47 yrs. Husband of Ellen
WELLS James 1858 1941   Husband of Lydia
WELLS Lydia Payne 1861 1926   Name spelled "LYIDA", home-made stone.

Originally Transcribed and Contributed By: Wayne Pike (August 2000)

Updated with photos by Domino Howse March 2008)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday February 19, 2019 (Don Tate)
JACOBS, Alfred*1 It was not alferd who died at that time it was his brother Thomas Jacobs, from Elizabeth Barbour as Alfred was my great grand father he was 73 yrs and 7 months when he died Elizabeth Barbour -

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